Roy althermo - bimetallic heating radiators: characteristics

Roy althermo - bimetallic heating radiators: characteristics
Roy althermo - bimetallic heating radiators: characteristics

Roy althermo - radiators that are of European quality. They have been manufactured in Italian factories for half a century, the technology has been constantly improved during this period, and the parameters and characteristics have become better.

Today, these are almost ideal radiators in terms of design and efficiency. Research in this area does not stop, tireless work is underway to improve designs and materials. Such products appeared on the Russian market relatively recently, but during this period the owners of apartments and houses managed to appreciate the advantages of these products over those made of steel or aluminum, as well as cast iron. If you are also planning to change the heating batteries in the house, then it is worth considering in more detail the qualitative characteristics of these products.

Technological features

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Roy althermo - radiators that are made using a special technology, during which magnesium and manganese are added to aluminum, as well as a silumin alloy. This techniqueallows to obtain more plastic material. Another development of the company is the use of titanium as an additive. This component is able to increase reliability and durability. The result is a homogeneous composition with unchanged characteristics, which are not affected by temperature. High plasticity allowed to realize curved complex lines of radiators.

Technical characteristics of bimetallic models of Roy althermo radiators

roy althermo biliner

Roy althermo - radiators that are offered for sale in the form of bimetallic products, they may have different characteristics. For example, the BILINER 500 can operate at 30 bar, the crimp pressure is 45 bar. The heat transfer of one section is 171 W, which is true at a coolant temperature of 70 °C. The burst pressure is more than 200 bar, while the volume of water in one section is 0.205 l. 1 section weighs 1.9 kg.

Roy althermo - radiators that are compact. If you are interested in the above model, then it has the following dimensions: 574 x 80 x 87 mm. On sale you can also find the REVOLUTION BIMETALL 500 model, which can operate at the same pressure as the one mentioned above. The burst pressure remains the same, but one section will weigh slightly less, the mass is 1.8 kg. The volume of water in one section is unchanged, but the dimensions will be more compact and equal to 56 x 80 x 80 mm.

You may be interested in the REVOLUTION BIMETALL 350 model, the heat output of one section in this case is 116 W, as in the abovecase. The working and crimping pressure for all models remains at the same level, as well as the burst pressure. But the mass of one section will be even less and will be 1.4 kg. One section will hold 0.175 liters of water, the dimensions will be as follows: 415 x 80 x 80 mm.

Radiators "Royal" are presented for sale in a wide range. As another option, VITTORIA 500 can be distinguished, which is capable of providing heat transfer within 160 W, which is true for one section. The mass of one section is 1.75 kg, and the volume of water in it is 0.205 liters. The dimensions are slightly larger compared to the previous version and are equal to 560 x 80 x 80 mm.

If you are interested in Royal radiators, then you should consider the VITTORIA 350 model, the heat output of one section of which is 114 W. 1 section weighs 1.35 kg, and the volume of water is 0.175 liters. If you plan to purchase this equipment, then you should be interested in its overall dimensions, which correspond to the following parameters: 408 x 80 x 80 mm.

Additional characteristics of BiLiner 500 brand radiator

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Roy althermo BiLiner equipment has been described above, but if you plan to purchase it, you should familiarize yourself with its characteristics and features in more detail. The price will be 800 rubles per section. These devices were created in accordance with high requirements in terms of design and thermal performance. The development was carried out by specialists from the Italian industrial design studio. Participated in the workspecialists in the field of modeling and aerodynamics of aircraft. As for the heat engineering part, Russian specialists in the field of thermodynamics were involved in it.

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When you buy a Roy althermo BiLiner, you can be sure that computer simulations were carried out during the development, which made it possible to achieve the perfect balance of convection and radiant heating, which were distributed in a proportion of 50 to 50. Heat dissipation is also quite high, which is a unique characteristic for sections in such a compact size.

Good features of BiLiner 500

As a distinctive feature, we can distinguish the presence of a steel collector through which the coolant flows. Thus, water does not come into contact with aluminum, which means that the life of the device will be impressive.

Such devices are excellent for central heating systems, the operation of which is characterized by a super-aggressive coolant and high pressure. The room will warm up evenly thanks to ideal convection. The equipment has a sphere of high-end aerodynamic design, during the manufacturing process the surface is painted with a special protective compound in two stages.

Installation recommendations

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Roy althermo bimetal radiators must be installed according to certain rules to achieve perfect results. Thus, the device must be removed from the floor by 13 cm, while from the wall - by 5 cmmaximum. The minimum value is 3 cm.

The battery must be removed by 10 cm from the window sill. When carrying out installation work, it is necessary to use those fasteners that are supplied in the kit and are universal. It is important to use a mounting kit that fits 1/2" and ¾" pipe.


roy althermo bimetal radiators

The Roy althermo revolution radiator and many other devices of this company have been known to the Russian consumer for 15 years. During this period, the products became popular, and the company achieved some success. The firm emerged from a merger between Italian organizations and a popular British investment company. All radiators are manufactured using injection molding technology, which allows you to get one-piece sections of a wide variety of designs and designs.

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