How to decorate the wall in the kitchen yourself

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How to decorate the wall in the kitchen yourself
How to decorate the wall in the kitchen yourself

When planning repairs in the kitchen, each owner strives to make a spectacular finish that will create a comfortable atmosphere in the room. One of the best solutions would be one contrasting wall. It will be different from the rest of the finish. To do this, you need to think over the original design. There are many options for how to decorate a wall in the kitchen. This will be discussed further.

A few tips

You can decorate the walls in the kitchen (photo below) in various ways.

how to decorate the wall in the kitchen near the table

In order for the end result of creative work to be satisfactory, you need to consider a few tips from professional designers.

It is necessary to choose the right place to create the decor. Best choice for this:

  • wall under the window;
  • above the dining table;
  • above the sink;
  • above the kitchen unit;
  • over free standingfurniture;
  • in niches, on ledges.

It is best to observe the principle of symmetry. In this case, the decor will look harmonious. It is also worth considering that it is more expedient to decorate the wall in the kitchen if the interior is not replete with details, complex elements. Otherwise, the decor will look messy, tiring the owners of the house.

Considering how to decorate a wall in the kitchen (6 sq. M), it should be noted that in such a limited space you need to be careful with applying ornaments and choosing decorative elements. Decor elements should not be too large. Small details will visually expand a small space.

When choosing a decor, be sure to focus on the general style of the room. It is also important to consider the color scheme of the interior. Jewelry is recommended to be created at eye level. With the help of decor, you can harmonize the room. To do this, you need to determine which elements of the interior stand out from the overall picture, less harmoniously fit into the overall view. Wall decorations can also be made in the same color.


There are many options that allow you to decorate a wall in the kitchen near the table, in a niche or other area. One interesting option is to use contrasting wallpapers. It is the wall near the dining table that can be additionally decorated. There is enough free space here to create a spectacular exposure.

decorated wall between the kitchen and the living room

A great option in this case is to use companion wallpapers. Today similar collectionsproduced by many manufacturers. The advantage of using such wallpapers is their identical texture. The thickness and width of the rolls are also identical, as is the main tone.

You can finish the wall with basic wallpaper, which usually has a single color. Sometimes they have a small monochromatic pattern on them. Stripes are also welcome. Vertical lines visually increase the height of the ceiling, while horizontal lines expand the space. Companion wallpapers have the same basic color, but the print on them is brighter, more expressive.

You can simply choose the wallpaper that suits your style. They don't have to be from the same collection. You can make a fresco from photo wallpapers. Thanks to a huge selection of textures, colors, you can choose an original decor that will decorate the kitchen. Plots of photo wallpapers allow you to be transported to an exotic tropical forest, enjoy the expanses of the sea, etc. You can even create an original custom-made collage from family photos.

In this direction, there are many options for decorating a wall in the kitchen. If you wish, you can pick up an original picture from different sources, which can be transferred to photo wallpapers.


Mediterranean style is very popular today. In this case, part of the wall can be laid out with facing materials. This creates a special, cozy atmosphere. The wall of the kitchen, decorated with brick or artificial stone, looks impressive. You can create a similar finish in the corner of the room, arrange a window or doorway. With the help of such materials, you can even lay outdecorative hearth.

how to decorate the wall in the kitchen with your own hands

The apron space also needs special finishing. Artificial stone or decorative bricks allow you to create an interesting design for the wall between the hanging and floor cabinets of the headset. Such a surface will be able to withstand the constant ingress of water, grease, detergents, etc. At the same time, it will create a special contrast with the glossy facades of kitchen furniture. By creating here a backlight directed up or down along the wall, you can favorably emphasize the relief of the finish.

Also, a boar tile or mosaic is suitable for decorating an apron. The finish of broken tiles looks original. From such material, you can lay out any pattern. The ornament is complemented by several small saucers woven into the structure of the decoration. If you are considering options on how to decorate a hole in the wall in the kitchen, this option should be considered first. Use to decorate tableware looks original and themed.

A glass kitchen apron with any suitable pattern looks beautiful. You can choose any design that is consonant with the entire style of the interior. You can apply your original image. In this case, the finish will look impressive.

Plastering or painting

A decorated wall between the kitchen and the living room, or another free surface, can be painted or plastered. Today, many types of plaster are used. It can be tinted, differs in composition, method of application.

You can apply plasterspecial roller. Spatulas can also be used to create various decorative effects. The walls of the kitchen can be leveled with a starting and then finishing putty. After that they are dyed. The wall chosen for decoration is covered with decorative plaster. One of the most popular options is the use of material such as bark beetle. There are many options for applying decorative plaster today.

Another option is to use stencils. The walls in the kitchen are also painted in one tone. Next, a drawing is created. You can choose any picture. The drawing is transferred to thick cardboard, and then the inner parts are cut out, leaving a minimum number of partitions.

You can decorate the wall in the kitchen near the dining table with drawings applied through a stencil. These can be images of dishes, tea and coffee, fruits, flowers. Lots of options. If the kitchen is spacious, the drawings can be quite large. But for a small room, it is better to choose a small ornament.

Can be applied with a special roller. In this case, it is possible to create the same pattern over the entire surface of the wall.

If the stencil is voluminous, you can use plaster instead of paint. It is applied to the walls, and after drying, the convex decorative elements are polished. You can color them or tint the solution before applying.


Another interesting option on how to decorate a wall in the kitchen is painting. This option is suitable for those who can draw beautifully. You can order drawing interestingimages from a professional artist. In this case, the kitchen will be transformed, turning into a cozy patio or flower garden, a French coffee house, etc.

kitchen decorated wall with bricks

If you wish, you can create a drawing yourself. In this case, you can also use a technique similar to stencils. But this is a more creative work - with the help of stencils, only some elements of the picture are applied to the wall. But some details will need to be completed manually.

An interesting technique is to spread paint spots on the wall. By themselves, they can be quite shapeless. A contrast contour of the image is applied over spots of different adjacent shades. Flowers look especially impressive in this technique.

The decorated wall between the kitchen and the living room will look original if you create a drawing with your own hands. To do this, you can do the following. You will need a projector. With its help, the image is broadcast on the wall. According to the given contours, the image is drawn down to the smallest details. So it turns out to create a drawing no worse than a professional artist would have done. You can depict nature, animals, still lifes, etc. There are many options.


Considering how to decorate a wall in the kitchen with your own hands, one more way should be mentioned. If you don’t want to draw anything yourself, you can buy special stickers. They are made from vinyl. These stickers can be easily applied to the painted surface. If necessary, they are just as quickly removed, leaving no traces.

decorate the wall in the kitchen near the dining table

Such stickers can be both very small and quite large. They can be single color or multicolor. Black stickers look spectacular against a light wall. They can depict dishes, coffee, animals. Do not make such an exposure large. Select the image in accordance with the dimensions of the kitchen.

The sticker should stand out well against the background of the wall. Therefore, it is worth choosing contrasting images. They can be not only black, but also a variety of other colors. The choice depends on the features of the interior.

Decal designs can be quite complex. It can be images of animals, people. Everyone will be able to choose the best option for themselves.

Today stickers with inscriptions are in fashion. The font can be printed or imitate uppercase lines. Letters can be used to make images, for example, in the form of a cup of coffee. Such elements of kitchen utensils as an old teapot or coffee pot, a manual machine for grinding coffee beans will add comfort. Such specific images give the room a special charm.

The wall on which such images are applied must be even and painted in one color. On this surface, the vinyl decal looks best.

Design with plates and dishes

Considering options for how to decorate a wall in the kitchen yourself, you can pay attention to another interesting trick. Various dishes, plates and saucers look beautiful on the walls. Shades, sizes of similar kitchen utensils canvary significantly.

how to decorate a kitchen wall

Plates and saucers will well complement the interior in the dining area, when creating decor between windows, in niches or on convex sections of the wall. They can also be placed above the kitchen set, consoles, next to the sconces.

When choosing saucers, you need to make sure that they overlap with each other. They should also be combined with interior elements that are nearby. A variety of plates look beautiful, the pattern of which is made in one color. It can be a similar print or relief, border decor, etc. It is also recommended to use dishes of the same shape.

It is desirable to maintain the same interval between the plates. They can be arranged in any order or form some kind of figure. Symmetry may be present in the exposition, or objects may be randomly placed on the wall. You can arrange the plates along the center or in a line.

Before you assemble the composition on the wall, it is built on the floor. You need to consider several options, choosing the best. Next, cut out the outline of each saucer. They are attached to the wall so as not to confuse the sequence and arrangement of interior elements.

If a beautiful service is periodically used for its intended purpose, you can make shelves for it. Plates, cups are placed on them, creating a spectacular design in the room. The walls in this case should be painted in one color.

Other crockery

When choosing the option of how to decorate a wall in the kitchen, it is worth considering other compositions from utensils.For example, wooden cutting boards look spectacular in the interior of a Provence-style kitchen. They may no longer be new, but different.

In addition to boards, you can use old cups. They can be bright or have a restrained color. It is best to select items in the same style. Different large cups can be mounted on a wall decorated with ceramic mosaics or broken tiles. Handles should be left in cups, but only halves of such items should be taken. In this case, you get the original three-dimensional composition.

Large tureens can be "lay out" on the wall also from halves. You can fill them with soil and plant plants. So the finish will look even more original.

If the kitchen has a round clock, you can put spoons and forks of different sizes around it. You will get an interesting art object.

Another interesting solution would be the arrangement of shelves on a free wall. They can be made from wood, plastic, metal or glass. On the shelves you need to arrange colored dishes. It can be very different, but at the same time bright. This decor will be a real decoration of the kitchen, painted in pastel shades, beige or white.

Slate wall

The wall in the form of a slate board looks very unusual, but interesting in the kitchen. When deciding how to decorate a wall in the kitchen, this option should be considered as one of the best if there are small children in the house. They will be able to draw on the wall without fear of punishment. In this case, the decor will be different every time. On the wall you can express your feelings, mood.

how to decoratewalls in the kitchen photo

The slate can be black or brown. The choice depends on the type of decor, but the overall style should match the chosen theme. The atmosphere in the kitchen will resemble a coffee shop.

Ceiling rosettes

An interesting exposition is created from curly rosettes for the ceiling. You can pick up several parts of different sizes. How to decorate a wall in the kitchen with rosettes? The principle of such decoration is somewhat similar to decorating a wall with plates. But in this case, by attaching decorative elements to the wall in a certain order, they are painted in the same color as all the walls. This is how a voluminous original composition is created.

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