How to get rid of maple on the site?

How to get rid of maple on the site?
How to get rid of maple on the site?

Everyone who has even a small plot of land is familiar with the problem of the growth of unnecessary trees. It can be plums, cherries, American maple, acacia. They do not benefit, interfere with the growth of other plants. How can you get rid of maple? This is not easy to do. But there are still some ways.

Where do the "extra" trees come from?

Uninvited trees appear on the lot in several ways. Some grow from seeds carried by the wind, birds, or other means. There are usually not many such trees, unless they appear on the site for several years.

Worse, if the shoots appear from the roots of plants growing nearby. How to get rid of maple in this case?

how to get rid of maple

The easiest way is to cut it with a scythe. Some of the shoots disappear forever. But in most cases, they begin to grow, and instead of one stem, a whole bush appears.

If an adult tree for some reason turned out to be superfluous on the site, it is usually cut off, leaving a stump. The stump itself can interfere in the future, but more oftena root system located within a radius of several meters from the trunk, or root shoots from it.

Removal of one-year-olds

If you remove small sprouts in the first year of their life, you can easily get rid of them even manually. And closer to autumn, it is more difficult to do this. You have to take a shovel or other tool. It is easier to remove such sprouts on cultivated soil: a garden, a flower bed, a dug up area. On the virgin soil, lawn, path, you need to make more efforts.

If you skip such a tree, next year its root system will get stronger and it will resist more strongly when removed. How to get rid of maple in this case? Digging it out with a shovel will not be difficult. You can use an ax to cut the stem as low as possible in the ground.

Removing root shoots

How to get rid of maple in the garden? The fight against maple root shoots must be carried out in several directions. It is not bad to destroy a tree, from the roots of which processes are moving into the area. True, this is not always possible. Sometimes such a tree grows on the site of a neighbor, whom for some reason it does not interfere. In this case, you have to fight with the undergrowth.

Removing a tree does not always lead to a quick solution to the problem. After all, the trunk is usually cut off, and the root remains. Feeling the approach of death, he begins to actively release root shoots, hoping to leave offspring. The same reaction is observed in old, dying trees, living out their last years.

how to get rid of maple on the site

If wood, thick or thin,cut at ground level without leaving a stump, the likelihood of overgrowth is significantly reduced. Sometimes it is difficult to cut a thick tree in this way. Especially if you do it with a hand saw, popularly referred to as "Friendship-2". Experienced gardeners say that the stump will disappear faster if you sprinkle it with earth.

You can go the other way and dig a stump so that a hole forms around it. The roots that are thus exposed are cut. Then they pour a s alt solution (1 pack - into a bucket of water), pour kerosene, cover it with dry branches and set it on fire. This is also not a very sustainable way.

If the young growth continues to grow, you need to cut it off periodically. It is enough to do this once a month.

Dig up shoots

How to get rid of maple in the garden? One of the easiest and most time-consuming methods is to dig up the root shoots by hand. If the old tree could be removed, the work may well be crowned with success. Every year, the shoots will become less and less.

how to get rid of american maple

How to get rid of maple forever?

The most reliable way is to plow the area with a tractor. Then collect all branches with roots from the territory of the site. Of course, in the future, growth may again penetrate from neighboring areas.

Use kitchen s alt

How to get rid of American maple if there is a wide stump from a cut tree on the site, and there is neither time nor energy to uproot it? You can try to get rid of it with the help of chemicals. The simplest is sprinklingstump of s alt. To do this, a chainsaw or a regular saw is used to cut crosswise. The deeper it is, the better.

They take kitchen s alt and fill in the resulting cuts. Leave s alt and hemp on the surface.

how to get rid of maple in the garden

As a result of such actions, the tree may soon dry out and not give new shoots. But this may not happen. It all depends on the strength of the root system. S alt, of course, is not very necessary for the soil. But its quantity is usually small, and it is unlikely that it will be possible to plant potatoes on the site of a stump soon.

Using dark bags

How to get rid of maple in the area if there are a lot of trees there?

Trees need warmth and sunlight to grow. It will not work to make the temperature in a separate section minus. But you can deprive the light of a small piece of the territory. If you remove the access of light to the stump, it will stop releasing sprouts.

First cut the trees at some distance above the ground. They take dark strong bags and put them on cut trees. Securely fix them with tape or other available methods. This is necessary so that the packages are not blown away by the wind. After all, they must remain on the stumps for a long time.

The disadvantage of this method is that it can be quite difficult to process a large area. If there are a lot of stumps, the process of putting on bags can take a lot of time and effort. If you need to get rid of several stumps, it is quite possible to apply it. This is an environmentally friendly way. Of course, if the packages are eventually removed and disposed of.

If the tree is cutunder the root, it is more difficult to bind a package to it.

Using herbicides

How to get rid of maple on the site, if there are a lot of stumps and overgrown, but there is no time to cover them with bags?

You need to turn to the help of herbicides - drugs that are designed to destroy certain plants. Some of them have a selective effect, that is, they act only on certain types of grass. Others burn everything on site.

how to get rid of maple permanently

Arsenal VK herbicide, produced by BASF, is used by railway workers to remove all vegetation at a certain distance from the tracks. Similar in action is the herbicide Grader VGR. Sold in canisters of 20 liters. Usually no one has such a number of stumps in the garden. Therefore, most often the owners of plots where maple trees grow are trying to find people related to the railway.

How to get rid of maple without damaging the surrounding trees? When using such a tool, you must strictly observe the proportions. If you make the concentration too strong, not only unnecessary maples, but also all vegetation at a distance of several meters from the place of application can disappear.

Tornado 500VR and Roundup VP herbicides are available for sale in small packages. Experts recommend removing root shoots with Hurricane Forte BP preparations. It is sold packaged in 350 ml. User reviews indicate that Roundup does not help to cope with the problem. Therefore, they use it in combination with others.operations: cutting the bark on the trunk, cutting off available roots, uprooting stumps.

how to get rid of maple in the garden

If you need to remove an unnecessary tree and shoots from it, cut down the trunk, drill deep holes closer to the edge of the stump (in the cambium layer). Periodically pour into the holes "Roundup", diluted with three parts of water. After the procedure, the stump is covered with a black bag. The next year, the stump will disappear, and the shoots will stop appearing.

Using the Baikal facility

Reviews from gardeners suggest that processing stumps with undiluted Baikal has a good effect. Half a liter of funds is spent on spilling 3 dozen small stumps. If treated in this way in the fall, they will rot in the spring, will not give growth, and they can be easily removed with a crowbar or an ax.

how to get rid of maple

When deciding how to get rid of maple in the garden or garden, evaluate the affected area. They look at how quickly this needs to be done: this year, if it grows in the garden, or for several years, if it is on the boundary of the site. Assess the risk of herbicide entering the water.

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