TV in the interior: features, interesting ideas and recommendations

TV in the interior: features, interesting ideas and recommendations
TV in the interior: features, interesting ideas and recommendations

Since a modern person cannot live without his favorite programs, films, news, every apartment has at least one TV. In the interior, it should be beautifully combined with the surroundings. To do this, you need to choose the installation site and arrange the space correctly. After all, the device looks different. Depending on the purpose of the room, as well as its style. Let's try to figure out where to install the device and how beautifully fit into the overall environment.

Hang on the wall

There are two options for the location of the TV in the interior: on the wall and on a stand (pedestal, table, cabinet). Most often, many people choose wall placement, since the device does not take up extra space and children will not get it there. A wall with a TV will draw attention to itself, so maximum attention should be paid to its design.

TV on the wall

ForThis arrangement most often uses special brackets that can withstand a certain load. Their selection and installation can be done independently, but it is best to entrust the work to professionals. Brackets are of two types: stationary and swivel. The former firmly hold the device and do not allow it to move or turn, the latter allow households to adjust the position of the TV.

Additional options for placing the TV on the wall are also possible:

  • on wooden panels;
  • inside drywall niches.

In the second option, it is located in a recess (disguised), resulting in a flat surface with functional shelves for speakers, wires and interior items.

Put on furniture

If it is not possible to place the device on the wall, you will have to pick up furniture for it. Many people usually choose an elongated (sometimes the entire wall) TV cabinet in the interior. Wooden furniture looks very nice. And unusually - glass and metal. Home theater enthusiasts prefer to have all their equipment in one large cabinet built into the wall.

TV stand

The most budget-friendly option for TV furniture is a special rack with several shelves. It can be made of glass, metal or MDF. Exquisite and unique design with such furniture, of course, will not work, but it is quite suitable for temporary use. You can choose more unusual options for such furniture, but they will cost quite a bit.expensive. Fans of the exotic will definitely like TVs on a pylon or built-in refrigerators.

Surrounding interior

A TV that hangs on a wall or stands on a pedestal looks lonely and simple. If you properly arrange this area, then it will emphasize the style of the room, and decorate it. A very interesting option is to accent the wall with contrasting wallpaper, paint or panels. You can highlight the TV zone not only with color, but also with texture: fabrics, leather, decorative plaster. Together with the TV, natural materials look good in the interior: wood, brick, stone, bamboo sheets.

TV in the interior design

Design ideas for this area:

  1. Baguette frames.
  2. Shelving, modular walls. In this case, the TV is usually in the center of the entire composition.
  3. Illumination in the form of LED strip or spotlights arranged in random order.
  4. Shelves with favorite books, houseplants and decor items.
  5. Paintings or photographs.
  6. Decorative shutters or sliding panels.

In the living room

Before you decorate the TV area in the living room, you need to choose the right diagonal of the device. It should be such that a person does not see pixels when viewing. The TV in the interior of the living room serves as its decoration, so speakers, wires, cables, players should not be visible here. In this case, a modular wall or a narrow pedestal is perfect, where you can hide everything that is superfluous.

TV in the living room

Recommendations for decorating the TV area in the living room:

  1. In a bright room, a dark TV will be an eyesore and look like a stain. Walls painted in darker or contrasting tones will help soften the perception.
  2. Excellent addition to the interior - various frames and compositions. The device is placed inside or below them.
  3. In a classic living room, you can hide it behind the carved wardrobe doors.
  4. Luxury design options - the device is framed in crocodile skin or housed in a long frame with a mirror.

Recently, it has become fashionable to decorate the living room with a fireplace. It not only looks beautiful, but also adds comfort, allows you to enjoy a live fire. But how to combine a fireplace and a TV in the interior so that they complement each other? It is best to place the appliance above the fireplace, but only if it is not large. Otherwise, the screen will be too high, and the fire will distract from watching your favorite shows. The place opposite the heating device is also not the best - glare will be visible on the device. The best option would be to place the TV on the same wall, but offset.

In the bedroom

To choose the right model of equipment for the bedroom, you must consider the style of its design. For high-tech style, thin plasma panels are suitable, for classics - small models (up to 32 inches) with minimal functions. Once the device has been selected, it is necessary to find a place for installation. It is best to place it on the wall and attach it with swivel brackets. When viewed inlying position, the area opposite the headboard or on the side of the bed is suitable.

TV in the bedroom

In large bedrooms, the TV wall can be finished with decorative plaster or beautiful wallpaper. So that it does not seem like a dark spot, cover it with decorative curtains. Also in large rooms it is worth organizing a recreation area with an armchair, a small table, a floor lamp and other elements. The TV looks very nice in the interior of the bedroom with an accent wall, which can be pasted over with photo wallpapers, stone, wood products.

In the nursery

Many modern people have several TVs at home, one of which is located in the children's room. But even in this room, it should fit beautifully into the environment. For example, children will definitely like a cheerful screen with a funny frame: in the form of a fruit, a ball, a ship, a car. Do not choose too small models. The best option for a nursery is a diagonal of 32-33 inches.

TV in the nursery

Most often, children play noisily, run and have fun, so it is best to hang the TV on the wall. On the cabinet it is easy to hook and drop, and on the wall it is very difficult to get it. The space near can be equipped with a rack or a small wall to place a speaker system, set-top box, DVD player, books on them. All appliances have a lot of wires that can be easily hidden with the right furniture.

In the kitchen

The TV set in the kitchen must have a high level of resolution and contrast. This isdue to the fact that most rooms are small, and you will have to look at the screen from a close distance. Also, its location should be convenient for the hostess, not cause discomfort.

TV in the kitchen

A few tips for placing a TV in the kitchen:

  1. The appliance should be located away from the sink and stove so that moisture or grease does not get on it.
  2. Do not hang the appliance on the refrigerator as it emits harmful vibrations.
  3. If the kitchen has a large countertop, then you can put the appliances there. But keep in mind that the minimum distance to the screen is 1.5 m.
  4. Great option for the kitchen - the location of appliances in a special niche, but it is suitable for large rooms.

It is very nice to beat the interior of the kitchen with a sofa and TV. When choosing a place for furniture and appliances, the area and design of the room are taken into account. In a large square kitchen, a corner looks very good, and opposite it is a TV. Today, studio apartments with large kitchens and living rooms are common. In them, you can divide the space with the help of a sofa installed with its back to the headset. Here you can put the TV on a cabinet or hang it on the wall.

Combination with different styles

The TV can be installed in any room, but it must fit well with the overall style. Here are some helpful tips to make choosing furniture and decor items easier.

Minimalist TV

Interior design ideas for the followingstyles:

  1. Medieval, which is distinguished by nobility and antiques. There should not be modern technology here, so the TV is hidden in a baguette frame, behind a picture or a cabinet door.
  2. Classic. Designers recommend hiding the screen with a closet or hinged panel. Ideal - retractable TV, "hiding" in the wall or furniture.
  3. Hi-tech, which is famous for modern furniture and appliances. The TV can be hung on the wall, while it will not interfere with the view. If metal products are more common in the interior, the body of the device should be appropriate.
  4. Oriental, which is characterized by brightness, we alth, a lot of carpets and upholstered furniture. It is better to arrange the device in the form of a picture (surround it with an expensive frame) or build it into furniture.

It is very difficult to correctly fit the TV into the interior of different rooms. First you have to select the device, and then the place of its installation. After that, you can think over the design of the environment and decor elements.

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