Rating of built-in hoods for the kitchen: the best models, specifications, reviews of manufacturers

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Rating of built-in hoods for the kitchen: the best models, specifications, reviews of manufacturers
Rating of built-in hoods for the kitchen: the best models, specifications, reviews of manufacturers

The hood is one of the main elements of the kitchen. And it is very difficult to do without it, especially when it comes to working with a gas hob. Cooker hoods protect the surface of the stove from the accumulation of grease and soot, and also purify the air in the room.

Today's market offers a huge range of equipment of this kind, including embedded solutions. Choosing a really worthy option is quite difficult. It is necessary to take into account many nuances, from the technical part to the brand. Excellent assistants in this matter are the ratings of the best built-in hoods. We will try to summarize the data, taking into account consumer feedback on specific models and manufacturers.

So, we bring to your attention a rating of the best built-in hoods for the kitchen. Consider the remarkable characteristics of each participant, as well as the pros and cons. For a clearer picture, we will break our rating of fully built-in hoods into four parts, where the decisive factorwill be the size. That is, we will have 4 categories: equipment with a width of 45, 50, 60 and 90 centimeters, where we will determine the best option.


Here we will also divide the participants in the rating of manufacturers of built-in hoods into three parts - the budget sector, mid-price and premium. This will allow you to more clearly navigate, because there are many brands that produce equipment of this kind.

Rating of manufacturers of built-in hoods in the budget segment:

  1. Faber.
  2. ELIKOR.
  3. Siarco.
  4. Kronasteel.

Mid-price brands:

  1. Siemens.
  2. "Bosch".
  3. Jetair.
  4. Miele.

Best manufacturers in the premium sector:

  1. KitchenAid.
  2. FALMEC.
  3. Electrolux.
  4. Korting.

Most manufacturers offer options for all price sectors, but still they have become the best in their segment. Reviews for the aforementioned brands are mostly positive. Yes, sometimes consumers are faced with some shortcomings and shortcomings of models, but these manufacturers minimize the latter. These problems do not concern the premium segment at all.

45 cm equipment

These are the smallest representatives of the segment. They found themselves in small kitchens, serving hobs with 2-3 burners. For a large room, such solutions, of course, are not suitable.

Rating built-in kitchen hoods 45 cm:

  1. Elikor Integra45".
  2. Kronastil Camille 1M 450 inox.
  3. "Tsata GT Plus 45 Negra".

Let's take a look at the notable features of each device.

ELIKOR Integra 45

In the first place in the ranking of the best built-in hoods for the kitchen is the model from the Russian brand Elikor. Despite the bias of the consumer towards domestic products, this decision proved to be exclusively on the positive side. In addition, its price is quite affordable - about 5,000 rubles.

ELIKOR Integra 45

The design is made of stainless steel and includes an engine with a good (for its size) performance - 400 cubic meters per hour. The hood operates at two speeds and is almost silent - 55 dB at maximum speed.

The model took first place in the ranking of the best 45 cm built-in hoods due to perfectly balanced qualities and the absence of serious shortcomings. Here we have a high level of ergonomics, design reliability, intelligent automation and work efficiency. Users also appreciated the pleasant lighting and ease of maintenance of the equipment. The model does not have any significant shortcomings.

Kronastil Camilla 1M 450 inox

In second place in our ranking of the best built-in hoods is equipment from a Turkish brand. The model, though simple, but extremely high quality. There are no additional functions here, but the price tag (about 5000 rubles) does not imply the presence of "bells and whistles".

Kronastil Camilla 1M450 inox

390 cu. m / h is enough for the average Russian cuisine in a high-rise building. As for noise, at the first speed the hood is not audible at all, while at the second level it reaches 56 decibels.

The model is included in our rating of 45 cm built-in retractable hoods also due to its quality assembly. The equipment looks monolithic, and there are no shortcomings inherent in inexpensive solutions: no backlashes, no squeaks, no cracks. The sliding part works like a clock and is clearly fixed in both positions.

There are also no questions about the ergonomic part. The interface is simple, and all the keys are well-placed on the panel. The only drawback that consumers sometimes complain about is the glossy front surface. It attracts fingerprints and dust like a magnet, so it needs to be cleaned periodically.

CATA GT Plus 45 Negra

This is a Spanish brand, but its main production facilities (for export) are located in China. Meticulous quality control departments work at the factories, so the build quality is on top. The CATA GT Plus 45 Negra is the third best 45cm built-in hood in our ranking.

CAT GT Plus 45 Negra

The equipment was distinguished first of all by a decent power indicator - 1020 cubic meters. m/h Such returns can be the envy of larger devices. So the model is in perfect order with traction. I was also pleased with the same powerful backlight from two 40-watt lamps.

The design of the hood is quite simple, so withmaintenance is no problem. Three modes of operation are more than enough. The model could take first place in our ranking of the best 45 cm built-in hoods, but a good half of consumers complain about loud noise even at low speeds. Alas, good power is always accompanied by an increased level of decibels. The model is a frequent guest in specialized stores, where you can buy it for around 10 thousand rubles.

50 cm wide equipment

The difference in dimensions between the previous equipment is only five centimeters, but this opens up a wider choice of hoods for consumers. 50 cm devices are considered universal and fit most kitchen sets.

Rating built-in kitchen hoods 50 cm:

  1. "Sigmund & Stein K 003.51 W".
  2. "Jetair Aurora LX 50 WH".
  3. Elikor INTEGRA 50.

Let's look at the critical characteristics of each device.

Zigmund & Shtain K 003.51 W

In the first place in our rating of built-in hoods is a model from Germany. The equipment boasts good performance - 1020 cu. m/h and three speed modes.

Zigmund & Shtain K 003.51 W

At the first and second speed, the hood is almost inaudible. The first two modes are quite enough for ordinary maintenance of the hob. In particularly difficult cases, you can turn on the third speed, but the equipment starts to make a lot of noise and the volume level exceeds 55 dB.

No assemblyno questions. Here we have the renowned German quality. The design, in addition to looking monolithic, attracts with its design. There are no backlashes, gaps or incorrectly working elements. Maintenance is not difficult, so cleaning is no problem.

The model received an intelligent anti-return valve and powerful lamps of 50 W each. There are no serious deficiencies in the equipment. So it is not in vain that the device takes first place in our rating of 50 cm built-in hoods. The model can be bought in the region of 11 thousand rubles. True, some consumers complain about the shortage of this equipment in our stores.

Jetair Aurora LX 50 WH

The model of the Italian brand is in second place in our rating of built-in hoods and, unlike its "brothers", it looks more compact, and at the same time neat. The filter elements move along the slide like a telescope, so this is the best option for small kitchen sets.

Jetair Aurora LX50WH

The return of the hood is approximately at the average level - about 650 cubic meters. m / h, which is enough for at least three burners. The local filter system consists of two parts - coal and grease, which increases the efficiency of cleaning the room.

It is also worth noting that the model occupies a high position in the rankings of the quietest built-in hoods. At the last speed, the noise level does not exceed the threshold of 53 dB. In other modes, you can't hear it at all.

The highlight of the model is not annoying, and it can be called at leastpleasant. The exterior of the device, in addition to being attractive, is also versatile, so it will perfectly fit into the interior of any kitchen without looking back at the headset. With service, judging by the feedback from consumers, there are no problems. The cost of the model fluctuates around 8 thousand rubles.


Another domestic version, but with different dimensions and, alas, in third place in our rating of built-in hoods. The model attracts buyers primarily with its affordable price tag (around 3500 rubles) and balanced characteristics.


The device is quite compact and fits perfectly on most conventional kitchen sets. The design, together with the interface, cannot be called complex, which adds to its reliability and ergonomics. The hood automatically turns off or on when the drawer occupies one of its two working positions.

The model received two speed modes. The return is not the highest - only 400 cubic meters. m / h, but for ordinary kitchens in high-rise buildings this is quite enough. With the backlight of the hob, everything is also fine. Two 20-watt lamps are responsible for this. Among the shortcomings, consumers note too thin stainless steel (it is well pressed when pressed) and noise.

60 cm equipment

Due to their increased size, such equipment has a higher power. In addition, large dimensions allow you to equip the model with some additional functionality. The latter is designed to significantly add convenience to devices.

Rating of 60 cm built-in kitchen hoods:

  1. "Bosch series 6 DFR 067 E 51 IX".
  2. "Mounfield Crosby Light 60".
  3. "Akpo Neva wk-6 60 IX".

Let's take a look at the notable characteristics of each model.

Bosch series 6 DFR 067 E 51 IX

In the first place in the ranking of 60 cm built-in hoods is a premium model from the well-known Bosch brand. Everything is perfect in it, starting from the appearance and ending with the "stuffing". Here, even the false panel can be set to match the color of the headset, so that the equipment fits perfectly into the interior of the kitchen.

Bosch series 6 DFR 067 E 51 IX

The return from the hood is 730 cu. m / h, which is enough for any home kitchen. The interface of the model is simple and clear, even despite the abundance of automation. The latter is responsible for almost everything. Panel feeding, filter clogging indication, critical temperature warning, speed adjustment, etc.

As for the decibel level, this model is the leader in ratings and tops in terms of noiselessness. The owners say that even at maximum load, the equipment is barely audible. No complaints about assembly. German quality "Bosch" once again confirms that he can be trusted without fear. There are simply no shortcomings in the hood.

The only thing that some domestic consumers complain about is the high cost of equipment - about 40 thousand rubles. But many understand that excellent quality has never been distinguished by democratic price tags.

MAUNFELD Crosby Light 60

Silver in the ranking of 60 cm built-in hoods is occupied by a Polish and relatively inexpensive model. In specialized stores, it is sold no more than 9 thousand rubles. The device fits easily into the interior of the kitchen, almost completely hiding in a special cabinet.

MAUNFELD Crosby Light 60

The performance of the model is quite high - 850 cu. m / h, so there are no restrictions on the area. Two engines are responsible for the return. Naturally, the hood makes noise (56 dB) during a heavy load, but the noise cannot be called annoying. In addition, the advanced cleaning mode is rarely used, and at first speeds it is almost inaudible.

The design turned out to be monolithic, and there are no complaints about the build quality. Service is also no problem. According to reviews, all parts lend themselves well to cleaning, and there are no hard-to-reach places here in principle.

AKPO Neva wk-6 60 IX

Another Polish model, but of a different brand. The equipment attracts primarily with its high productivity (1050 cubic meters per hour) along with compact dimensions. Also pleased with the abundance of high-speed modes. There are five of them here, so choosing the best one will not be difficult.

AKPO Neva wk-6 60 IX

With its main task, the hood copes perfectly well. Literally in a minute there will not be even a hint of unwanted odors in the room. Also pleased with the lighting. Two bright LED lights give full light to the cooktop and a couple of adjacent tables.

It is worth noting that the model has intelligent automation,which is easily controlled both manually and from a remote control. There is a timer, event indication, automatic shutdown and other interesting features.

There are no complaints about the assembly. You will not see any backlashes, gaps and creaks here. The case is made of dense metal and does not vibrate to the beat of the engine when it is running at maximum speed. The latter, by the way, is made in Italy and can work even day and night.

Charcoal filters act as a fly in the ointment here. They are not included, so you have to buy separately. Everything would be fine, but this is a rare accessory in the domestic market. I have to order filters through European online stores, which is very inconvenient. In all other respects, this model is a great option for any kitchen. The cost of equipment ranges from 15 thousand rubles.

90 cm equipment

These are already serious and overall devices that have found their application in large kitchens. The number of burners for such equipment does not matter. They will cope with any hob thanks to high power and an abundance of additional options.

Rating of the best 90 cm hoods:

  1. Kitchenide KEBDS 90020.
  2. "Falmec Move 800 90 BK".
  3. Corting KHI 9751 X.

Let's take a closer look at the remarkable characteristics of the devices.

KitchenAid KEBDS 90020

This is the best that the recessed hood segment has to offer. KitchenAid (USA) managed to make a technologically advanced, powerful, compact and convenient device. If you are not used tocompromises and always choose the best, then this model is for you.

KitchenAid KEBDS 90020

The body of the hood is made of stainless steel with a proprietary coating that is impossible to leave fingerprints. The model is built into the furniture and practically does not take up space. When activated, the panel extends 30 cm.

The hood easily copes with any pollution. This is facilitated by advanced filters - two carbon and one mesh. Dirty air is sucked in around the perimeter. In addition to the usual three speeds, there is also an intensive mode that almost doubles the efficiency of the model. But owners report that the latter is noisy and consumes a lot of power.

The model received a built-in security system that notifies of problems and automatically blocks everything and everyone if necessary. Touch controls are comfortable and extremely responsive. The display is also available. In addition to the exceptional build quality, consumers are pleased with the pleasant blue backlighting, as well as the attractive exterior of the model. The equipment has no cons, except for the high cost. For such a technological hood, you will have to pay about 300 thousand rubles.


The model of the Italian brand attracts with its performance - 1280 cc. m / h, as well as excellent technical equipment. In addition, many consumers really liked the original design of the equipment, which successfully contrasts gray and black.


The hood works on the principleperimeter suction and has four speed settings. On the first three, the noise from the equipment is practically not felt. While the work on the last mode is audible quite clearly. But often there is no need to turn it on. Even at the first two speeds, the model does an excellent job of cleaning the room from unpleasant odors, according to the owners.

Also pleased with their advanced filters - grease and charcoal. They work simultaneously and leave no chance even for impenetrable soot. There are no complaints about the management and maintenance, as well as the build quality. The model fully pays for its high cost, which is almost more than 70 thousand rubles.

Korting KHI 9751 X

The model from the German brand received convenient electronic control, attractive appearance and technological "stuffing". Despite the decent power of 750 cu. m / h, the operation of the hood is not audible even at maximum speed and does not exceed the volume level of 51 dB.

Korting KHI 9751 X

Of course, there is an intensive mode that "squeezes all the juice" out of the engine and can not boast of quiet operation, but you have to turn it on infrequently. It is also worth noting the presence of sensible automation. The hood itself can turn off or turn on both after a certain period of time, and upon completion of some conditions.

In addition, there is a normal event indicator on board, indicating dirty filters and a change in the environment for the worse. There are no complaints about the assembly. The quality of the elements and theirperfect fit: no play, gaps or gaps.

The owners were also pleased with the lighting, the power of which is enough not only to illuminate the hob, but also two adjacent tables. Of the minuses, consumers note the complexity of maintenance. The filters are not easy to get to. Yes, and putting them in place after replacement is also difficult. Fortunately, they are of high quality, and it is extremely rare to change them. The model is a frequent visitor to Russian stores, where she can be bought for around 15 thousand rubles.

In closing

When choosing a hood, you must definitely pay attention to the critical characteristics for equipment of this kind. The first is performance. It is calculated very simply: we multiply the volume of the room by 11. That is, if your kitchen is 3 by 3 meters and with the same three-meter ceiling, then you need a device with a capacity of 300 cubic meters per hour.

Second is power. The performance of the equipment depends on this indicator. If you choose a weak hood, the engine will not suck in all the air, leaving unpleasant odors in the room. And if you go too far and take some serious and powerful option for a small room, then you will simply get tired of the constant noise.

An anti-return valve would also help. It prevents foreign odors from the ventilation from entering the kitchen. It does not hurt to take a closer look at the lighting of the hood. It should completely cover the hob, but at the same time it should not hit your eyes or blind you. There are many options here, ranging from classic incandescent lamps toneon ribbons.

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