Kitsch is the lack of taste?

Kitsch is the lack of taste?
Kitsch is the lack of taste?

One of the most extraordinary and striking interior styles is kitsch. What it is? Kitsch is a word that came to us in the last century from the German language, which means pseudo-art, bad taste. Echoes of this direction in the interior can be found in any era, it manifests itself at a time when new, not yet well-established traditions come to replace the generally accepted ones. The kitsch style in the interior is characterized by a combination of classic elements along with modern ones, resulting in an ensemble of incongruous objects and colors, which already bears the imprint of a lack of taste.

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Endless fantasy

Kitch is the boundlessness of fantasy, which depends only on the temperament and character of the owners of the apartment, on their sense of proportion and taste. There are absolutely no canons here. You yourself can understand by paying attention to the photo - kitsch does not recognize any established rules at all. This is the maximum departure from the most elementary aesthetic values ​​and at the same time one of the most aggressive manifestations.vulgarization and primitivization of popular art.

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This style in the interior is manifested in two forms. The first is an attempt to design a room of any kind in a pseudo-luxurious style, under some other direction. In this case, the main elements are copies and fakes of classical works: sculptures, paintings, which are made using modern materials and technologies that emphasize their unnaturalness. The presence in one room of plastic and velvet, home cinema and Greek sculptures reinforces the impression of the inconsistency of objects to each other.The second hypostasis is a kind of mockery of mass culture. In this case, the main requirement is the maximum use of incompatible items. In this case, kitsch is not a goal to awaken aesthetic feelings, but a specially created inorganic ensemble of furnishings, decor elements and materials.

kitsch style in the interior

The manifestation of kitsch style

In most cases, the kitsch style in the interior is manifested in the following:

  • photo kitsch

    Using combinations of materials that art has found unaesthetic: plastic with silk, marble floors covered with fur carpets, and the like.

  • Specially crafted surplus of all kinds of ruffles, bows, hearts, plush toys and the like.
  • A large amount of gold plating that is applied to most free surfaces.
  • Miscellaneous furnitureor a combination of modern office space with antique.
  • Lots of dried or plastic flowers.
  • Faux fur that is used as a sofa cover or carpet.
  • Extremely bright colors that attract attention, as well as their combinations: red with blue, yellow with purple, light green with pink, purple with green and the like.


Thus, summing up all of the above, we can say that the kitsch style is the most controversial and ambiguously perceived direction of interior design.

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