Spring clamp: features, characteristics and application of the device

Spring clamp: features, characteristics and application of the device
Spring clamp: features, characteristics and application of the device

Today it is already difficult to come up with something new in the construction industry. This applies to all stages of construction, including the manufacture of formwork. Like 20-40 years ago, screws and nuts are used to tighten the shields. This guarantees the strength of the connection, but has the unfortunate consequences of leaving unsightly holes in the concrete product after the formwork is removed. Moreover, their presence violates not only the aesthetics of products, but also their strength. These shortcomings can be eliminated by using a spring clamp for formwork. What is this device?

Features & Benefits

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Clamping devices are indispensable at those facilities where concrete monolithic structures are created. The larger they are, the more clamping elements, respectively, will be needed to hold the formwork in position. Wouldn't it be expensive and why should I use only a spring clamp? The advantages of this element are quite tangible and are as follows:

  1. No need to use PVC cones and tubes when installing, which is already economical.
  2. Quick installation - it takes a few seconds to fix.
  3. Low Cost - Clamps are half the price of nuts and bolts previously used for formwork.
  4. Versatility - can be used when installing any formwork on any objects.
  5. To use the spring clamp, you need a wrench (included) and a rebar, which is available at any construction site.


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One of the most important properties of clamping elements is the ability to withstand enormous loads. For this, different types of clamps are produced - ordinary (up to 2 tons) and reinforced (more than 2 tons). But this is not the limit, today reinforced types of clamping elements are produced that can withstand a load of up to 3 tons. But, despite such high rates, the spring clamp has a very simple design. The form of execution of the device is a clip-type lock. The element has a closing tongue and is placed on the platform.

For the manufacture of heavy-duty reeds, only hardened metal is used in production. Because of this, the teeth are particularly strong and can withstand any load. To prevent corrosion from appearing on the surface of the element, it is treated with a galvanized composition. The thickness of the platform is 0.4 cm. It is equipped with a very tight and very strong spring.

Using devices

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The installation process is as follows:

  1. Reinforcing bar is fasteningparallel shields.
  2. The ends of the rod are baited on the lock.
  3. The fastener is fixed with the key.
  4. Opposite lock connection self-latches.

As a result of all the manipulations, a very strong formwork for monolithic construction is obtained, with the removal of which there are no problems - you just need to lightly hit the tongue with a hammer. This operation relieves tension on the lock and it can be easily removed by hand.

To complete the installation process, it is necessary to cut off the excess protruding parts of the reinforcement, while the rest of it remains inside the concrete structure, so that its integrity is not violated. Thus, this technology turns out to be very simple, but very effective.

What is important, this type of fastener can be used not only in the manufacture of formwork. Spring clamps are indispensable in the construction of objects of varying complexity, where the formwork for monolithic construction must have special strength. This is:

  1. Walls.
  2. Tunnel shafts.
  3. Bridge structures.
  4. Columns and many other designs.

Most Popular Products

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Today, spring clamps are produced and used not only by Russian builders, but also by foreign ones. On the Russian market, you can see products of the following brands:

  1. PROM. The Turkish-made product is designed for loads of about 3 tons.
  2. Hold. Products of the Turkish brand are designed for loads of no more than 2 tons.
  3. ALDEM. The lock made in Turkey can withstand loads of more than 2 tons.
  4. "Chiroz" (frog). The products of the Russian manufacturer are designed for loads of about 2 tons.

But before releasing this type of product for sale, all manufacturers subject it to various tests. Only after that protocols and certificates are issued, without which the products cannot be sold. Thus, a spring clamp of any brand is of guaranteed high quality and approved by highly qualified specialists, so it can be used on any construction site.

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