We use oriented strand boards in the construction of a "Canadian" house

We use oriented strand boards in the construction of a "Canadian" house
We use oriented strand boards in the construction of a "Canadian" house

In our time, it is generally accepted that owning a house is an impossible dream, and only the very rich segments of the population can afford such a luxury. Fortunately, this is not the case. Using the technology of Canadian panel houses, almost anyone can get their own home.

oriented strand boards

Such houses have recently become extremely popular in our country, and not least this popularity is due to the speed of construction of panel buildings. Today we will take a closer look at how you can build such a house yourself using oriented strand boards for this.

The high speed of construction of this kind of buildings is explained by the fact that a ready-made assembly kit comes from the factory. The manufacturer attaches detailed instructions to it for the convenience of the buyer, so that you will not find yourself in an awkward position.

First you need to choose the type of foundation suitable for your area, pour or mount it, and then putthe first floor panels to be made using specially processed oriented strand board (OSB). Due to the nature of the material used for its production, it is necessary to take care of thorough waterproofing and coat the back side well with bitumen or mastic.

oriented strand board osb

All seams and gaps between the floor panels are carefully sealed with mounting foam, and only then they are fixed on screw connections. You don’t have to worry about thermal insulation, since the “native” thickness of the plates is more than enough for this. However, the installation of even underfloor heating is not forbidden, since the design of the house does not introduce any restrictions in this regard. From the ends, the entire structure is carefully strengthened with a strapping beam. Considering that oriented strand boards weigh very little, all this will take you no more than two hours.

Having fixed the floors, you can begin to install wall panels. They are fastened with the help of strapping bars, the strength of the connection of which with the floor panels should be checked biased and repeatedly. All fasteners are made on normal anchor bolts. The panels begin to be placed from the corner, and the strength of the connection and the correct setting are checked individually for each OSB panel. Oriented strand board must stand perfectly straight, as the strength of the entire structure depends on this.

OSB oriented strand board

The joints between the wall panels are also filled with high-quality mounting foam. All butt fastenersare bolted, the length of which is at least 20 cm. By the way, if you find that simple straight walls will make your future house look like a box, you can make a bay window to decorate it. He will add beauty, and increase the usable area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room. However, to build it, you will have to buy special oriented strand boards in advance, which can be assembled at different angles.

The floors that come with such a house are very durable, even despite the overall low weight. They are also attached to the walls with anchor bolts. Installation of the roof is no different from that in an ordinary wooden house or a house made of timber. Of course, the use of heavy roofing material or rafters is still undesirable. A home built with oriented strand board can last for decades.

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