Why the faucet is buzzing: reasons

Why the faucet is buzzing: reasons
Why the faucet is buzzing: reasons

Problems with the work of plumbing in the house occur quite often. The most common phenomenon that causes discomfort to residents is the appearance of unpleasant sounds in the system. Let's take a look at why water pipes buzz when you turn on the tap?

Poor-quality installation of system elements

why is the faucet buzzing

Why does the faucet hum several times a day? This can be caused by making mistakes by plumbers when installing water supply structural elements or repairing them. If unpleasant sounds occur behind the wall, it is possible that the locksmiths who serviced the system at the neighbors did not connect tightly enough or poorly insulated the pipes. To determine exactly why the faucet is buzzing, you should first go down to the basement and check whether the plumbing elements are tightly fixed here. After making sure that everything is in order, it is worth contacting the neighbors and together discovering insufficiently high-quality pipes. By eliminating installation flaws throughout the riser, you can forget about the problem forever.

Proximity of pipes

Why do pipes hum when you open a faucet? Often thisthe phenomenon is observed in cases where the elements of the water supply are in direct contact with each other. To fix the problem, it is worth finding closely spaced pipes. If it is impossible or difficult to change their configuration, it is enough to wrap each water-conducting element with special PVC insulating casings, which can be purchased at any plumbing store.

Excessive system pressure

why is the faucet buzzing

Why is the faucet buzzing when turned on? This can be caused by excess pressure in the plumbing system. You can identify the problem by abruptly opening the tap. If streams of water convulsively break out of the hole, then the trouble lies precisely in this.

Excessive pressure in the water supply system over time can lead to depressurization of certain structural elements and flooding of housing. To reduce the load on the pipes and remove annoying sounds, it is recommended to resort to installing a special pneumatic chamber. The latter is mounted at the junction of the mixer with the pipe and takes on excess pressure.

Finally, to make sure that this is the reason for the occurrence of hum and buzz in the system will allow the call of a plumber who will determine the level of pressure in the plumbing system. Normally, the indicator should be equal to 2 atmospheres. In this case, faucets, dishwasher and washing machine will not be subjected to destructive effects. If the pressure in the system is 6 atmospheres or more, this is a reason for handlingcomplaint to the service provider.

Clogged pipes

Why does the faucet hum when it's closed?

Why does the faucet hum when it's closed? This can be caused by clogging of the paths that conduct water in the system. The liquid that remains in the pipes under pressure even when the tap is closed, passes through the clogged areas, causing a rather unpleasant noise.

Reducing the inside diameter of pipes is known as "pipeline infarction". A phenomenon occurs in houses in which maintenance or repair of capital engineering systems has not been carried out for a long time. From the inside, the pipes are overgrown with rust, s alts, all kinds of garbage accumulate here. In the most difficult cases, to fix the problem, they resort to installing new metal pipes or installing plastic joints.

How to determine that the cause of uncomfortable sounds lies precisely in the presence of clogging inside the pipes? To diagnose a blockage, it is necessary to dismantle any section of the water supply and look inside. The presence of plaque and dirt on the walls of the pipes will confirm the guess.

You can also eliminate blockages in pipes by mechanical or hydraulic flushing. In the first case, it is worth draining the water from the problem area and using a thick wire, at the end of which a metal brush is fixed. For hydraulic flushing of the system, they resort to the use of a powerful circulation pump, which is able to quickly drive water through pipes under high pressure.

Old, damaged pipes

Why do plumbing pipes humturn on the tap

Why is the faucet buzzing? The obsolescence of the entire water supply can lead to the regular occurrence of unpleasant sounds in the presence of an optimal level of pressure in the system and the operation of serviceable mixers. The best solution to deal with trouble is to replace rusty, leaking sections with new pipes. However, in some cases, this approach does not completely eliminate the problem. In such a situation, the only option is a radical replacement of all pipes along the riser. To cut costs, it is worth joining forces with neighbors here.

Damage to the faucet gasket

Now consider the most common reason why a faucet hums. The most common problem is the presence of defects on the mixer gasket. The latter may be worn, incorrectly installed or defective.

To fix the problem, do the following:

  1. Alternately open the tap for hot and cold water. This will reveal exactly where the damaged gasket is located.
  2. Turn off the water supply to the apartment.
  3. Disassemble the faucet and remove the damaged gasket.
  4. Purchase a new structural element in a plumbing store and install it.
  5. Reassemble the faucet, turn on the water and check if the buzzing in the tap has disappeared.

Water hoses not secure enough

Why is the faucet buzzing when turned on?

Why is the faucet in the kitchen buzzing? To find the cause, it is worth checking the hoses,which are connected to the faucet under the sink. In this case, it is necessary to alternately open the hot and cold water taps. Once you have determined which hose is causing the hum, either pinch it with your hand or use tools to isolate the connections.

Cartridge failure

Most modern single-lever faucets contain a cartridge that is responsible for distributing water flows. It is likely that the cause of unpleasant sounds in the plumbing system lies in its damage.

To replace the cartridge, you will need the following tools:

  • adjustable wrench;
  • screwdriver set;
  • knife with thin blade;
  • hexagon.

Before performing repair procedures, it is necessary to turn off the water in the apartment. Then you should pry off the button with a screwdriver, which indicates which side is the supply of cold and hot water. Next, you need to unscrew the screw holding the cartridge with a hexagon. Finally, using an adjustable wrench, you must unscrew the clamping nut and remove the presented structural element.

You can pick up a cartridge similar to the one you have at a plumbing store. After completing the purchase, all that remains is to assemble the system in the reverse order, resorting to the use of the above tools.

Shower hose leak

Why do pipes hum when you open a faucet?

Why is the faucet in the bathroom buzzing? One of the common reasons for this phenomenon is the presence of leaks in the hose that connects to the shower.watering can.

To fix the problem, first of all, it is worth checking if all the same gaskets are damaged. If this is the reason, you need to replace them.

Sometimes the rupture of the hose itself, namely its inner rubber tube, which is located in the middle of the metal sleeve, leads to unpleasant sounds when the water in the shower is turned on. To deal with the trouble, you need to patch the gap with a patch. However, for those who do not want to burden themselves with unnecessary work, it is best, of course, to buy and install a new hose.

In conclusion

why is the faucet in the bathroom buzzing

In the presented material, we examined the most common causes that cause buzzing, whistling, and other unpleasant sounds in the plumbing system. These methods for solving individual problems will allow you to eliminate discomfort on your own.

However, it is recommended to resort to plumbing repairs only for those who already have experience in performing such work. After all, rash actions can affect the functioning of the entire water supply system. If the wrong repair is performed, not only water leakage is possible, but also the creation of a serious emergency. Therefore, in some cases, to eliminate unpleasant sounds in a faucet or elements of the plumbing system, it is worth resorting to the services of professional craftsmen.

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