Is it worth installing PVC windows in a wooden house?

Is it worth installing PVC windows in a wooden house?
Is it worth installing PVC windows in a wooden house?

Houses made of wood have their own advantages, so in the process of their construction, you need to pay attention to certain nuances of construction. Many believe that in such buildings it blows from the joints and corners. Innovations in construction once again confirm the fact that only improperly built houses are blown through. It is necessary to adhere to all the rules in the process of erecting a structure from this material. Most attention should be paid to the choice of windows for a house made of wood. The owners of such housing are well aware of how important they are in the winter. In the case when the house is permanently occupied, the windows should protect as much as possible from bad weather and be no less warm than in city apartments. Moreover, wooden walls will not last a long time under the influence of dampness and temperature changes.

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That is why in modern suburban construction they prefer to install PVC windows in a wooden house. Such a solution is obvious, since it has its merits. The rooms will always be quiet, warm and cozy. PVC windows in a wooden house can protect against dampness and regular drafts, thanks to which the ownersand guests can stay in a similar building in all weather conditions. Installation of aluminum profiles in wood construction is inappropriate, because the characteristics of the two materials are far from each other. This takes into account not only thermophysical features, but also aesthetic ones. There are only two options left: install PVC windows in a wooden house or analogues made from natural materials. Any design must first of all have good heat and sound insulation. The tree perfectly protects from the cold, but the PVC characteristic in terms of thermal conductivity is almost twice as high. This is the main advantage of this profile over the first material.

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In order to properly install PVC windows, you must adhere to a special technology that has a number of features. Before mounting the profile, it is required to create an additional wooden box in which it will be arranged. This will help the structure withstand the load of wood. In addition, special bearing pads made of timber should be placed under the lower corners of the box. The frame will rest on them.

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PVC windows in a wooden house have the same installation technology as profiles in panel and frame structures. Many people wonder how environmentally friendly they are. The answer to it was found back in 1997. Research by the Australian Independent Institute has proven that PVC is an environmentally friendly modern building material. In the manufacture of windows made of wood, glued laminated timber is used,which undergoes chemical treatment during the production process. They protect the natural material from insects and decay, and also provide fire safety and moisture resistance. If a wooden structure is made using antiseptics and poor quality impregnations, then it will be dangerous for the human body. This once again confirms that the plastic product has significant advantages over other materials, in addition, the replacement of PVC windows in this case will be much easier and there will be no need for it for a long time.

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