Garage roof: installation technology, repair, materials and recommendations

Garage roof: installation technology, repair, materials and recommendations
Garage roof: installation technology, repair, materials and recommendations

After the walls of the garage are completed, the question arises of how to build a roof. The quality of this construction will depend on the correct choice of material. Before starting the arrangement of the roof system, special attention must be paid to the study of technology.

Work methodology

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Building the roof of the garage, you will act in several stages, the first of which involves the construction of a rafter system. Next, waterproofing is laid, the selected insulation material and vapor barrier are covered. At the last stage, you will need to work with covering material. If you do not need insulation, then the work will be much easier. However, transport storage conditions will be worse.

Preparatory work

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The roof of the garage should be laid in sunny good weather. For this it is necessaryget acquainted with the forecast for several weeks ahead, as the work will be carried out for quite a long time. To begin with, the concrete floor must be cleaned of old material that has become unusable. When laying a new layer on an old coating, you will not be able to create a flat surface. For this stage, you can use an ax, a knife, as well as a chisel. The ax will allow you to make notches over the entire area, and after that the roofing material can be torn off with a knife.

In more difficult places, a chisel is used. If the roof was leaking, such errors will need to be eliminated. To do this, small cracks are sealed with liquid glass, while impressive ones should be filled with mounting foam. Before sealing the cracks, the surface is treated with a brush dipped in water, after which the base should be left for a while. With a knife, you can cut off the excess. Sometimes gaps are sealed with cement-sand mortar, special adhesives or roofing mastic.

Recommendations from a prep worker

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At the next stage, it is necessary to process the cleaned plate with a primer. If there are protruding sections of the reinforcement, they must be treated with phosphoric acid. This procedure eliminates the further development of corrosion. If the laid slab does not have even the slightest slope of 5 degrees, then this situation can be corrected with a layer of cement screed. This will allow rainwater to drain freely from the surface.

Roof waterproofing

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When laying the roof of the garage, you can not do without laying a waterproofing layer. To do this, you can use euro or ordinary roofing material. The first option, unlike the second, is easier to install. Its lifespan is longer. And before laying there will be no need to process the base. Euroroofing material should be warmed up, then you can proceed with the installation. Such a surface will serve for about 25 years, which is 5 times longer than the period during which you can operate a conventional roofing material.

In order for the roof of the garage not to require repair during use, before laying euroroofing material, you can treat the surface with bituminous mastic. A blowtorch will allow you to heat the bottom layer of material to a boil. At this time, the surface on which the waterproofing will be laid should be heated. With the help of a metal hook, the roll is unrolled; no wrinkles should form under it during this process. It is important to avoid the formation of air bubbles.

This material can be laid in one layer. It is necessary to do this, providing an overlap. Usually its width is 150 millimeters. In order to exclude leaks, the material must go to nearby installed garages by 100 millimeters. If the repair of the garage roof will be carried out by laying euroroofing material, then it is most effective to use a blowtorch to heat it up. However, as practice shows, a large amount of fuel is needed for operation. An alternative solution is gasburner. But its operation is dangerous due to the need to use a gas cylinder.

Installation of conventional roofing material

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Despite all the advantages of the above material, the traditional roofing material does not lose popularity among consumers. If you want to use it as waterproofing, then before laying it, you need to roll out the rolls so that they have time to align. If the area is not enough, then the material is rewound to the other side. Laying, as a rule, starts from the bottom point. The base is best treated with mastic. Due to the lower ductility of bitumen, it is worse exposed to high temperatures, cracking over time. Before applying the mastic to the surface, it should be heated to 200 degrees. After you can proceed to the installation of roofing material. At the same time, it is also important to ensure an overlap between the canvases, which should go to neighboring buildings, pre-treated with mastic.

Choice of material for roofing

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Garage roofing can be represented by different materials, but each of them has certain characteristics and requires compliance with the laying rules. Choosing a professional flooring, you exclude the ingress of precipitation into the room. Sheets are installed using self-tapping screws, which are screwed into the depth of the corrugation. Along the edge, the material is strengthened along the ridge or overhang in every second fold. The service life of such a roof will be 50 years.

When choosing materials for the roof of the garage, you should pay attentionattention to the slate coating, which is made of asbestos cement. It has little weight. Before laying in the sheets, it will be necessary to make holes for installing nails. The installation of paintings is carried out according to the same technology that is used when using slate. Recently, slate has been losing its position in favor of corrugated board, since the latter lasts longer, is easier to install and does not provide for additional preparation of sheets.

Soft roof: ondulin

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The soft roof of the garage is ondulin. The material allows you to form an almost waterproof surface, as it differs in water absorption tending to zero. When wet, it does not absorb moisture. Ondulin is characterized by high resistance to temperature effects, tolerates heat and cold, and does not crack during sudden changes in temperature, which distinguishes it from other roofing materials. Despite the fact that organic matter is included in its basis (most often it is cellulose), the material is biologically inert. It is not damaged by bacteria and fungi and is not of interest to insects. An important advantage that makes the installation of an ondulin roof justified is its thin layer.

Recommendations for work

If the roof of the garage roof will be carried out by you from ondulin, then first you will need to install the crate. Most manufacturers advise to carry out these works at positive temperatures that do not rise above 30 degrees.This is due to the fact that in the cold, ondulin can become brittle, and you have to move along its surface. When attaching the material to the elements of the crate, it should be used with nails with caps of a special shape. For the top of the sheet, you will need about 10 nails, and the same amount for the bottom. If the soft roof of the garage roof will be carried out on a surface with a slope of up to 10 degrees, it is important to equip a continuous crate of moisture-resistant plywood. In the presence of a slope of a more impressive steepness, a sparse crate made of timber can be arranged.

Work methodology

Ondulin does not provide for the mandatory use of waterproofing. However, experts advise laying a layer of hydro and vapor barrier on top of the crate. This is especially true in cases where an attic or a heated attic is located under the roof. After that, you can start laying sheets. This must be done in a run. The joints of the horizontal row should be located opposite the whole parts of the sheets of the adjacent row. The overlap during laying will depend on the slope. If the angle is less than 10 degrees, then the vertical overlap should be equal to 30 centimeters, as for the lateral overlap, then it will be 2 waves. For a slope of greater steepness, you need to reduce the width to 20 cm and 1 wave, respectively. The fixation of the material is carried out in a zigzag manner. The lower part is strengthened in each wave, then the waves should be alternated, driving nails alternately in the upper and middle parts.

Local repair of soft roofs

Garage roof repairs can be done locally. Forthis from the prepared areas it is necessary to cut out pieces of roofing material. The holes are smeared with bitumen, for this you can use molten resin. The cut piece is placed inside as a patch and pressed tightly. From above, everything is poured with mastic or resin. A patch is glued over the area, the dimensions of which should be 15 centimeters larger on all sides. For reliability, the base is processed again with the previously used materials.


If you will be roofing the roof of the garage, it is recommended to study the prices in advance. Perhaps you decide to entrust the matter to professionals. For example, laying ondulin costs 800 rubles. per square meter. As for slate, its installation will cost less - 300 rubles. per square meter.

However, it is important to consider that you will also have to pay for the installation of the crate and related materials. In the first case, the work will cost 200 rubles. per square meter. Whereas the installation of roofing material costs 80 rubles. per square meter. But replacing the roof of the garage can be done by you yourself, then you will spend money only on the purchase of materials.

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