Pantographs for clothes. furniture fittings

Pantographs for clothes. furniture fittings
Pantographs for clothes. furniture fittings

With the onset of cold weather, the question of storing seasonal clothes becomes more acute. For various reasons, not everyone can have a dressing room. To make better use of cabinets, you can choose the appropriate furniture fittings, for example, pantographs for clothes.

Cloth lift

Any wardrobe - classic wardrobe, built-in or closet - has a standard bar for hangers. It can be oval or round. Mounted on a rod holder or flanges, and is able to withstand a decent load. To more rationally use the space in the cabinets "under the ceiling", you can install additional mechanisms - pantographs for clothes. They allow you to lower the barbell to the level of human height, then easily and simply remove or hang clothes on hangers. The design makes it possible to place clothes in two tiers - the upper one on the pantograph, the lower one on the usual crossbar.

Pantographs for clothes

Types of pantographs

Mechanisms differ in principle of operation, material of manufacture, manufacturer and price. Elevator operation can be mechanical or electrical. The set consistsfrom side levers, rods and control knobs. The device is made of aluminum or steel with galvanized coating. There may be another decorative coating in silver or black. Fixing boxes with slots for levers are often made of plastic. They contain a lifting mechanism. The spring system ensures the movement of the levers. The service life depends on the quality of the spring mechanism and the durability of the decorative coating. More preferred and common are mechanical pantographs for clothing. Electric elevators are more convenient to use. But these modifications have a higher price, and are somewhat difficult to install.

Do-it-yourself pantograph for clothes

How to upgrade your closet

Pantographs for clothes can be installed when making the wardrobe to order. The proposed range of furniture fittings will allow you to arrange the space of an old cabinet with maximum convenience. In a standard economy class cabinet, the upper part is usually with mezzanines. Often this space is not used rationally. If desired, the place under the ceiling can be converted by installing a do-it-yourself pantograph for clothes. You will need to change the location of some shelves. In the vacated niche, markings are made for mounting the side levers. For mounting accuracy, holes 5 mm deep are drilled at the marked points. Aligning the slots in the mounting strips with the holes, screw in the screws. Lowering the levers down, fix the barbell with the handle at a comfortable level. The mechanism is also easily dismantled and can be used for other furniture.

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