Joint box UK 2p for connecting wires

Joint box UK 2p for connecting wires
Joint box UK 2p for connecting wires

There are a large number of distribution nodes, among which the UK-2P junction box occupies one of the first places in installation work. For connecting wires and easy access to them, boxes are produced in open and closed types. By purpose, junction boxes are made for electrical wiring or for other connections that use wire or cable.

Joint box UK-2P

Knot for distributing and connecting broadcasting wires is a round structure, which contains two pairs of contacts for connecting wires from the radio network to the listening device. This UK-2P junction box is assembled on a plastic base with a metal cover, which is bolted to the base. The base with contacts is screwed to the wall with a screw. On the base there are two pairs of contacts without a jumper.

switching box uk2p

The switching box UK-2P hasseveral variations: box UK-2L with two jumpers and UK-2R with two resistors. These nodes are designed to connect and branch radio wires from the network to the subscriber. Resistors serve to limit the increase in current in the home network, which prevents the network from current surges in emergency situations. The terminal blocks of these junction boxes are placed at different heights, making it easy to access for connecting wires.

Box UK-2P switching for 4x2 wires

Distribution node for connecting and distributing wires. It is used to install security and fire alarm systems for video surveillance and installation of other wired networks of low current and voltage.

Junction box UK 2p

The junction box for 4x2 wires UK-2P consists of a polyethylene base on which 4 fixed metal contacts and 8 movable rectangular ones are placed. Leading loops of wires enter fixed contacts and are clamped by movable ones. After installation, the base with wires is closed with a cover.

These distribution units are designed for small voltages up to 36 Volts and currents up to 0.5 Amp.

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