Woodworking machines for the home: an overview of models

Woodworking machines for the home: an overview of models
Woodworking machines for the home: an overview of models

Woodworking machines are equipment that allows you to perform various operations with wood: sawing, milling, drilling, planing, etc. Such units are used both in home workshops and in production.

woodworking machines for home

Application and types

Woodworking machines for the home help create unique wood items. Natural furniture and finishes will make any interior cozy.

With the help of such equipment, the workflow is facilitated and accelerated. Among the woodworking machines there are format-cutting, end, circular, jigsaw, planing, thicknessing, grinding and turning types. They are used for sawing wood, painting, drying and veneer production. When choosing a tool, you need to pay attention to indicators such as performance, versatility and reliability.

For domestic needs, it is preferable to purchase a universal machine that will become true andreliable assistant in the personal workshop. Next, we offer an overview of woodworking machines that are ideal for a home craftsman's workshop.

lathe woodworking machine for home

Odwerk BDN 200

This combination woodworking machine for the home will fit perfectly in the garage or small carpentry workshop of a good owner. It is extremely useful for multifunctional woodworking despite its compact size.

The cutting height can be adjusted by changing the level of the table with the handle at the bottom of the unit. On the left is the area for planing. Its total grip is 150 mm. The process of removing layers on the workpiece is simplified due to the high engine speed, and the knives do not leave dents and chips. Another module is for drilling and chiselling. Thanks to the levers, it has good mobility and controllability.


The machine is designed for cutting beams and wood with a depth of 70 millimeters. Relevant for piece or small batch production of joinery.

  • power - 1100 W;
  • idling speed - 4100 rpm;
  • disc inner diameter 20.4mm;
  • drilling diameter (max.) - 13 mm;
  • disc diameter - 200 mm;
  • planing depth - 3 mm;

From Belarus

BELMASH SDMP-2200 – universal woodworking machine for the home belongs to the units of domestic individual use. Its purpose is to processa variety of wood: sawing, milling, jointing in order to give it the desired size and shape. Manual feed machine.

Its main feature is the ability to quickly reconfigure from one operation to another. It is only necessary to turn the machine over on the axles and fix it in a new position.

Main functions:

  • select quarter;
  • milling with disc cutters;
  • planing (planing) along edges or plates;
  • cutting both along and across the fibers;
  • planing (planing) at an angle;
  • cutting with a ruler along the fibers at an angle;
  • cutting with a cross-grain jig at an angle;


  • cutting depth range: 0-88 mm;
  • speed (nominal) at idle cutterbar: 16000 min.;
  • saw blade diameter: 250mm;
  • disc cutter diameter: 125mm;
  • maximum planing width: 230mm;
  • idling speed (nominal) of disc cutter and saw blade: 12850 min.

For crazy hands

The Stark CWM-3050 multifunctional woodworking machine for the home easily performs sawing wood along and across the fibers, planing along the plane and at an angle with a clamp, milling with end mills. This German machine is equipped with outlet pipes for chip removal and an overheat shutdown device for the asynchronous motor.

With helpStark CWM 3050 can carry out the following operations:

  • cut workpieces at an angle of 0-45 degrees, up to 85 mm deep;
  • perform planing of parts with a depth of 0–3.5 mm, a width of up to 305 mm, at an inclination of 0, 15, 30 and 45 degrees;
  • use the built-in 16mm three-jaw chuck to carry out milling and drilling work.
Stark CWM-3050

Stark CWM-3050 home woodworking machine features:

  • weight - 86 kg;
  • electric motor - asynchronous;
  • disc diameter - 250 mm;
  • range of planing and sawing angles 0-45 degrees;
  • knife length - 250 mm;
  • adjustable cutting depth (max.) - 85 mm;
  • width per pass (max.) - 250mm;
  • power consumption is 3000W.

Reliable and functional

The Maschinen MLC 315 combination machine is a multi-purpose multi-purpose woodworking machine with thicknesser for the home, combining a number of functions:

  • circular saw;
  • board (beam) calibration;
  • milling;
  • cutting device for board material;
  • planing and planing blanks.

The unit is made on the basis of a massive frame, which consists of a pair of blocks. It is characterized by reliability, high structural rigidity, long service life and processing accuracy. It is intended for operation in the conditions of piece and small-scale production.

universalwoodworking machine with thickness gauge for home


  • number of knives - 3 pieces;
  • engine power - 3 kW;
  • cutting shaft diameter 75mm;
  • feed roller diameter 32mm;
  • maximum planing length 180mm;
  • maximum planing depth - 2.5 mm;
  • scoring disc speed 8500 rpm.

Utool UTP-12

This woodworking thicknesser for the home is made in compliance with all the requirements and norms of safety regulations. As a drive in the unit, an electric motor with a power of 1500 watts is used, which rotates the planing shaft at a speed of 9000 rpm. Due to the fact that it is powered by a 220-volt household electrical network, it can be used in a home workshop.

multifunctional woodworking machines for home

When the billet feed rate is 7m per minute and its width is not more than 318mm, the thickness can vary from 6mm to 153mm. This planer, with a weight of 32 kg and dimensions of only 615x355x465 mm, is very ergonomic.

  • power: 1500W;
  • auto feed speed: 7 m/min;
  • max. planing width: 318 mm;
  • max. planing depth: 2.5mm;
  • shaft speed: 9000 rpm;
  • cutterhead diameter: 48 mm.


Lathes play an invaluable role in the production of wood products. They are designed to perform many different operations such as drilling, turning,grinding, thread cutting, etc.

The woodworking lathe for home Energomash TT-10450 is equipped with an asynchronous motor that increases the life of the machine. It does not need regular maintenance, and the belt drive protects it from overload. The machine can be operated at ambient temperature from +1 to +35 degrees. Four tool speeds are adjustable from 810 to 2480 rpm.

The unit is designed for processing blanks and parts made of wood by cutting.


  • machine dimensions - 1490x230x370 mm;
  • weight - 29 kg;
  • maximum workpiece length - 1000 mm;
  • motor power - 0.45 kW;
  • rotation diameter - 350 mm.


Highly sought-after American brand JET offers a jigsaw woodworking machine for the home, with which you can make quite complex elements and parts. This amateur machine is designed for daily use and can work up to eight hours a day. The manufacturer guarantees high performance and a long working life.

Maximum allowable workpiece width is 406mm. It is fed, guided and supported by the operator. The unit has a universal web mount.

Jigsaw machine


  1. There is a working lever near the working area that allows you to quickly change the blade.
  2. Durable casting of the bed is reliably protected from mechanical damage.
  3. To work withfor large workpieces, additional support and table are used.
  4. For cutting workpieces at an angle, it is possible to adjust the inclination of the saw table.
  5. The unit's electronic system precisely selects the operating speed.


  • max. workpiece thickness - 50 mm;
  • max. width - 406 mm;
  • web feed speed - 400-1600 rpm;
  • power - 120W;
  • web length - 127 mm;
  • stepped number of speeds;
  • exhaust outlet diameter 35mm;
  • weight - 13.5 kg.

German quality

Another model of Maschinen's MLQ300KV home woodworking machine for home is a multifunctional equipment that allows for the complex processing of wooden blanks from wood to obtain parts of a given size and shape.

Most often this model can be found in the carpentry workshops of home craftsmen and small industries that manufacture furniture. This type of equipment is very popular due to its reliability and versatility.


  • reinforced rigid cast iron frame design;
  • powerful electric motor;
  • function of "self-sharpening" of circular saws, milling cutters and jointer blades;
  • reliable in operation;
  • depth - 4 mm;
  • maximum planing width 300mm;
  • knives - 3 pieces;
  • weight - 220 kg.

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