Garden wheelbarrow - the best friend of a hard-working and diligent gardener

Garden wheelbarrow - the best friend of a hard-working and diligent gardener
Garden wheelbarrow - the best friend of a hard-working and diligent gardener

Even with the strongest and most hardworking hands, you can't take much with you. Therefore, various devices for carrying and transporting goods come to the aid of those working in the garden. The most famous in the inventory arsenal is a garden wheelbarrow.

Wheelbarrow construction unicycle

It helps the gardener to transport over short distances (at least within the garden plot) other, smaller garden tools, soil, humus, liquid fertilizers and other similar goods. It is rare when more than 100 kilograms or liters are transported in her body at a time. Therefore, its design is lighter than that of a construction wheelbarrow, and less reinforced.

It may seem that, for example, a one-wheel construction wheelbarrow will take more, and be lucky further. However, the gardener does not have a constant need to transport heavy loads comparable in volume and weight to building materials. In addition, despite the increased maneuverability of a one-wheeled wheelbarrow, its weight plus the weight of the load creates a large load on the wheel. This leads to the fact that it is buried in soft ground and makes it very difficultmovement.

garden wheelbarrow

Two-wheeled garden wheelbarrow is not much heavier than a one-wheeled wheelbarrow, it turns worse in a limited space. But the load on the wheels is evenly distributed, and the center of gravity during movement does not “walk” either to the left or to the right. Such a wheelbarrow is very stable when moving along the asph alt, and along the garden path, and along the boundary of the garden plot.

The best design is with wide-spaced handles so that a person fits freely between them. At the same time, the force vectors are such that, while maintaining maximum load capacity and maintaining maneuverability, the load on the worker's back is significantly reduced.Despite the wide variety of designs and models, it can be very difficult for a fastidious gardener to choose the right option for himself. On the other hand, the owners of garden plots often have to repair and assemble various devices themselves. And on the farm there may still be usable parts. Practice shows that a do-it-yourself garden wheelbarrow can be assembled literally from improvised materials. And in a relatively short time.

DIY garden wheelbarrow

Structurally, any garden wheelbarrow consists of a body, a running gear and a handle with support. As a rule, the least problems arise with the assembly of the body - suitable remnants of building materials can be used for it, glued, knocked down or welded. The design is a little more complicated if a removable side is required so that long tools can be transported. Excellent body for bulkand liquid fertilizers are obtained from an iron barrel cut lengthwise.On the undercarriage, one- or two-wheeled, usually there are wheels from a bicycle or motorcycle. They are attached to the lower part of the body on ball bearings so that between the front side of the body and the axle of the chassis there is a distance of about a third of the length of the entire wheelbarrow.

The handle and support are made from half-inch steel pipes and are attached to the sides of the body. At the same time, the support is selected in height so that the garden wheelbarrow lowered onto it assumes a horizontal position.Note that even if you have to buy some missing parts, in the end it will still cost you less than buying a ready-made garden wheelbarrow.

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