Waste heat boiler: purpose and types

Waste heat boiler: purpose and types
Waste heat boiler: purpose and types

The waste heat boiler is intended for use in the production of heat, which is extracted from the gases obtained by the operation of various industrial units and internal combustion engines. Such devices are not connected to any furnace and receive the temperature exclusively from the exhaust gas. Some waste heat boilers act as process gas coolers in the production of sulfuric acid.

waste heat boiler

Usually steam recovery boiler is used in the metallurgical industry. In it, the temperature of gases reaches +400 °С, and when working with steel-smelting furnaces - +1500 °С. If the productivity of the enterprise is not so high, then equipment with forced circulation will be quite effective. Due to its design, the waste heat steam boiler is practically safe for the environment, as it emits a minimum of pollutants into the atmosphere. In addition, it is economical, because the cost of gas cleaning is incredibly low, and it uses fuel efficiently.

Steam waste heat boiler is usually installed on diesel and gaspower plants, microturbines, diesel boilers, etc. In the oil industry, carbon monoxide from engines is burned to generate power. The resulting water turns into steam and is released outside. This method of gas processing is also used in metallurgical production. Steam is sometimes used in technological needs at those enterprises where it is necessary. There is also a reduction in the cost of hot water (by obtaining it from a steam boiler). Waste residues are discharged through the chimney.

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The design of waste heat boilers is different. In addition to the above model, forced circulation, there is a model with natural circulation. There is also a mechanism with a drum and without it. Some firms develop models to order, taking into account the specifics of the installation site (for example, indoors or outdoors).

Depending on the purpose, heat exchangers are water-heating and steam, having an afterburner, with one, two or three pressure levels, requiring horizontal or vertical installation, and many others. There are many types of utilizers that differ in converters (for ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy) or in the resources used (coke, glass, sponge iron, steel and other materials).

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It is worth noting the modular steam waste heat boiler, which integrates into the flue gas installation more easily than others, and does not require large expenses. It functions reliably withfrequent load fluctuations and also transfers heat very well.

Before installation, it is necessary to find out how much power a particular waste heat boiler consumes. The usual power of the equipment is from 120 kW to 1700 kW. To do this, it is advisable to contact the specialists of the company installing the boilers so that they can tell in advance which model is better to purchase. Ladders and platforms are provided for servicing the utilizers.

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