Furniture color "milky oak"

Furniture color "milky oak"
Furniture color "milky oak"

New furniture in the room is chosen according to several criteria. It should be of high quality, comfortable and beautiful. Many people want to buy original and elegant furniture. And here the color of the product plays an important role.

Oak and its properties

Oak is considered one of the best materials for making many household items. These are furniture, parquet, entrance and interior doors, internal and external stairs.

Its popularity is promoted not only by excellent technical characteristics. Oak wood is durable, it is not susceptible to moisture, dust does not stick to it. It can serve for a very long time without losing its appearance and quality. It is beautiful, has a large number of shades and a rich relief.

milk oak

Oak wood lends itself well to processing, which allows you to create real masterpieces from it. All shades of oak are divided into several types, from light bleached to black oak.

Furniture color "milky oak"

Light furniture is considered by many to be impractical. But now it is becoming more and more popular. One of the original and beautiful colors is bleached oak. Other names - "milk oak", oak "Atlanta", "white oak".This color is obtained after processing the boards with special chemicals. After the wood fibers are bleached, it is treated with oils. The top of the board is varnished. It turns out a beautiful matte surface with an original relief pattern. She looks elegant and sophisticated.

There are several technologies for bleaching fibers. As a result, different shades are obtained. All of them belong to the color "bleached oak".

milk oak table

If the furniture is made of such natural wood, its price is very high. Therefore, it cannot be available to a wide range of consumers. Modern furniture is often made of artificial wood. It can be given any color and a variety of textures, including "milk oak". They also use bleached oak laminate.

Bleached oak and its shades

The color called bleached oak actually comes in quite a wide range of shades.

This is:

  • straw;
  • grey-white;
  • beige;
  • pearl;
  • parchment;
  • milky with pink;
  • tobacco.

Using bleached oak color

Bleached oak furniture can be installed in almost any room. It will decorate the interior of any type, from classic to modern. Looks good in the hall and hallway "milk oak". The color of the furniture emphasizes the comfort of the room. The parquet in the room can also be made of such oak. Use furniture color "bleached oak" and in the designcuisine.

She makes the hallway wider and brighter. This shade goes well with pastel shades of walls and dark wallpaper. The room in which the milky oak furniture is located does not require additional accessories. She is self-sufficient and looks smart.

milky oak cabinet

Often, furniture of such shades is used in the arrangement of summer cottages and country houses. It creates a feeling of coziness and comfort.

The surface of such furniture can be specially made to look older, and then varnish the desired color.

Color combination

Perfectly combines "milk oak" with many other muted shades. The combination of this color with gray, beige, pale green, light brown, lilac is considered the most fashionable.

Pairs well with brighter ones: lilac, brown, wenge, black, blue, purple.

The color of the floor is chosen two tones darker than the furniture.


There are a lot of them:

  • natural furniture made from this material is easy to restore;
  • she retains her original appearance for a long time;
  • no dust visible on furniture walls;
  • does not turn yellow when exposed to sunlight;
  • visually expands the room, makes it brighter.

Disadvantages of bleached oak furniture

When installing milk oak furniture in a room, you need to take into account some features:

  • joints of boards quickly darken and require care;
  • in a spacious room withwith a light floor and walls, such furniture can create a sterile effect;
  • bleached oak wood furniture makes the room simpler, so it doesn't look solid.

To create the effect of respectability, it is better to use dark shades. You can combine milky oak furniture and dark brown wenge interior.

Samples of furniture in milky oak color

Nowadays, most people deal with computers one way or another. And many work for him, sitting for many hours. Therefore, computer furniture should be comfortable. All items needed for work should always be at hand.

oak milk color furniture

Computer table "milk oak" has various shelves, drawers for storing stationery. You can hide the printer or documentation and papers in the cabinet. A computer desk can accommodate a completely reliable safe. It is not able to completely replace the metal one, but it will be quite enough for a regular office. It can store papers, documents, printing and even small amounts of money. A table attachment would be appropriate if the owner needs to receive visitors.

Desks for a computer can be of different sizes: from hanging tables to a large complex. Their ends are usually protected from chips and scratches by a PVC edge.

If the computer desk is not enough, you can buy a whole manager's workplace in "milk oak" color. This includes open and closed cabinets, a table with one or twopedestals.

Cabinets in milky oak color

The cabinet "milky oak" looks beautiful and stylish. It can be two or three doors. Various drawers, shelves, lifts and rods make the cabinets functional.

color wenge milky oak

Depth can be 45 and 60 cm. An insert (wenge color) will decorate a light surface. Milk Oak goes well with this type of wood, shading and emphasizing its rich color.

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