Installation of gas columns: rules, approval, guarantees

Installation of gas columns: rules, approval, guarantees
Installation of gas columns: rules, approval, guarantees

Water heaters are distinguished by energy consumption. In everyday life, only gas water heaters and electric boilers are used. If the water heater is being replaced, a device with the same energy resource as the previous one is mounted. Installation of gas columns, as well as any devices with such a power source, requires the intervention of the relevant services. Operating costs are much cheaper as the use of electrical appliances is more expensive.

Installation of gas columns

Storage water heaters

Household geyser of accumulative type copes with water heating in the best way. Distinguish floor, flat and horizontal devices. Thanks to several available options, you can choose the installation that fits into the interior and dimensions of the room. In the process of designing a water heating system, it is necessary to take into account the methods of air inflow. Forced draft is created when the devices are connected to a pipe brought outside. Natural draft needs a continuous supply of air and connection to a common ventilation outlet.

Flowwater heaters

Installation of flow type gas columns is carried out in Russia most often. The average price of such units in the domestic market is 15-20 thousand rubles. Once with the operation of these devices there were minor difficulties. It was necessary to monitor the flame so that it did not die out, and to regulate the gas supply manually. Modern analogues are much easier to manage and pose less danger.

How to connect a gas stove

Installation rules

Each installation of such devices must be coordinated with the gas services. For the installation of open chamber speakers, there are technical conditions that must be observed. Installing the unit yourself will be very difficult if it was not there before. It will be necessary to link to the main gas and water mains. For this reason, the installation of flow-type water heaters is carried out in the kitchen. But at the same time, it cannot be installed above a gas stove. The main requirement for installation is the presence of special hoods. Previously, such speakers were installed in bathrooms.


You can always change an outdated instance for a new one. For the installation of instantaneous gas water heaters in apartments and private houses, it is necessary to observe the main points: connection to the water supply and gas pipeline, installation of the hood. If the column has already been installed, then all the above rules were observed earlier. It remains just to mount another new unit.

Geyser in the apartment

Disconnect from gas and water

To dismantle the obsolete unit, access to gas and water is blocked using valves. First, the gas hose nut is unscrewed with an adjustable wrench. Instead, a metal tube can be installed. After that, the hose is unscrewed from the column. If the hose is intact, you can use it again. At the same time, you should not save on buying a new one. Poor quality hose can cost a lot more. After access to water is blocked, the column can be disconnected from the water supply.

Dismantling the chimney

After the pipe connecting the unit to the chimney is removed, the water heater can be removed from the mount. Before installation, you need to make sure that the old mounts fit the new device.

Hang the unit

Installation of gas columns requires compliance with certain proportions. Indoors, the ceiling height should be more than 2 m. The vertical of the pipe in the chimney should not be less than 50 cm. When the ceiling height is 2.7 m, the pipe can be 25 cm larger.

Installation of a geyser in a private house


After the column has been fixed with hoses or PVC pipes, you can connect it to the plumbing system. Next, you need to check the unit for leakage. Tighten all nuts if necessary. The column is connected to the gas pipeline with a high-quality new or old hose. After crimping, the entire eyeliner must be treated with soapy water in order to detect bubbles and determine the reliability of the connection.

First installation of a geyser in a privatehome

If the installation has not been carried out before, additional more complex work will be required. In addition to the usual rules, it must be borne in mind that the wall on which the unit is planned to be hung must be made of non-combustible material. The minimum water pressure in the pipes is 0.1 atmospheres.

Exhaust hood

The rules for installing a geyser require the selection of a suitable place for the hood. If the room has a chimney or fireplace, you can use this ventilation space. Otherwise, a hole can be made in the cover and an asbestos pipe about 2 m long can be inserted. Installation is best done near an internal wall. If there is no discharge channel, a pipe for gas water heaters is used.

Installation of a geyser price

Fix the unit on the wall

The geyser in the apartment is installed directly under the pipe. The unit must be installed at a height inaccessible to children. At a suitable level, holes are drilled into which fasteners are inserted, and then the column is screwed to the wall. With the help of a flexible corrugation, the unit is connected to the chimney pipes. One end of the corrugation is attached to the previously prepared hole, and the other end is attached to the column.

Connecting a device

To connect to gas, a tee cuts into the pipe. This can be done using gas welding. If there is a threaded connection, the tee can simply be screwed in. Then you need to attach the gas screen. Now it is necessary to note the distance between the pipe and the column. By place of passagefasteners crash into the wall. With their help, the pipe will hold more securely. For these purposes, special clips with latches are used. The pipe is connected to the dispenser using a union nut and fitting.

Plumbing connection

Installation of gas water heaters provides for a similar insertion of a tee into a water pipe. In the same way, holes are drilled in the wall for fastenings. The Mayevsky crane can be installed and used when adjusting the water pressure. Magnesium and s alt filters are mounted next to the dispenser.

First run

You can carry out a test run after the installation of the geyser has been carried out. The price for heating with electricity is much higher, so boilers are used less often. The gas valve opens and fuel enters the dispenser. The joints of gas pipes must be checked with a solution of water and soap. The leak will need to be repaired if bubbles form anywhere.

Next, the water is started, the Mayevsky tap opens, and all the air is released from the pipe. After that, batteries are inserted into the column to power the display and electronic ignition. To check the operation of the system for the presence of hot water, you need to open the nearest tap. At first, the flow will be cold, then the heating will turn on and the pressure will be warm. At first, the water will have a not very pleasant smell of fuel oil. The column needs to work for a while so that the grease from the pipes is washed out.

Required tools and supplies

Installation and repair of columns is always carried out using fittings formetal-plastic, the water heater itself, a pipe cutter, a s alt filter, all the necessary taps, including the Mayevsky device, wrenches, drills, PVC water pipes, a special soldering iron for pipes, gas hoses, a magnetic filter, corrugations, self-tapping screws and dowels.

Household geyser

Who is allowed to work with gas equipment?

Independent intervention in the operation of the system is highly undesirable. Repairs to dispensers should always only be carried out by a licensed gas service employee. This is the only way to be sure of the normal operation of the entire system.

How to connect a gas stove?

You will need a special bellows hose for this. The eyeliner should not pass behind the oven in a hot place. The hose must also not be stretched, so that there is no possibility of damage. Sealing material is often used for threaded connections. To check the piping for gas leaks, you need to lubricate it with soapy foam.

The insulating joint is carefully wrapped around the threads, and then a rubber gasket is inserted into the hose. After that, you can screw the eyeliner to the gas pipeline. It is not necessary to tighten the thread strongly. The stove is placed in place of the old one, the legs are height-adjustable so that the hob is even.

Behind the appliances, you need to remove the wallpaper or put a metal sheet if the wall is wooden. This will prevent a possible fire while the oven is in operation. The gas hose is connected to the stove with a lining. After that, we check all connections with soap suds. Tolearn how to connect a gas stove, it is better to consult an experienced worker in the relevant service.

Proper use of LPG

If the gas stove is connected to liquefied gas, you need to make sure that special nozzles are provided on the burners. Natural gas fixtures have significantly larger bore diameters. Often, during installation, this feature is not taken into account, and the flame periodically goes out. Before purchasing hoses, it is necessary to take into account the features of the gas outlet device on the stove.

Device warranties

Reliability and quality of connection can only be ensured by employees of gas services. Independent installation of columns and plates is prohibited by law. Unqualified intervention in the operation of gas supply systems can cause an explosion, fire, or harm others.

Speaker repair


The technology of installing gas water heaters, in fact, is nothing complicated. When replacing equipment with a new part of the preparatory work, you can not perform. After dismantling the old unit, it is not necessary to re-measure the pressure in the pipes, as well as remove gas and water lines to the connection point. If the old eyeliner is preserved, it can be used when connecting new devices. Work with gas equipment can only be trusted by qualified specialists with the appropriate approval.

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