How to decide to throw the trash out of the house? Decluttering the apartment

How to decide to throw the trash out of the house? Decluttering the apartment
How to decide to throw the trash out of the house? Decluttering the apartment

In the life of any person, sooner or later there comes a moment when the pleasure of living in your apartment develops almost into disgust. And not because it has fallen into disrepair (repairs have been made recently), not because relations with neighbors have deteriorated (dearest people!), but because the housing has begun to resemble some kind of storage room at the station. Fortunately, the situation is not at all difficult to correct. You just need to throw the trash out of the house, and it will again become familiar and cozy. And here's how to do it with the least losses, we'll figure it out now.

analyze: what is superfluous

Where to start

When you start decluttering the apartment, at first even your hands drop - you don’t know what to grab onto and what to do in the first place. We don’t whip a fever, but we use a cunning psychological move: we walk around the rooms and shoot interiors, as if we are going to put a photo of our home in somedesign magazine. And then we sit down in front of the monitor and look at the result. The pictures will immediately show what is out of place, what element does not fit into the environment, what thing is downright asking for a trash heap. And there will be a reason to send a dozen souvenirs from the last vacation to the trash can: no one pays attention to them anymore, so these are already unnecessary things, trash.

First steps

Now - drastic measures. We pass through the apartment and collect a number of things that you can get rid of immediately. Set a goal right now to find a certain number of those. Just don't make a mistake, don't dwell on round numbers: they subconsciously set us up for the fact that this is the end of the matter. Not 10 trash candidates, but let's say 13 or 27 or 19 - you get the idea?

throw away last year's magazines

Another way to get rid of excess is to start with something that you definitely do not feel sorry for. We throw away magazines from the year before last, expired medicines, spices that have not been used for a long time, almost empty bottles and tubes, broken figurines, samplers and chipped cups, dishes. Once you appreciate how much easier it is to breathe, you will be even more excited and enthusiastic about the idea of ​​throwing trash out of the house. And start looking for the next batch of garbage that pretends to be the right things.

Place to think

Say, "I'm throwing out all the trash!" simple, but the implementation of the intention is much more difficult. Surely in the process of parsing the rubble, you will stumble upon something that your hand does not rise to throw away. Don't force yourconsciousness, get yourself a container where you will put questionable items until the next decluttering of the apartment. If in a couple of months you do not need this thing, you can think about moving it to the trash can. And it will be much easier to do this, since it is already classified as "doubtful".

Time management

Clearing the house of trash should be strictly regulated. You need to allocate a certain time for it - two weeks, a month, depending on the size of the apartment and the degree of its clutter - and try to meet the deadline. Otherwise, you will end up not getting rid of the unnecessary, but some kind of “construction of the century” that will never end.

Second moment. No need to throw your chest into the embrasure and "plow" from morning until late at night. Every day, during the allotted time, we spend a maximum of half an hour to throw the trash out of the house. With this approach, there will be much more sense, and the process will neither irritate nor tire.

You can also make a schedule for clearing the trash. Let's say today you're sorting through documents piled up in a drawer, tomorrow you're sorting shoes, the day after tomorrow you're gutting suitcases full of clothes, and so on.

tidy up the house

Subtle psychological move

Throwing trash out of the house will be easier if it is sorted during the collection process. For example, you bought jeans with an eye to losing weight soon, but you still remained in the same shape. It is a pity to throw away, to store sadly - a reminder of one's own weakness does not improve one's mood in any way. Or you have accumulated five pairs of sandals, fromwhich you carry at most three. And they take up space.

Collect these things in a separate place and put them on social networks for sale. If you ask for a reasonable price, you will not only free up space in the closet, but also replenish the family budget.

Place the unsold items in the “give away for free” section. You won’t get money, but it’s psychologically more pleasant to give than to throw away.

sale of unnecessary things

About relics

It's very difficult to part with things that evoke an emotional response in us. These are different for all people: for someone it will be children's drawings, for someone it will be a library inherited from their grandmother. Here you have to figure out what can be attributed to relics and what is not, because if all the things in the apartment are considered relics, then this is no longer housing, but a museum. And only then figure out how to minimize their clutter in the apartment.

Take, for example, the same children's drawings. After all, they can be digitized and stored on a laptop. Or books: if you only dust off them, maybe it's better to give the folios to the district library? In the event that you like the very possession of a book collection, review the assortment. It is clearly possible to get rid of the works of the classics of socialist realism. And reference books on higher physics will be more appropriate in a student library than on the shelf, say, of a journalist. In general, in this matter, you need to show creativity in thinking. Let's say you inherited a mixed and not very beautiful silver from your grandmother. You won’t be able to use it (unless it’s purely at home), throw it awayit's a pity. Order yourself an elegant headset - this way you will keep the memory of your loved one in a pleasant and practical way.

how to get rid of excess

What not to do

The motto "Let's clean up the house!" does not mean moving things from place to place. If a pile of junk from a shelf in a closet is moved to three different drawers, it will not become smaller from this. Worse, the trash will spread to different places, and it will take longer to get rid of it. Things need to be sorted out, it is necessary to allocate a specific place, and those that you have not used for six months or more should be mercilessly thrown away.

No need to start decluttering the apartment on the eve of the arrival of guests or some kind of trip. You may not have time to complete the planned amount of work. The visit of guests will force you to urgently push things anywhere, and this threatens to re-parse them. If you are going on vacation, then it will be spoiled by memories of a pile of junk dumped in the middle of the room.

Besides, decluttering experts advise them not to practice in a bad, upset, let alone angry mood. In "discord" there is a risk of parting with the right thing (which you will soon regret). Or "improve" the surrounding space in an extremely inconvenient way.

I throw out all the rubbish

Storage reserves

When the rubbish is thrown out of the house, another problem may arise: only the necessary things are left in the apartment, but it still looks sloppy due to the fact that there is nowhere to neatly put them away. However, this problem is somewhatcontrived, you can always find a way out, the main thing is to see it. Just like that, offhand, you can offer three alternative storages at once:

  • Space under the ceiling. Suitable for holding things that you rarely use. People rarely lift their heads up. You can place closed boxes at the top - and you have enough space for so many items.
  • Above the door. The shelf is nailed 10 centimeters above the door frame so as not to create a tunnel effect. If the shelf is open, we put things in neat boxes, which we arrange in an even pile.
  • The wall at the closet. It is very rarely placed back to back, and the space is used only for storing an ironing board. Meanwhile, narrow deep shelves on the tire will allow you to store a lot of things here - from children's toys to "ceremonial" dishes and seasonal shoes.
house cleaning from rubbish

In the kitchen, by the way, hanging everything you can is a smart move. Instead of a bulky knife holder, you can buy a magnetic strip attached to the wall. And it’s easier to keep appliances clean, and it’s more difficult for a child to reach. For jars of seasonings, you can nail a narrow shelf. And it’s logical to hang detergent and cleaning in the cabinet under the sink on hooks by the triggers of sprayers - it will fit a lot, everything is at hand and very neat.

Advice for the future

Whenever you buy a piece of clothing, don't be too lazy to throw away something old. Otherwise, the clutter will go at a rapid pace.

Do not store broken equipment for more than a month.Otherwise, you will buy a new mixer, and the old one will lie in the bedside table waiting for a mythical repair. Take the equipment to the workshop immediately.

If you are going to litter some corner in the apartment, put a bucket of water next to it, stock up on rags and the right type of detergent. After all, when disassembling things, it would be wise to wash their storage. Then, during the general cleaning, the list of necessary actions will be reduced by one item.

Remember the principles of getting rid of what you don't need at least twice a year. Otherwise, you may need a dump truck to remove the trash. In addition, according to psychologists and doctors of other areas, the clogging of housing with unnecessary things has a negative effect on well-being (later on he alth in general), and on relationships with others, and on the figure. Moreover, it is almost impossible to resist such an influence: only enlightened sages and mentors can control the subconscious. And they do not bring their home to a deplorable state.

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