Building levels: varieties, manufacturer reviews

Building levels: varieties, manufacturer reviews
Building levels: varieties, manufacturer reviews

Measuring equipment has always played an important role in the construction industry. It determines the accuracy of the location of structures, the correctness of the laying of facing coatings and the installation of equipment. But if earlier for control tasks they used a tool with a minimum set of functions and a significant error, today manufacturers offer a rich selection of high-tech equipment. The most popular measuring tool is still the building level, but in a modernized version. However, the traditional instrumentation also does not lose its fan.

Bubble models as a basic solution

Classic design, characterized by a simple device and an accessible principle of operation. The standard version is a model with a rectangular body made of metal or plastic. On the outer surface of the structure, a scale with divisions is applied, according to which the master fixes geometric readings. Responsible work item for evaluationlevel is a flask with liquid. These are the so-called spirit levels, the state of which determines the correctness of the current position of the instrument.

Spirit levels for level

Depending on the model, the building bubble level may have one or more liquid indicator flasks. Moreover, there are horizontal and vertical spirit levels, allowing you to simultaneously record deviations in two planes. Also, some modifications provide for an addition in the form of an inclined flask. To determine the level of an object, it is necessary to attach the tool body to it and visually assess the degree of deviation. In the normal state, the vial of the spirit level should be strictly in the center of the flask.

Hydraulic levels - what's the difference?

This device has a long tubular hose and flasks connected through it. During operation, they are filled with liquid, the level of which also allows you to record deviations. The principle of operation is very simple - in communicating vessels, according to Pascal's law, the filling levels will be the same. Accordingly, if each of the flasks is brought to objects that are at a remote distance, then by the water level in the tanks it will be possible to estimate their location relative to the horizontal.

The advantages of this tool include a low price tag and a simple design, but there are some nuances of application. Firstly, the building water level is quite sensitive to the slightest fluctuations, and the formation of bubbles will no longer provide correct information. Secondly, the environment is also capable of violating the accuracy.measurements - especially if there are thermal devices in the room that affect the state of the liquid. And it should also be borne in mind that hydraulic levels work only with a horizontal plane.

hydraulic level

Pipe building level

Some kind of bubble patterns. At least they have the same principle of operation. The device allows you to evaluate the verticality and horizontal position of various structures and objects. Usually, it is used to check the installation of pillars, beams and profile objects. And if the building bubble level has a typical rectangular design, then the form factor for pipe-type models is more diverse. Some models are compact in size and can be folded, and there are also V-shaped structures, the shape of which allows them to be attached to the measured objects. On the other hand, on flat structures, the use of such modifications is difficult.

Hand-held goniometers

Construction goniometer

Another variety of traditional levels, which solves complex problems of assessing the position of objects. The principal structural difference from bubble models is the double layout of the rulers, which can be used as a protractor. Correct positioning is also carried out with the help of spirit levels. That is, the goniometer can be used both as a regular building level and as a tool for accurately fixing the position along inclined planes. As a rule, such models are used in the construction of cottages, verandas,pavilions, furnace structures and other objects for which a comprehensive assessment of the situation from different points is important.

Features of digital levels

A broad category of gauges that may have the same physical rig to fix the current position, but the data representation will be digital. Such devices are used during the alignment of the structural parts of the equipment, when installing suspended ceilings, in carpentry and other works. As a rule, the building electronic level is equipped with a digital display, which reflects the data obtained during the measurement process. The average accuracy is 0.05 degrees, but this already depends on whether you belong to the user class - professional or household.

Electronic building level

The device is powered by accumulators or batteries. When choosing electronic devices, it is important to read additional functionality - for example, the presence of an automatic shutdown system, a delay in readings on the display, or an audible alert when a certain slope is reached.

Laser levels

Laser measuring equipment appeared on the construction market more than 20 years ago, but only recently, due to its price and ergonomic properties, it has become available not only to professionals, but also to ordinary home craftsmen. The main feature of such levels, and in fact levels, is the light-optical filling, which ensures the supply of a laser beam to the target object. As a result, a perfectly flat line is projected, which can be used to estimate the positionstructures and directions. Today, the construction professional level of this type allows you to perform complex mathematical calculations. The microprocessor built into the device automatically calculates the set functions based on the received data.

As for the physical method of handling, the laser levels are installed on a flat surface and are activated by pressing a button. The design of the device itself is compact and ergonomic, so it does not cause any particular difficulties in control and marking.

Laser building level

Types of laser levels

There are two types of levels on light-optical elements - point and line. For domestic purposes, you can purchase the first option as the easiest and most suitable for most home repairs. The point level works with one beam, letting it run along the wall in a straight line. By the way, the case of such models is flat, which allows them to be installed on flat surfaces without special fastening.

For more important measuring tasks, a linear building level is used, which can also direct several beams. Specialists, in particular, build groups of planes with dots, which makes it possible to apply markings on walls, floors and ceilings.

Features of rotary levels

Another kind of laser models, but it has a significant difference. The rotational principle of operation assumes such a beam arrangement that during operation it captures not a specific point or angle, butfull 360 degree view. This makes it possible to perform marking around the entire perimeter of the site, which is very convenient when working on large objects.

For small-format indoor repairs, there is no point in acquiring such a model. As a rule, rotary instruments are used in open areas, therefore, appropriate protective characteristics should be foreseen in advance. The best building levels of this type are provided with moisture-resistant and impact-resistant cases with a protection class of at least IP54. As for resistance to temperatures, manufacturers on average indicate ranges from -10 to +40 ° С.

Rotary level

Reviews of Stabila products

One of the leading developers of measuring construction tools in the level segment. In the initial class, the Pocket Electric 17775 model stands out, costing about 500-600 rubles. This is a simple device, the advantages of which include an ergonomic design, a special shape for sockets and good build quality.

For specialists, the company offers model 80A 120 cm long, the price tag of which is 2.5 thousand rubles. The advantages of the Stabila building levels of this series include well-milled working edges, high accuracy and physical reliability. However, there are also weaknesses, such as a large mass and the absence of shockproof plugs with handles.

Kapro product reviews

Also a well-known brand, whose models are worth turning to if you need a professional marking tool. The users themselves point out thatbest of all, the developers of this company succeed in premium electrical levels. In particular, the 200 cm long PLUMBSITE GENESIS is a powerful machine for working with horizontal and vertical planes. The model has two eyes, impact-resistant polyacrylic spirit levels and built-in magnets. According to the owners, the Kapro building level of this modification withstands significant loads, does not deform, and at the same time maintains measurement accuracy. But the price tag of this level is also impressive - 5.5 thousand rubles.

As an alternative and more affordable option, you can offer the PLUMBSITE SHARK model 60 cm long for 2 thousand rubles. This device is also valued for its combination of high reliability and accuracy. The best option if you need an assistant for professional repairs in the premises.

ADA product reviews

This manufacturer specializes in digital measurement technology, offering modern solutions and technologies. Particular attention in the middle class deserved the combined model Pro-Digit RUMB. It is distinguished by the possibility of high-precision measurement of angles and deviations along planes. Despite the high technical and operational characteristics and a considerable price tag, this tool is also appreciated by ordinary users. Compactness, ergonomics and ease of transportation are the main advantages that are noted in the reviews. The building level Pro-Digit RUMB may also interest a professional with its optional. The device supports the auto-off function, fixes the data on the display and provides extensive measurement optionsrelative angles.


Construction bubble level

Choosing the right tool for correct marking and accurate measurement during repair or construction work is possible only with a comprehensive consideration of operational parameters. You need to take into account both the technical characteristics of the device and the control capabilities with additional functionality. Moreover, each segment may have its own selection criteria. For example, what should be considered if you need a household building level? Which is better? Build quality and design reliability in this case come to the fore. Kapro models in this sense will be the best solution, although they are too overloaded with options for simple everyday tasks.

If the task is to select electronic laser levels, then auxiliary tools will also need to be taken into account. It is desirable to purchase models of this type for universal work, so you should not save on rotary devices, provided with the ability to perform complex calculations.

Multifunctional measuring equipment is also popular, which combines not just several operating modes or functions, but also different measurement principles. In one design, light-optical elements and spirit levels can be combined. This option will also justify itself as a universal measurement tool in the professional field, but it will also have a significant price tag.

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