Telescopic rail. Choice of furniture fittings

Telescopic rail. Choice of furniture fittings
Telescopic rail. Choice of furniture fittings

One of the most popular types of furniture fittings are drawer drawer systems. In the manufacture of cabinet furniture with drawers, guides of various modifications, sizes and models are used. Among the many types, one of the best options is the telescopic rail.

Fittings for movable furniture elements

In the past, it took a lot of effort to open and close the box. At the same time, he could warp or completely jump off the wooden rails - rails. Modern systems allow you to easily, smoothly and silently open and close any retractable piece of furniture, whether it is a heavy chest of drawers or a small desk drawer. There are several types of telescopic guides: roller, ball, bottom-mounted, with clamps, closers, as well as Metabox and Tandembox systems. The scope of the latter is where high operational loads are planned - kitchen cabinets, workbenches, technological equipment.


Types of retractable structures

Systems for drawers are divided into two main types - ball and roller. With proper installation and operation, the roller mechanism ensures smooth opening and closing of the drawer. In this case, the nomination can be incomplete and complete. The latter option is much more expensive. Ball structures are more complex and expensive. They operate silently, are durable and able to withstand heavy loads. Ball or telescopic guides have several modifications. They differ in installation. They can be mounted on the side plane of the box, in the groove of the side surface and combined - from the bottom and side of the box. The dimensions of the guides vary in length from 150 mm to 700 mm. Extra long guides consist of three parts. The width can be from 17 mm to 35 mm. Depending on the dimensions, the system can withstand weights from 10 kg to 30 kg. Full extension designs have levers to separate the drawer from the rails.

Telescopic rails

The principle of operation of retractable systems

Telescopic drawer slides are used in all types of furniture where there are sliding systems. The principle of their operation depends on the type of guide devices and the installation location. The base of all guides has the same design. It consists of a series of balls that slide along stamped grooves. The plates are designed in such a way that, with their minimum weight and dimensions, it is possible to move heavy loads over a long distance. The telescopic rail is made fromhigh-strength quality steel, which ensures wear resistance and reliability of the entire system. The main advantages of the design are high manufacturability, the possibility of full extension of the drawer with protection against rolling out. In guides with a closer, the mechanism is installed on the bottom of the drawer and is not visible when extended. For the trouble-free operation of the mechanism, the calculation of the box itself and the correct installation of the structure are important.

Telescopic slides for drawers

Installation of "telescopes"

The telescoping rail is fairly easy to install, but requires precision in assembly. It is necessary to correctly calculate the dimensions of the parts and the places for their fastening. Gaps should be provided between the drawer and the cabinet body (about 12 mm on both sides). The length of the telescopic mechanism must match the depth of the drawer. Before installation, the "telescopes" are disassembled into two parts. A strictly horizontal line is marked in the center of the side of the box. One of the parts of the mechanism is screwed along this line. Similarly, the part is attached to the other side of the box. For fastening there are main and auxiliary holes. Oval holes allow you to adjust the guides, moving them up and down, back and forth. After that, the same markings are carried out on the inner surfaces of the cabinet, taking into account the number of drawers and the height of the front parts. Next, a box with an attached carriage is inserted into the system on the cabinet. Smooth and easy sliding of the movable element indicates the correct installation of the system.

Telescopic rails

Selection of retractablemechanisms

Not all guides are interchangeable. Roller mechanisms and metaboxes have left and right parts. Telescopic rails are the same for left and right sides. For each type, the details of the boxes are calculated differently. The telescopic rail is suitable for a chest of drawers in the bedroom, drawers in the children's room. In a writing or computer desk, conventional roller guides are more often used. In the living room, hidden systems are appropriate, although they are more expensive. For kitchen furniture, systems like METABOX or TANDEMBOX are most suitable. BOSCH 3-level telescopic guides are successfully used in ovens. Allows tiered racks and trays to be pulled out of the oven with ease.

BOSCH telescopic rails

Telescopic structures have a number of advantages. First of all, it is a long service life. Ease of handling and at the same time the ability to withstand a lot of weight. Among the disadvantages is the high price of some types of systems. It is important to know the assortment in order to best combine the characteristics and quality of the product with its price.

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