Window restoration: tool, material and technology

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Window restoration: tool, material and technology
Window restoration: tool, material and technology

Plastic is convenient and practical, but not everyone likes it. In addition, in old houses, standard plastic windows often look ridiculous. Do not forget about summer cottages, where it is difficult and expensive to deliver and install double-glazed windows, especially if you inherited an adobe house, where they are not placed by definition. So the restoration of windows has not sunk into oblivion, although you will rarely meet an order for it: the restoration of frames is sometimes more expensive than a brand new double-glazed window, which is not the cheapest. But if there is time and hands grow from where it is necessary, then you can do the restoration yourself at your leisure.

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Feasibility assessment

Before your restoration of old windows begins, take a sober approach to the question of its rationality and possibility. It will take not only a visual inspection, but also tapping the entire perimeter. The idea of ​​restoration will have to be abandoned in case of:

  1. Strongskew frames.
  2. Massive wood decay.
  3. Multiple drying out on the sashes and opening frame.

If entire pieces of a window-most often the bottom pieces and corners-need to be replaced, it is only available to a fairly experienced carpenter. Having decided on such actions, order the necessary parts in advance according to the exact dimensions.

Usually, the restoration of windows is not difficult if they are made of hardwoods that have been boiled in drying oil. Such windows are found exclusively in old buildings. In high-rise buildings of Soviet times, the wood used was of low quality, but the age of the windows is much younger, so you cannot do without a thorough examination.

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What you need

If you decide that the restoration of the window with your own hands is quite within your power, prepare everything you need:

  1. Industrial hair dryer.
  2. Hard metal spatula and rubber.
  3. Fine-toothed hacksaw.
  4. Drill or screwdriver.
  5. Measuring tools.
  6. Drills.
  7. Carpentry clamps.
  8. Wood glue (necessarily waterproof).
  9. Antiseptic, primers, putty, paint and tools for applying them.
  10. Hammer.
  11. Sanding machine or skins of different grain sizes.
  12. Beads, self-tapping screws, dowels, galvanized carnations.

Perhaps you will need a grinder. And don't forget about personal protection: gloves, goggles and a respirator will be essential at certain stages of your labors.

window restoration technology

Preparatory work

Window restoration starts with dismantling. And its first stage is the removal of glasses. If they are fixed with glazing beads, they are pryed off by any thin and strong tool and pulled out together with nail fasteners. If the glass is held on by putty, it is removed with a chisel, and the carnations are pulled out with pliers. After removing the glass, the rest of the structure is also disassembled. Including fittings.

DIY window restoration

Removing old paint

Windows restoration technology at the next step requires the dismantling of the old coating. Often the frames are covered with several layers of paint, which are quite difficult to remove. You can do this manually using scrapers, a metal brush or grinder nozzles. Labor-intensive, and the coating is not completely removed.

Another option is chemicals. They are applied to the frame until the layer softens, the sagging paint is scraped off with a spatula. The drugs are poisonous, it takes a lot of time to use them, and there is no need to wait for high-quality results.

The least work is required for thermal dismantling - spitting out old paint with a building dryer. Under a stream of hot air, it bubbles and is immediately removed with a spatula.

After removing the old coating, all elements are sanded. Coarse sandpaper is used first, then finer. It is not necessary to bring the surfaces to perfect smoothness: this is only an intermediate stage.

The most important step: puttying

Window restoration will give a good resultonly if the frames are perfectly puttied. In the presence of damp or fungus-affected areas, the frames are impregnated with antiseptics before puttying and left to dry completely.

Wood composition is used for window processing. Its color does not matter, but professionals recommend taking white putty. Before its application, the frames are primed. The mixture is applied with a rubber spatula, after filling in the defects and recesses, the excess is immediately removed, since the dry putty is difficult to remove.

If significant pits are found, they are passed up to three times until the plane becomes flat. The finished frame is dried for a day, after which it is polished with fine sandpaper and primed again.

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Returning aesthetics

Most often the frames are painted. Of course, the structure of wood looks more elegant, but paints are more resistant to external influences than varnishes. Yes, and sealed defects are masked with paint better. If your frames have not suffered much damage from years of service, and you intend to varnish them, look for the compositions that cover yachts: they are as resistant to weathering as possible.

In more traditional cases, when buying paints, pay attention to their purpose: the paints must be intended for outdoor use. The purchased paint is diluted in strict accordance with the instructions: too thick will lie unevenly, with the formation of streaks and stripes from the brush, and too liquid will drain. In wide places, the paint is rolled out with a roller; corners and curly elementspainted over with a brush. The paint is applied twice; Allow it to dry completely in between.

Thermal insulation of old windows

And the last thing that the restoration of windows requires is their insulation. According to Swedish technology, it is carried out quickly and reliably. The works are as follows:

  1. On the removed sash, a groove is cut along the entire perimeter by a grinder, located at an inclination of 45 degrees to the flashing.
  2. Shavings and sawdust are thoroughly cleaned from the recess.
  3. A seal is placed in the groove. It cannot be fixed with glue or staples. A special roller is used for pressing.

After the end of thermal insulation work, the frames are hung on the box, glass is inserted into them. From the outside, they are worked out with a sealant, the fittings are returned to their place - and you have practically new “eyes of the house” for a completely budget price. Unless, of course, all the work was done independently.

restoration of plastic windows

Restoration of plastic windows

Finally, I would like to say a few words about modern double-glazed windows. They are a much more complex engineering system, and the restoration of "plastic" requires technical knowledge. You can adjust sashes, lubricate clogged hinges, and do some other minor maintenance work. But if the breakdown is serious, it is better to turn to professionals: the restoration of plastic windows (Moscow) is offered by almost all companies involved in their installation. And it costs much less than the "revival from the ashes" of wooden frames.

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