DIY tricycle. Manufacturing specifics

DIY tricycle. Manufacturing specifics
DIY tricycle. Manufacturing specifics

Vehicles with three wheels and motorcycle engines are called trikes. Their wide industrial production has not been established, and the products of small companies are expensive. You can make a tricycle with your own hands from ready-made parts and assemblies used in cars and motorcycles. This process takes a rather long period of time, which means that an equipped room will be required.

DIY tricycle

A natural question arises, how to make a tricycle with your own hands from available materials and factory-made parts? First you need to understand the device of this vehicle. The classic layout scheme involves the installation of one wheel in front and two in the back. Mostly in the front part of the reinforced motorcycle body is used.

Making a tricycle frame

The supporting structure must be designed for the increased load. Used for framethick-walled pipe with a diameter of at least 20 mm. The connection is made by electric welding, the joints are reinforced with sheet steel scarves. Before starting work, a large-scale mock-up of the frame should be made. The flat image has little in common with the real design, realized in metal.

how to make a tricycle with your own hands

A do-it-yourself tricycle is assembled on a frame, which consists of two parts: the front from a heavy motorcycle and the back - homemade. The design must provide places for installing the engine, rear suspension with a gearbox, and an increased capacity fuel tank. In addition, nodes are welded to the frame to mount shock absorbers, full-size seats and vehicle controls.

Preparation and installation of the engine and transmission

Of the domestic brands of heavy motorcycles, the best tricycle is from the Urals, it is made by hand with the engine placed in the front. Such a scheme has a number of advantages and it differs primarily in simplicity and reliability. Brackets are welded at the installation site of the power unit. Trikes use air-cooled engines, one of the best options is the ZAZ-968 engine.

The power unit is mounted on a tricycle with your own hands in such a way that the incoming air flow blew the engine well. It is recommended to install the cardan shaft with additional dampers, placing cardan joints or CV joints as close as possible to the gearbox. Mounting points for rotating parts must be protected fromrandom access.

Assembling and adjusting the product

Tricycles belong to the category of vehicles that are created for special trips. Their appearance should be presentable and elegant; an abundance of chrome parts is allowed in the exterior. The standard fuel tank has insufficient capacity and is often used as a mounting location for the instrument panel. The capacity for gasoline is installed in the engine compartment.

do-it-yourself tricycle from the Urals

A large number of various equipment is installed on a tricycle with your own hands. Music centers with powerful acoustics, fog lights and other devices need power. A powerful generator is installed to provide power.

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