The most diverse varieties of apple trees

The most diverse varieties of apple trees
The most diverse varieties of apple trees

Since ancient times, such a wonderful plant as an apple tree has been found in almost every corner of our earth. Closer to the south grow low, but branched trees. They always have juicy and sweet fruits, which are large in size and bright in color. Apple varieties that are found in cold regions are ripe for a long time, have a sour taste, green or yellow color and small size. Read about all the charms and advantages of various varieties in this article.

apple varieties

First of all, it is worth clarifying that all apple trees, regardless of the variety of fruits, are divided into three types: summer, autumn and winter. Such criteria were determined according to the timing of fruit ripening. Early or summer breeds mature by mid-summer. In temperate latitudes, apples of this variety have a slightly tart, sour taste, but not without notes of sweetness. Medium or autumn apple trees ripen by September. Most often they have a yellow color, their taste is sweet with a hint of honey. Late varieties of apple trees (or winter ones) must be removed from the branches before they ripen. Such fruits are completely filled with juice in a warm place, and then they can be stored for a very long time.

So, the first ofthe most popular varieties of apple trees - "amulet". Large yellow apples appear on wide and sprawling branches at the end of September. Their skin is often covered with a slight blush if the season was sunny. And if the apple tree bears fruit during the rainy season, then the skin is dotted with white "freckles".

late varieties of apple trees

Apple varieties have been bred in various countries of the world, and therefore among them there are also American species. It is worth noting that many of them have a special taste that cannot be found in the gardens of Europe and Russia. Among these, the variety "Williams Pride" is very popular - early, but, despite this, characterized by large fruits. These apples are ideal as a dessert - they have a sweet and sour taste and are very juicy. A notable feature of them is also that the fruits do not ripen at the same time. The first-born are tied at the edges of the branches, and over time, the whole tree is covered with juicy apples.

It is impossible to imagine the popular varieties of apple trees without the Golden Delicious brand. Such fruits are always large, have a granular structure and a sweet and sour taste. For all their merits, such trees are unpretentious, they only need regular watering and top dressing.

sweet varieties of apple trees

Sweet varieties of apple trees deserve special attention, most of which grow mainly in the southern regions. For example, "Kalvil Krasnokutsky" is a tree with a rounded crown that bears fruit in October. The apples themselves are large, yellowish in color with a slight blush. They areused both as desserts and for making jams.

When choosing apple varieties for your garden, be guided by the characteristics given to them. Such a tree is not particularly demanding on the soil, but it is sensitive to climate. If you live in the middle zone of a temperate climate, then varieties such as "white filling", "Chinese", "Antonovka", "bogatyr" and so on will suit you. If you are in the south of the country, then you can afford a wider selection of garden plants that will delight you more often with sweeter and juicier fruits.

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