Infrared illuminator: specifications and reviews of the best models

Infrared illuminator: specifications and reviews of the best models
Infrared illuminator: specifications and reviews of the best models

At the design stage and devices of video surveillance systems, attention is paid to ensuring video filming in low light conditions. To implement night video shooting, different devices are used, among them an infrared spotlight. The most popular infrared LEDs used to create backlight for video cameras, they provide a wavelength ranging from 790 to 950 nm.

Today you can find different parts of the infrared spectrum that help solve certain problems. For example, infrared projectors use devices with a wavelength in the range of 790-830 nm. For high-quality covert video recording at medium and short distances, use the 930-950 nm parameter. The most popular length range, which is used in night cameras, is the limit of 850-900 nm. It has a sufficient detection range, and the radiation is almost imperceptible.

The main characteristics of infraredspotlights

An infrared illuminator should be selected according to its main features, including:

  • illumination angle;
  • radiated wavelength;
  • effective range;
  • power consumption.

If we are talking about the sector of illumination, then you should consider the parameters of the angle of coverage, which depend on the lens of the device. The range also depends on the angle. At a smaller angle, the flow range will be greater, this also applies to detection. As a rule, external devices have a focused beam in the central sector. This intensity is reduced to almost zero.

infrared spotlight

An outdoor camera with infrared illumination can work well if the illumination angle is greater than or equal to the viewing angle. To do this, different methods are used, one of the effective ones is to use several sources with different focusing. If you choose an infrared spotlight, then as an example in this case, you can consider the MVK-81 device from ByteErg, which has a block of a pair of spotlights with interchangeable lenses. They guarantee a range of 40 m, and the illumination angle will be equal to 30 °.

Reviews about the camera MVK-81

When choosing an infrared illuminator, you can pay attention to the model mentioned in the subheading. Consumers buy it because it has a solid body and is an analog camera that provides color images. Inside there is a lens, and the device itself is designed for use both indoors and outdoors. Usersclaim that a feature of this model is high resolution, as well as the presence of two modes "day" and "night".

infrared illuminator for video surveillance

Detection range characteristics

Detection distance is the distance from which the device is able to detect unauthorized entry. The parameter depends on the power of infrared radiation and the sensitivity of the device. The detection range can be increased by adding new sources of infrared radiation to the device. After the saturation limit is reached, increasing the number of diodes will not achieve a positive result. Based on the effective detection range, you should choose an infrared illuminator for video surveillance, which has outdoor IP cameras and a backlight, which guarantees the sensitivity of the matrix.

infrared illuminator

Characteristics of the radiation strength of the flux

This indicator is quantitative and characterizes the intensity of the radiation flux, it falls on a solid angle. The parameter is expressed in Watts per steradian, which looks like this: W / Ster. It is important to consider that the length of the wave emitter is not as effective with the same radiation strength as the short-wave one, this is due to their low efficiency.

infrared illuminators peak

Feedback on technical solutions for infrared spotlights

When consumers choose an infrared illuminator, they pay attention to a variety of technicalvariations. Such devices are based on halogen sources, the luminous flux of which is blocked by a light filter. These sources differ in certain indicators, among them:

  • increased lighting range;
  • wide power range;
  • radiation wavelength limit from 730-850.

As for the power consumption, it can be in the range of 30-300 watts. But if we are talking about the average range of lighting, then it should be mentioned that this figure is 100 m or more. Consumers also note the main disadvantages, which are expressed in the minimum service life and the high price of halogen lamps.

infrared illuminator camera

PIK infrared illuminators can have solid-state light sources that use special diodes as a generator. The main advantages of using are:

  • low power consumption;
  • compact dimensions;
  • high power;
  • minor mass.

Reviews about the projector PROvision PV-LED30C

If you need an infrared illuminator (camera), then you can take a closer look at the features of the model, it was mentioned in the sub title. This device can be used in open areas if it is necessary to provide illumination over impressive distances. The case is made of aluminum alloy, which, according to users, is a clear advantage. The illumination range reaches 30 m, and the glow angle is 30 °. The number of diodes is 6 and the wavelength is 850 nm.

Consumers note compact size. Dimensions are limited to the following parameters: 147 x 77 x 87 mm. The equipment weighs only 520 g, the body is made in black, and the device itself has a power ranging from 18 to 20 watts. Infrared illumination (spotlight) can be operated in a wide temperature range from -40 to +60 °С.

infrared led spotlight

Reviews on the spotlights PIK-41 and PIK-42

In the first case, we are talking about a device whose wavelength is 850 nm, the radiation angle is 30 °, and the power supply range can vary from 9 to 16 V. The device has built-in protection against voltage surges. According to users, the PIK-2 spotlight has many similar qualities with the model described above. These devices have the same cost, and it is limited to 3550 rubles, the same can be said about the power range. However, the second device can function already at 8 V. Both devices have effective protection against voltage surges that can occur when the equipment is turned on.

infrared spotlight

Use area

The infrared LED illuminator can be used in outdoor cameras, domes and frameless night vision devices that have day-night functionality. Their matrix perceives light in the infrared range. Devices usually have a mechanical, automatic or software light filter, which excludes flare under the reflected rays. It should be mentioned that the radiation from the camera will be black-white.

These floodlights are used to enhance night vision cameras when monitoring objects with limited illumination. It can be cinemas, warehouses, office, industrial premises, etc. Such searchlights may be needed to protect the perimeter of the walls with an impressive length. Devices are indispensable when using an open source of lighting, which can be blinded by road users. Installation of covert video surveillance necessarily requires the presence of infrared spotlights.

Features of different types of infrared spotlights

According to the installation technology, the described devices can be divided into integrated and separate. The most versatile and powerful are infrared spotlights, which are equipped with motion sensors. These devices are characterized by increased power consumption, which reaches 20 A, while the spotlight has a 12-24 V power supply. You can find devices for dome camera illumination on sale. Some devices used in offices do not have functionality for night video surveillance. To turn an ordinary device into a dome camera, such a backlight is used.


Recently, infrared web-cameras have been produced, which also have a night vision function. This addition allows you to achieve high-quality images in low light. In addition, it has additional features. The most useful can be considered the ability of the device to connect to the alarm system at home. most comfortable andcameras with wireless communication are popular, as they can be installed anywhere in the apartment.

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