Furniture leg - types and design features

Furniture leg - types and design features
Furniture leg - types and design features

To carry out the interaction of furniture, be it a table, a wardrobe or a sofa, with the elements of the room, the most ordinary furniture leg helps. This is a fastening device that can give the product stability, as well as a sophisticated and finished look.

Modern Furniture Supports

Today it is hard to imagine a table, a computer chair or a crib without legs. This is the most important structural element that performs many different functions. Manufacturers offer a huge variety of furniture supports, which differ in the material used, construction and design.

furniture leg

Furniture leg takes on more and more new forms, because fashion is constantly changing, and designers strive to keep up with it, not forgetting to create fasteners that are not only reliable and comfortable, but also combined with a furniture product.


Such devices are a necessary element in the manufacture of medical furniture, coffee tables, gurneys, computer chairs, etc. They differ in appearance, in the method of attachment and endurance to stress. The simplest of wheel supports -linear, used mainly for sliding sofas and other furniture that does not require a turn. Another class is devices that ensure the rotation of furniture around its axis.

The advantage of castors is their ability to withstand high loads and perform silent and soft rolling of furniture. Thanks to them, you can easily move a heavy table to the other end of the room without damaging the flooring. Legs can be secured with a pad or threaded screw.

Decorative legs

They serve not only as a support, but also serve as a magnificent decoration of furniture, sometimes completely changing its appearance and giving the product individuality. Depending on the material, they can be plastic, wood or metal.

adjustable furniture legs

Shape, size and colors also vary. The furniture leg is forced to constantly experience a fairly large load - the weight of the furniture itself and the things that are in it. Therefore, the material is of great importance. It must be of the highest quality, with a reliable coating. Even plastic supports made of high-quality material will be resistant to the most severe loads, and their surface will not fade over a long service life.

Furniture with carved wooden legs turns into a real work of art. They are used to make upholstered furniture, stools, coasters and tables.

Furniture metal legs are rightfully considered the most durable. They are able to withstand up to200 kg weight. Without them, it is impossible to imagine high-tech furniture. In addition, in various public places (canteens, cafes, etc.), where the load on the tables is too high, metal legs are simply irreplaceable.

Adjustable furniture feet

Installing furniture in an office or apartment is often difficult due to the uneven floor surface, the existing height differences. Hardware manufacturers took these factors into account and began to produce special adjustable feet that can compensate for uneven floors.

The special design of these products allows you to change the height and slope of the furniture, ensuring its stability and balance. Adjustable furniture legs are a set of a screw with a plastic cap and an angle bracket or nut. The counterpart is driven into the end of the furniture. By screwing a screw into it with a screwdriver or by hand, the height of the furniture leg is adjusted. Of the minuses, it is worth noting the fact that to perform this operation, you have to lift the furniture every time.

metal furniture legs

How to choose a furniture support

In order for a furniture leg to fulfill its function for a long time and be an interior decoration, when choosing this part, you need to pay attention to the following characteristics:

- practicality of the design, providing ease of use;

- ability to withstand significant weight loads;

- functionality;

- decorative design that makes the design attractive and stylish.

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