Alfray painting: technique and technology of alfreyn works, specifics of alfreine painting of the ceiling and walls, finishing work after painting

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Alfray painting: technique and technology of alfreyn works, specifics of alfreine painting of the ceiling and walls, finishing work after painting
Alfray painting: technique and technology of alfreyn works, specifics of alfreine painting of the ceiling and walls, finishing work after painting

Every person has an inherent need to make their home beautiful, original and different from others. In our time, you will not surprise anyone with a good repair and high-quality finishes. This alone was no longer enough, and people are looking for something unusual and unique. It is to achieve this desire that alfrey painting is best suited. It can be a great finishing touch to your interior design.

Alfrey painting

What is this painting

Alfrain painting is the painting of ceilings, walls, three-dimensional images or stucco elements, which imitates the structure and color of a valuable stone, various materials (silk, gypsum stucco, wood, marble, etc.). Such a painting is performed on dry plaster, which differs from fresco, which is applied to a damp base.

To perform the painting are usedtempera and oil paints, mother-of-pearl, acrylic, Venetian plaster. With this technique, you can create both a luxurious and sophisticated pattern, as well as a concise and simple surface design.

Alfrais painting of the walls and ceiling surface allows you to visually increase or expand the volume of the room, make the ceiling visually higher, emphasize the style, recreate the atmosphere of countries and cultures.

The main techniques of alfreine painting are:

  • airbrushing;
  • stencil drawing;
  • spray;
  • knurling with embossed rollers;
  • trimming;
  • stretching panels.
Alfred ceiling painting

Types of painting

This type of painting includes two types of work:

  • ornamental and decorative painting;
  • Alfrain painting works.

The first type includes the following types of painting:

  1. Monochrome - for painting this type, a single-color palette is used (one color and many of its shades). Using this technique, masters create not only simple ornaments, but also multi-level landscapes and scenes.
  2. Polychrome - a palette of all colors is used for painting, even gold. The plots are rich and bright, figurines, flowers, various ornaments, elements of heraldry are used as patterns.
  3. Grisaille - alfreyan painting (photo can be seen below), imitating a variety of architectural elements, plaster moldings. Traditionally, paints and shades of gray and umber are used for such work.
Alfrey wall painting

Alfray works: stages

Alfrain-painting work is the finishing of premises with the help of a decorative coating or applying textured plaster. It differs from painting in that the work is not done by an artist, but by a decorative coating master.

To decorate various surfaces, painting is often combined with gilding or silvering, using water-based adhesives or a varnish base.

If a person has at least minimal artistic skills, he can do a simple alpine painting on his own.

Each specialist in alfrey painting has his own techniques, practices and secrets.

The following stages of drawing creation are mainly distinguished:

  • determining the style and corresponding color palette;
  • drawing sketch drawing;
  • cleaning and priming the surface to be decorated;
  • painting;
  • lacquering the image if necessary.
Alfrey painting: photo

Features and specifics of painting

The technique and technology of alfraine works, which imitate stucco, involves a careful drawing of the picture with the application of lighting nuances to it - shadows, halftones, highlights, radiance. Accordingly, it is required to select the desired colors from the palette. If the painting is simple, then three shades are used - light, dark and medium color. The last tone is obtained by mixing light and dark.

Painting can be done by hand, or you can use a stencil.High-quality stencils are developed in special graphic editors on a computer, and then cut out on a plotter from self-adhesive film in full size.

You can use a projector to project a design onto a surface, then outline and paint.

Handmade painting looks more interesting, but such work requires experience and more time. Also, drawing an ornament with your hands is more appropriate to simulate volume in a drawing.

Execution technique

Alfrais ceiling painting in grisaille technique is applied with matte paints dissolved in tempera, acrylic, oil.

Alfrey works

The main steps are as follows:

  1. With the help of a projector, a stencil or manually, the outline of the pattern is applied to the surface.
  2. When preparing a color scheme, the base color is first determined, which should be the most saturated tone. They draw dark parts of the ornament and shadows.
  3. Then part of the base color (about thirty percent) is mixed with white in a one-to-one ratio - this is how a tone of medium saturation is obtained. They paint over the corresponding places, which are the transition from dark to light.
  4. After that, the middle tone is again mixed with white in the same proportion to get a light shade. They draw the appropriate areas. You can mix different tones - thus, specialists get up to nine shades.
  5. In complex drawings, shadows are applied in three stages - light falling, dark,own (they display the shape of the subject).
  6. Glare and luminous elements are painted over in white. These are the places where sunlight hits at right angles.
  7. At the last step, deep depressions are applied with the darkest color.

The painting technique also involves drawing convex places in a light tone, and depressions in a dark one. When applying a shadow, the direction of the light rays should be taken into account.

The ornament is made on a leveled surface, on which a primer is applied. After alfrey work, the drawing, if necessary, can be covered with wax or matte varnish.

Straight lines and contours of geometric shapes are first drawn with a pencil, then the edges of the outlined lines are pasted over with masking tape. Next, the surface is painted over with a roller, and after drying, the adhesive tape is removed.


Alfrain painting is a great way to transform an ordinary room into a bright and extraordinary space.

Alfrain painting has the following advantages over other types of finishes:

  • you can visually expand the space, make the ceiling higher, accentuate interior features;
  • there is a huge variety of patterns, ornaments and designs that can decorate not only a luxurious, but also a simple room;
  • using grisaille, you can imitate stucco molding in the corresponding interior, as well as various architectural elements;
  • painting is done with high-quality paints, characterized by long service life and durability, ease of care for the coating;
  • varietymaterials used in painting allows you to realize the most interesting ideas.
Technique and technology of alfrey works

Tips for choosing an ornament

To make alfrey painting look elegant and elegant, it is necessary to choose the right pattern and technique in accordance with the room and style.

There are some useful rules:

  1. Before choosing a pattern, you should think about how organically it will fit into the interior. Such a painting is ideal for classical style, baroque, rococo interior or Venetian style. Painting will give the interior sophistication, tenderness, elegance and luxury.
  2. When choosing the type of drawing, you need to focus on the overall design of the room. It is important that the painting has something in common with several elements of the interior. It can be a pattern of a carpet, sofa cushions or textiles, a parquet ornament or plaster molding.
  3. For the correct selection of painting techniques, it is better to consult with the masters.
Primer after alfrey work

Tools used

For alfrey work masters of painting use various technologies. Depending on the type of drawing and type of painting, the master selects the necessary tools and materials.

For this type of painting you will need:

  • oil or acrylic paints;
  • sketch or stencil drawing;
  • colorful textured plaster;
  • gold plated and mother-of-pearl dye;
  • rollers and brushes of various sizes made of naturalfur;
  • primer liquid or powder;
  • spatula, adhesive tape, ruler;
  • varnish for finishing painting.

Depending on the complexity of the painting, the master may need other tools.

Alfrain painting is suitable for all types of rooms, it is undesirable only to use it in wet rooms. Under such conditions, the paint will fade over time and the drawing will lose its attractiveness.

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