The intercom does not work: possible causes of the malfunction and ways to solve the problem

The intercom does not work: possible causes of the malfunction and ways to solve the problem
The intercom does not work: possible causes of the malfunction and ways to solve the problem

Today, almost all high-rise buildings have an intercom. This device makes life easier, allowing you to open the door at the entrance without leaving your apartment. To do this, special services install communications and control devices. For certain reasons, this technique may fail.

You can contact the service that provides the corresponding service. In some cases, you can try to fix the problem yourself. In this case, you will need to figure out why the intercom does not work. Knowing the cause, it will be possible to eliminate it.

Device Features

In office and apartment buildings, intercoms of various types are most often installed. Today, there are many systems that allow you to control access to the premises. More often, devices fail in apartment buildings. This is due to the large number of users who operate the system on a daily basis.

Intercom not working

To understand why the intercom does not work and how to solve the problem, you will need to study its device in detail. devicenecessarily has a subscriber device. It could be a handset or even a monitor. On the other end of the connection is the call panel. It has buttons for dialing the apartment number.

The signal from the panel is transmitted to the handset. At the same time, it also passes to the control unit common to the entrance, the lock button and the switch. The last device determines the code typed on the keypad. This allows you to send a signal to the desired subscriber. If the intercom user wants to open the door, he sends a response signal to the control unit. In turn, this device will unlock the magnetic lock that holds the door.


Different factors may explain why the intercom does not work. The causes of a malfunction can be observed in any node of the overall system. To correct the situation, it is necessary to understand the principle of operation of such devices. There are two main types.

The intercom does not work, the cause of the malfunction

The first category includes digital models. The products of Metacom, Marshal, as well as Proel, Raikman, Laskomex and others are in demand today. The second group includes coordinate intercoms. In our country, in this category, the devices "Visit", "Eltis", "Digital" are in demand.

The presented devices differ in the method of signal transmission and the device of the communication line. Digital intercoms have a two-wire line for signal transmission. The apartment number is determined using jumpers that are located on the tube. Coordinate systems connect the call block with the subscriber control device usingspecial switch. If there is no documentation for the device and it is impossible to determine which category of devices it belongs to, you need to disassemble the tube. The presence of jumpers indicates that the intercom belongs to the digital group.

Video intercom

There is another type of intercom. It is used in private homes or offices. This is a video intercom. It allows not only to hear, but also to see the visitor. There are several main reasons why this category of intercom does not work. Most often this is due to incorrect wiring.

The intercom in the apartment does not work where to contact

The presented system transmits a signal through 4 wires. They are responsible for the audio and video signal. There is also a power wire (transmits 12 V voltage) and a common cable. Each of them is marked with a certain color. If you connect a wire to an unintended socket, the signal cannot be processed by the system. In order not to confuse them, you need to carefully study the manufacturer's instructions.

In some cases, video intercom can work together with access control. In this case, 2 more wires are used for connection. These communications have no polarity. This simplifies their connection.

Typical faults

There are many factors why the intercom does not work. The reasons can be very different. If the design of the device is quite complex (as is the case in video intercoms), it quickly fails. Any element in the system can break.

Intercom handset not working

Quite oftenmalfunctions in the area of ​​the signal are determined. The line may be broken. If the wires are intact, communication between the boards may be broken. If the sound is too quiet, the contact loop may be gradually moving away. This is due to the vibration that the device experiences when opening and closing doors.

If only a certain function is not working, it will be more difficult to determine the cause. There can be many reasons for failure. The repair approach will be tailored to the specifics of the problem.

Who should I contact?

Many users of the presented equipment are interested in, if the intercom does not work, where to go. You can report a breakdown to an organization that provides communication services. However, there are other companies that specialize in the repair of intercoms. Their prices are approximately the same.

Intercom key not working

If the owner of the equipment has no time to deal with the cause and elimination of the breakdown, he can contact a special service. Calling a wizard and conducting equipment diagnostics are most often free.

Cost of repairs

If you need to adjust the closer, you need to pay for the service in the amount of 700 rubles. In the event of a breakdown of the tube, which is installed in the subscriber's apartment, it will be necessary to replace it. This service costs about 900 rubles. If you replace the system or its elements, the total cost of repairs can be about 1200 rubles. If necessary, replace the buttons, lock or other elements, the price will be about 1500 rubles. At the same time, verified companiesprovide an appropriate guarantee for the work performed.

Lock won't open

In some cases, equipment owners note that the intercom key does not work for them. This item may need to be replaced. However, you should also check whether the lock is magnetized. In some cases, even when the circuit is broken, a small charge remains on the surface. He won't let me open the door. In some cases, the user may think that it was the key that failed.

It's easy to check if there is another lock release device. Two or three keys cannot fail to work at the same time. In this case, you will need to turn off the power supply to the device. In this case, the lock will completely demagnetize and open.

To solve this problem, you will need to stick a small strip of tape on the metal plate of the door. This situation occurs due to incorrect operation of the system. Failure in this case can provoke a power supply, controller, lock. Finding the cause can be difficult without the help of specialists. Therefore, the tape technique is simple and effective.

Buttons not pressed

Sometimes it is very difficult to figure out why the intercom does not work. However, if the buttons are not pressed, the reason is most often obvious. Such a breakdown is usually found in digital varieties of intercoms. They are installed in apartment buildings. A large number of users may frequently press the buttons.

intercom not working cause

To read information from the front panel similarThe equipment uses the principle of intersecting light beams. This is quite a sensitive system. With pollution, high loads, it can fail. In this case, when pressing the apartment number, an error may occur. The screen will display the letter E or Err.

If the buttons still work intermittently, it will be necessary to carry out a quality cleaning of the surface of the front panel. Perhaps dirt, various debris led to a similar problem. If the buttons are not pressed at all, the processor may have failed. In this case, one cannot do without calling the wizard.

Can't answer call

In some cases, the intercom handset does not work. In this situation, a signal is transmitted from the central console to the corresponding apartment, but when the handset is picked up, the subscriber cannot answer the call. The signal continues to arrive at the device.

Why is the intercom not working?

The reason for this may be the deterioration of certain moving parts. When you remove the handset, the switch should operate. In this case, several types of systems can be used. In the first case, to stop the signal and connect the subscriber with the guest, a magnetic reed switch is installed in the handset. In the second, this function is performed by a microswitch.

If this problem occurs, you will need to replace the handset. Otherwise, the user can disassemble the equipment and remove the failed moving parts by soldering. In this case, you will need to install new parts in the appropriate places. This procedure is alsocarried out by soldering. It's easier to buy a new handset and replace the failed equipment yourself.

The button on the handset does not work

One reason why the intercom does not work in the apartment may be a malfunction of the button on the handset. In this case, the subscriber can receive the incoming signal, but cannot open the lock. There may be several reasons.

If the button periodically still opens the front door in the entrance, you may just need to clean the structure from dirt. The button may fall off over time. Plastic, the contacts of this device may wear out over time. This leads to problems with opening doors. The handset will need to be replaced.

However, the reason why the signal is not transmitted to the lock may be interruptions in the communication network. Also, a malfunctioning controller can lead to a similar situation. If neighbors have similar problems, you will have to call the master. He must check the main system and communication elements of the equipment.

Problems with audio transmission

If the intercom stopped working, you can fix the situation yourself. However, this is not always possible. If there is no sound on the handset or there is strong interference, the wire may be connected incorrectly. Terminals may be loose. This situation sometimes occurs if the subscriber pulls hard on the handset with the wire. Contacts may loosen, interference appears.

If there is no sound in the handset at all, the communications of the general network may be broken. In this case, it is recommended to contact a specialist. He can determinewith the help of special equipment, on which part of the circuit there are malfunctions.

Also, the reason for the lack of sound in the handset may be an incorrect setting of the regulator. You need to find the appropriate lever on the equipment. With it, you can increase the volume of the signal. If after these manipulations the sound does not appear, you will need to contact a specialist. He will diagnose and be able to advise the most correct solution to the problem.

No call sound on video intercom

Knowing the most likely reasons why the intercom does not work in the apartment, where to turn for help, you can quickly solve the problem. However, more complex repairs are required for video intercoms. This equipment also breaks down quite often, even if only a few people use it.

Often there is a situation when a call signal turns on on the screen, but there is no sound. The user can notice that they came to him only by video signal. In this case, you need to turn off the intercom from the network. After 5 minutes, you need to turn it on again. Some models of equipment after that begin to work correctly. In most cases, this error will not occur in the future.

If this does not help, you will need to call a specialist. He will diagnose. If necessary, a certain part will need to be replaced. You cannot fix this problem on your own. If the video signal is not received by the device, it may be necessary to carry out a complete replacement of the equipment.

Missing screen image

If the intercom does not work withscreen, there can be many reasons for this. If the video screen lights up when you press the call button, but there is no image itself, you need to check the position of the brightness indicator. If everything is fine with him, you need to check the peephole. In some cases, it gets dirty or is specially sealed.

If the screen does not even light up, but there is sound, a serious repair will be required. In this case, you will not be able to deal with the problem on your own. In some cases, you will need to purchase a new intercom.

Having considered the main reasons why the intercom does not work, you can try to fix the situation yourself. However, in most cases, it will not be possible to do without the help of specialists.

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