Measuring flap is a great material for needlework

Measuring flap is a great material for needlework
Measuring flap is a great material for needlework

The quality of clothing is determined by the work done on its tailoring and the value of the matter chosen for it. The range of fabrics produced by modern industry is large and varied. Modeling the tailoring of a particular thing, they accurately determine the dimensions of the material. Finding the right fabric is easy. Speci alty stores will kindly provide this opportunity.

Craft supplies

Production of certain items requires several small assorted pieces of cloth.

Flap it

A flap is a torn or cut piece of fabric, paper, leather or other materials. It can be of various sizes. Pieces of fabric remain after sewing clothes or other textiles and leather products. And needlewomen can always find a use for them. A fabric flap is an excellent material for sewing children's toys or other things. Small pieces of fabric are suitable for making decorative household items.

Using small pieces of cloth

For needlework, pieces of fabric are suitable. They can be represented by different types of matter. The sizes of the pieces are different - from five centimeters toseveral meters. For example, blankets made from small patches are quite popular.

Flap it

All kinds of crafts-toys are sewn from separate small cuts, as well as bags, potholders and other necessary products. The main advantage of this material is its low price.

Measuring flap

Sewing all kinds of clothes involves the use of different types of fabrics of a certain size. When choosing one or another cut, we clearly represent its footage.

measuring flap

When buying fabric in specialized stores, it is measured from a whole roll of the selected sample. However, there is a great alternative. Measuring flap - a piece of fabric of small sizes. The footage of such a fabric is usually from two to several meters. The formation of such pieces of fabric is carried out in accordance with the requirements of GOST 8737 - 77. Technological waste from the sewing industry with accurate marking and indication of the footage enters the stores. Such a measured flap is a great find for lovers of needlework. She will pleasantly surprise you with the price. You can always choose a cut that is sufficient for tailoring the selected type of clothing. Suppose, in order to sew men's or women's trousers (with a height of one hundred and eighty centimeters), a certain piece of matter is needed. If the width of the canvas is one meter fifty centimeters, they acquire a cut length of one meter twenty centimeters. Such a small piece of fabric can be picked up in the measuring flap department. The quality of the trousers will not suffer at all, however, thisthe purchase will save some money.

Weight pieces of fabric

In addition to the dimensional, the waste of the sewing industry includes a weight flap. These are the remnants of the fabric after modeling clothes. These include all kinds of trim left after cutting clothes. Such a flap is purchased by weight and used as a cleaning material and rags in various industries.

Muslin flap

Modern fabrics differ not only in the variety of colors. Muslin is one of those materials that are made by plain weaving. A thin fabric with excellent hygienic and physical properties, known since the seventeenth century, is still popular today.

Muslin flap what is it

Modern samples of this type of fabric are soft, pleasant to the touch, have excellent aerobic properties. These characteristics have led to its widespread use. For the production of children's textiles, a muslin flap is used. That this is a light and thin fabric is a well-known fact.

Also, made from organic cotton, it absorbs moisture well. The muslin flap is used to make baby diapers. Due to its special structure, this fabric is suitable for sewing curtains, which will be an excellent protection against UV rays and insects.

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