Larch house: advantages and disadvantages

Larch house: advantages and disadvantages
Larch house: advantages and disadvantages

In construction, larch is considered one of the most successful materials for building houses. It belongs to practical tree species, as it is durable, resistant to weather changes, and also attractive in appearance. The construction of larch houses allows you to get environmentally friendly housing. But do buildings made of this material really have a great advantage, are there any disadvantages in it, and what do people who have de alt with this tree say?

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First, it is worth considering what advantages larch houses have (photos of such buildings are in the article). The invariable properties of this wood include:

  • durability;
  • strength;
  • sustainable;
  • resistance to temperature fluctuations;
  • external attractiveness;
  • fire resistance.

The larch house has good decay resistance. This conifer is indeed the most durable of all. She won't dry out.Also, this wood does not need to be impregnated with chemicals.

There is a combustible substance in the structure of the material, but, despite this, larch has a natural resistance to combustion. So, in comparison with other wood, this one does not flare up like a match. However, since wood is to be de alt with, it needs to be treated with fire retardants.

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An additional plus is the microclimate that is created indoors thanks to the antioxidants contained in wood. Such an atmosphere allows you to quickly relieve fatigue after an emotionally difficult day. In addition, this coniferous species acts preventively and prevents the development of asthma and hypertension.

Resins in wood

A special point is the presence of resins in larch. Their number is so great that it is impossible to compare with another tree. This suggests that a larch house will have good biological stability. The facts show that the log cabin of this needle is the most resistant to micro-organisms and insects of all the others.

Another advantage of resins is that they make the frame stronger. So, over the years, wood gains its strength, as resins polymerize. Larch becomes so hard that it is not afraid of rotting and other external influences.

Aesthetic side

Lots of people love its nice light honey shade. On the cut, a pronounced belonging to the sound breed is visible. This is noticeable in rose-amber and brown-redshades.

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Also, larch has an unobtrusive, but rich aroma of needles. This influenced the fact that most owners decided not to carry out any decoration inside the rooms. This is how a larch house acquires a good microclimate, and residents, returning after a hard day, immediately feel the healing aromatherapy.


It is worth noting that there are no building materials in which there are no cons at all. In addition, the advantages of larch to some extent became its disadvantages.

The process of wood processing is very difficult, because larch is rich in resins. Therefore, when working with it, saws quickly become dull, and more expensive tools are required to work with this material.

Heavy structure is also reflected in the difficulties of its transportation. The main place where larch comes from is Siberia. The main means of crossing is the river. But often the weight of the tree pulls the load to the bottom. To deliver the material by land transport, you need to spend a lot of money. Therefore, softwood has a high cost. If the fate is a difficult processing process, then a larch house, in principle, cannot be cheap.

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Another disadvantage is the uneven drying of wood. A competent approach is needed here: pack the ends in time with varnish, clay or oil paint. If this is not done, the material will begin to "lead".

Over the years, the larch house is gaining strength andstrength, becoming like a stone. This is what complicates the repair, since it seems impossible to drive even a nail.

Lumber obtained from larch can warp, which causes cracking, especially if the board is wide. This phenomenon can be significantly reduced with radial sawing.

Larch houses: owner reviews

Undoubtedly, someone sees only one plus in the construction of this durable and fragrant wood. But before proceeding with the construction of such a dwelling, it is worth considering the opinions of those who live in such a house.

larch houses reviews

Some say that in many regions of the country such construction is not suitable because of the material, because it is cold. Indeed, when compared with pine, the thermal conductivity of larch is about 30% higher. But this does not mean that the finished structure will be as cold. Much will depend on the construction technology. By the way, this factor also affects how long the house will last.

To be or not to be

Is it worth building a larch house? The pros and cons allow you to objectively evaluate this wood and decide whether it is necessary to make the base of the building from this material. After evaluating all the elements that will be made of larch (lower rims, base, boxes for windows and doors, floors), many realize how expensive this event is and decide to make a dwelling from a more suitable material. But if the customer decides that he can afford such a luxury, he will receive a strong and fragrant building for many years and pass it oninheritance to his grandchildren.

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