Modern telescopic lifts. How to make a telescopic lift with your own hands?

Modern telescopic lifts. How to make a telescopic lift with your own hands?
Modern telescopic lifts. How to make a telescopic lift with your own hands?

Telescopic lifts are required for high- altitude work related to finishing, installation and construction. They can be used in confined spaces, inside buildings and outside. This type of equipment is becoming more common today due to the safe and reliable design, quick installation and maneuverability.

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The movement of people and tools on the loader is possible in both horizontal and vertical directions. There are two main types - these are mobile and stationary mechanisms. The telescopic boom lifts shown above are available with diesel and electric motors, each designed to work in different conditions.


The main part of the structure is an arrow that is large enough and moves in different directions. Because of this, when usingthe surrounding free space must be taken into account.

Diesel powered telescopic lifts are required for the following tasks:

  • wiring;
  • installation of window structures in high-rise buildings;
  • carrying out finishing, facade and repair work;
  • repair of transport routes and suspension equipment;
  • installation of air conditioning and ventilation systems.
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What you need to know

Modern telescopic lifts belong to the category of safe loading equipment. They are complemented by an emergency button to stop the platform and a system of protection against increased loads, that is, if the permissible weight is exceeded, the movement of the platform will become impossible.

Devices in many cases replace scaffolding, so much in demand earlier. Due to many disadvantages, such as difficulty in assembly and lack of mobility, scaffolding is becoming less and less popular.

telescopic lift device


The device of telescopic lifts is quite simple. The mast is fixed on the facade. It is equipped with guides used to move the loading platform. It is also worth noting the presence of protective boards and other means to ensure the safety of work at height.

When choosing a technical tool, it is necessary to take into account all the parameters and features of a particular model to speed up work and optimize it.At the same time, equipment can not only be purchased, but also rented, which becomes the best solution for short-term tasks. It should be noted that the repair of telescopic lifts should be carried out only by professionals who have sufficient experience in this field and use high-quality materials and components. The devices are most widely used in the following areas:

  • repair of advertising structures and billboards;
  • refining and aviation industry;
  • manufacturing multitasking processes;
  • housing and communal area;
  • shipbuilding;
  • laying engineering, pipeline networks and communications;
  • warehouse work;
  • restoration of facades;
  • construction.
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Homemade device

At home, telescopic drywall lifts are most often made. Such a design consists of several mechanisms and additional parts. At the same time, if the latter can vary depending on the available materials, then the main mechanisms are indispensable. They need to be made independently, and then connected in a single design.

When creating a home-made device, it is necessary to provide for all the constituent elements and form it in such a way that it becomes possible to quickly and easily transport it. It is usually made from collapsible or detachable parts.

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The first step is to create a tripod. This process is not particularly difficult, especially if you have experience with welding.

A profile pipe with dimensions of 8x8 cm is used to create the base. It should have a support slightly exceeding its parameters. Two welded corners can act as it.

The required cross-section of the base is formed using a grinder. Then you need to weld the legs, complemented by braces. By using folding or removable parts, the design will become more compact.

Telescopic tripod is made from three pieces of profiled steel pipe. They should have the following dimensions: 4x4 cm, 6x6 cm and 8x8 cm. The parts are inserted into each other and complemented by a plug. At one end, you need to make a lock for the turntable, which can also be removable.

For its manufacture, a structure in the form of the letter “H” is welded, on the middle lintel of which a through hole is made to secure the retractable retaining elements. They are necessary to evenly hold the drywall sheet and prevent damage.

The next item is to create a tilt-and-turn device. The simplest option is to attach a pipe section to the structure by welding or bolting. Despite the ease of manufacture, such a mechanism is not always convenient when transporting drywall. It is possible to use a eccentric or other quick mechanism.

Telescopic lift, made by hand,almost ready, it remains only to assemble the winch. You can buy a ready-made mechanism in the store and fix it on the resulting design. It should be noted that the method of fastening and its reliability play a special role. A beam with a brace can act as a fastener, all elements of which are connected with bolts to enable quick installation and dismantling.

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