Grapes "Relines Pink Sidlis": variety description and care features

Grapes "Relines Pink Sidlis": variety description and care features
Grapes "Relines Pink Sidlis": variety description and care features

Every grape connoisseur wants to have a variety on his site that will be an excellent raw material for wine or the best treat for the table. These two qualities are perfectly combined in the grape variety "Rileins Pink Sidlis". The variety was bred by American breeders in the eighties of the last century. Grapes "Relines Pink Seedlis" are valued for their ultra-early ripening, versatility and excellent taste.

Description of grapes Relines Pink Sidlis


Of all the existing varieties obtained at the universities of Arkansas, this one is the most frost-resistant. He has powerful bushes with high growth force. Clusters are dense, regular cylindrical shape weighing about 300 gr. The berries are small, round, pink in color. The skin is strong and not very thick. The pulp is juicy, melting and pleasant. The variety is characterized by a high contentsugar - 25% and low acidity - 6 g / l. On average, one berry weighs about 1.5 g. It takes about 110 days from bud break to ripening of clusters.

Rileins Pink Seedlis grapes are characterized by good ripening of shoots - up to 80%. During the growing season, you can harvest up to 150 centners / ha.


The variety has a lot of advantages over others:

  • very early ripening;
  • no seeds;
  • high sugar content;
  • high frost resistance (up to -27 degrees), allowing you to grow crops without shelter;
  • the plant is highly resistant to some diseases: mildew, oidium and some others.

Despite its advantages, the variety has disadvantages. If the weather is very rainy during the ripening phase, the berries may crack.

Grape variety Relines Pink Seedlis

Fit features

Rilelines Pink Seedlis grapes are planted in a permanent place in spring or autumn, following the standard planting rules:

  1. The place is chosen sunny, open, but protected from the wind.
  2. The best variety of grapes "Relines Pink Seedlis" grows on clay loose, calcareous, slightly calcareous and stony soils.
  3. Seedlings are planted in planting pits 1x1 m in size. Drainage from stones or broken bricks must be laid at the bottom.
  4. The soil for powdering the bush is mixed with fertilizer: a tablespoon of nitrogen and the same amount of phosphorus-potassium mineral substance.
  5. Ba layer of fertile soil is laid in the planting hole, then the plant is planted, spreading the root system.

If you plan to plant in the fall, then the plant should be planted a month before the onset of stable frosts so that it has time to take root.

According to the description, the grape "Rileins Pink Sidlis" needs support. It is installed immediately upon landing. With the development of the plant, the support is strengthened.

Grapes Relines Pink Seedlis photo

How to care

Caring for the plant is easy. According to the description of the grape variety "Relines Pink Seedlis", when grown it should:

  1. Carry out preventive treatments against pests and diseases. To do this, use various insectofungicides according to the instructions. Usually, plants are treated with iron sulphate, Bordeaux mixture and other preparations.
  2. The first treatment should be carried out together with the application of nitrogenous fertilizer.
  3. Basic processing and fertilizing of the bushes should be carried out during the period of active growth, and from mid-July, fertilizing and watering should be completed.
  4. Be sure to prune, leaving 40-50 eyes on the bushes.

In the heat, to preserve moisture, it is recommended to mulch the soil. This will help retain moisture and keep weeds from growing.

To ensure a safe wintering allows the autumn preparation of the vine. Despite the high frost resistance, when growing a variety in the middle lane and in the north of the Russian Federation, it is recommended to additionally cover the plant. It is important to remember, however, that duringspring drops, water should not accumulate where the vine is buried. Be sure to systematically ventilate the plant.

Grapes Relines Pink Sidlis variety description


In temperate latitudes, the level of humidity for Relines Pink Sidlis is quite enough. If at the time of pouring the berries there is a drought, then the vine is periodically watered. In dry areas, watering continues even after harvest.

Proper watering and application of trace elements is a guarantee of a good harvest next year. Irrigation of different types of soil is carried out in several ways:

  • sand watered often, but in small doses;
  • clay - rare, but plentiful;
  • in other cases, water as the soil dries.


Before fruiting, the vine needs to gain strength. To do this, the soil is enriched with nutrients. During the collection of juice with berries, fertilizers cannot be applied.

From spring (during the period of active growth of the vegetative part), nitrogenous fertilizers are applied. After harvesting, combined special fertilizers intended for grapes are applied.

grape ripening

Protection against diseases

In early spring, long before bud break, they are treated with Bordeaux mixture, insecticides offered in country stores. These funds protect the vine from fungal diseases and insects. They are also used after pruning bushes and removing leaves.

To repel insects in vineyards, repellent devices are used that make a sound,intolerable to them, but not perceptible to the human ear.

Collection and use of berries

As you can see in the photo, the grapes "Rileins Pink Seedlis" are a variety with medium-sized berries. The collection of bunches for long-term transportation is carried out at the stage of technical ripeness. In food, berries are used as a dessert: raisins and compotes are made from them. Winemakers make excellent wines. Grapes are used for food and fresh. Juices of high palatability are obtained from berries.

When growing grapes, it is important to properly care for them. Just one wrong step and you can be left without a harvest next year.

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