Portable gas grill: review, specifications, reviews

Portable gas grill: review, specifications, reviews
Portable gas grill: review, specifications, reviews

Today it is hard to imagine outdoor recreation without mouth-watering grilled meat or fish. However, the prevailing opinion that barbecue is kebabs and steaks cooked exclusively on charcoal has not been true for a long time.

Modern portable gas grills are suitable for use on vacation with the family. These grills can work both outdoors and indoors. They are popular among dieters because they do not require the use of various oils, and the result is a tasty and he althy dish.

For meat and vegetables

Features of choice

Before purchasing a grill, you should familiarize yourself with its components and choose a device depending on the planned gastronomic preferences. The number of burners in a portable gas grill may vary depending on the model and its manufacturer; their average is two.

These gas appliances canhave additional features that simplify the cooking procedure:

  • special heating shelves;
  • heat-resistant windows to keep track of cooking progress;
  • plugins.

When choosing a grill, you should rely on the type of gas used, power and material. It is better to take the most powerful device, because you definitely will not experience a lack of temperature, but if there is a lack of heat, the dish may not be fried. It is worth considering the warranty period, the stability of the grill on the ground, dimensions and ease of transportation, since the average weight of the structure exceeds 100 kg.

Top Models

Benefits and Features

Grills of world famous companies CHAR BROIL, SABER, FIREMAGIC, DANCOOK, BEEFEATER are in the greatest demand among outdoor enthusiasts. Models of portable gas grills from these manufacturers have the following advantages:

  • Thermal self-cleaning ensures easy maintenance. To clean the grill after use, you need to turn on the burners for 5-8 minutes and the residue will burn out on its own, you just have to brush it off.
  • Easy to use - no more wasting time igniting coals and waiting for the right heat. By simply turning the throttle and pressing the fire button, the grill is ready to go in no time.
  • no open flames - TRU-Infrared grill technology prevents flare-ups and distributes heat evenly across the entire grill surface. Foodcooks evenly, doesn't burn, and retains juiciness 50% better.

The following is an overview of the most popular gas grill models with their features and reviews.

Porta Chef PRO

This portable grill from Broil King is compact and easy to take to any picnic. This model comes with a thermometer to monitor cooking. The total surface area for cooking is 2300 square meters. see This volume is quite enough for a small company, vacationing in nature or in the country.

High-quality stainless steel of powerful burners distributes heat consistently throughout the cooking chamber.

From Broil King

Grill features:

  • accurate thermal management system;
  • portability - this grill is always with you;
  • cast iron grates coated with ceramic;
  • Broil King's premium finish is made from black epoxy resin;
  • stainless steel burners;
  • thermometer to control the temperature inside the device.

For a comfortable stay

Uniflame portable gas grill will make your outdoor activities as pleasant and comfortable as possible. It can be used to cook meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, sausages, hot sandwiches, mushrooms. As fuel - bottled gas. Connection - through a complete gearbox.


  • chrome plated grilles are easy to clean from grease and other contaminants;
  • surface sizeheating: 45x30cm;
  • durable stainless steel case is resistant to mechanical stress, does not corrode and keeps heat well;
  • The thermometer located on the lid helps to control the temperature;
  • 2 stable legs hold the main platform with lid;
  • a piezoelectric element is provided for quick and easy ignition.

This Uniflame Portable Gas Grill is said by customers to allow excess fat to flow down thanks to the grilled surface of the heating panels, and the finished products form a delicious stripe pattern.

Namilux BBQ-138B Gas BBQ Grill

This model is designed for frying meat, vegetables, fish in the country, on a hike, on a picnic or just while relaxing. The Namilux Portable Gas Grill is easy to disassemble and easy to clean. Thanks to the stainless work surface, it can prolong the service life.

BBQ Grill

The unit operates from a high gas cylinder placed inside the stove. In addition, it is possible to connect a household gas cylinder through an additional fitting.

  • ignition lock;
  • piezoelectric element;
  • fuel consumption: 160g/h;
  • power: 2.3 kW.;
  • plastic case;
  • stainless steel grate;
  • grill grate (chrome plated);
  • 4 skewers.

Grill Master

For more than 13 years, this Russian company has been one of the leading manufacturers in our country for the manufacture of professional equipment. The lineupGrill Master's wide range of equipment includes equipment designed for use in catering establishments of any type: from small bistros to elite restaurants. All models are highly reliable and have a long service life.

Grill Master

The Grill Master F2U2G grill model is designed for uniform roasting and frying of chickens. The device is equipped with gas control, lighting in the chamber and infrared burners. The grill is made entirely of stainless steel.

Additional Features:

  • number of burners - 2 pieces;
  • cooking time - 45 min. – 1 hour;
  • number of skewers - 3 pieces;
  • gas connection;
  • gas consumption - 0.85 kg/hour.


Portable gas grill is a practical and convenient purchase for outdoor enthusiasts: it does not take up much space in the trunk of a car, it is compact and easy to use, easy to clean. In addition, such a grill does not require coal or other natural fuels to operate. These devices use bottled natural gas. These cylinders are usually disposable and non-refillable and must be disposed of after use.

Dishes cooked on a gas grill do not differ in taste from those cooked on an open fire. And one of the main advantages of a gas grill over open fire models is the ability to adjust the power of the fire.

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