Beautiful loggia interior design (photo)

Beautiful loggia interior design (photo)
Beautiful loggia interior design (photo)

The loggia can become a place of rest for the owners of the house and their guests. To do this, you need to properly arrange its interior. The choice depends on the taste of the owners, as well as the characteristics of the room. There are many options for the beautiful design of the space of the loggia or balcony. Knowing the recommendations of professional designers, you can create a cozy corner for a comfortable pastime. How to choose and create a loggia interior will be discussed further.

General recommendations

The interior of the loggia (photos are presented in the review) is chosen based on the needs of the owners of the house. Previously, this room was used as a storage room, utility room. Today, apartment owners are increasingly using this space for other purposes. It can be a separate study, a greenhouse, a place to relax, etc. Depending on the needs of the owners, the interior of this room is created.

Interiors of balconies and loggias

It is important to take into account the features of the loggia. It can have different sizes and shapes. There are also elongated, square balconies, as well as rooms in the form of the letter "G". To make the design look harmonious, you need to take into account the features of the balcony.With the help of special techniques, you can emphasize the advantages and hide the shortcomings of the room.

Loggia can be decorated in different styles. You can combine the design with the decoration in the adjoining room. You can also create an interior in a different style. This will be a separate room or a continuation of the room. To choose the right type of decoration for this space, you should consider the recommendations of experts.

Small loggia

The interior of the loggia (photo below) should be selected based on the basic parameters of the space. So, there are recommendations that will allow you to harmoniously arrange a small balcony space of about 3 m².

Loggia apartment interior

In such a room, you need to rationally use free space. You can equip several small shelves. They will store all the necessary items. If it is a greenhouse, flowers are placed on the shelves. If you plan to create a relaxation room, you can put dishes for tea drinking, blankets, multi-colored jars of jam here.

The space of a small loggia should not be cluttered up. Furniture is best to choose folding. The table can be unfolded and removed when not needed. On one side of the balcony you can put a small sofa. Light colors of the finish will visually increase the space.

Middle loggia

The interior of a loggia up to 6 square meters is made much easier than small spaces. There are no limits to creativity and imagination here. The owners can make any room out of this room, whichthey miss the apartment.

Sport loggia interior

Also, almost any design style is suitable for such a balcony. Both natural and artificial materials can be used. You can use different shades to decorate walls, floors and ceilings. Furniture is also not worth forcing space. All interior elements should complement the overall image.

With the help of lighting, you can delimit the space. At the same time, it will be possible to allocate a rest room and a greenhouse, a work area. You can install, for example, an artificial waterfall. With the help of light, a general mood is created on a medium-sized loggia.

Large loggia

In some apartments you can find really big balconies. The interior of a 6-meter loggia or a room with even larger dimensions also needs to be correctly created. In this case, it is recommended to perform space delineation. Partitions are allowed for a large balcony.

You can perform the zoning process using screens, sliding structures. This will create a spacious, original room for relaxation. A corner sofa will fit here. You can throw pillows on it.

Loggia interior photo

Also, a table for a large company will fit on the spacious loggia. You can add chairs or stools to it. A spacious balcony can become a small gym or workshop. It can be equipped with a study or even a full-fledged children's room. Design can be done in different styles. The choice of colors depends on the purposepremises, the taste of the owners of the apartment.

Narrow room

Interiors of balconies and loggias should be planned in advance. If the shape of the room is imperfect, you can visually hide these flaws. Often in panel houses, the loggia has a narrow and elongated shape. You can make the space more harmonious with the help of simple tricks.

Loggia interior design

If the side walls are painted in rich expressive shades, and the long bases in neutral tones, this will visually expand the space. Furniture doesn't have to be big. It is better to install a sofa in one side. The rest of the interior should not be bulky.

Also, to hide the imperfect shape of the loggia will allow the use of neutral light colors for its decoration. In this case, you need to make a few bright accents. For example, a table or chairs can be of an expressive color. It is also recommended to perform panoramic glazing if the windows do not overlook the house next to it. To hide the space of the loggia from prying eyes, you can order glass with a special mirror coating. The owners of the apartment will see everything that happens on the street. At the same time, the interior space of the balcony will remain hidden from passers-by.

Square loggia

When planning repairs on the loggia, the interior of which is created by the owners of the house, you need to correctly plan the existing space. This is one of the best forms for creating any interior. Here you can install both straight and corner sofas. A table with chairs would be appropriate.

Repair on the loggiainterior

You can create a beautiful place to relax here. Here you can put large plants in outdoor pots, make an artificial reservoir. Almost any style is chosen. It is important that such a room is well heated. Otherwise, it will be uncomfortable to be here in the cold season.

You should not install massive wardrobes, heavy curtains on a square loggia. It is better to experiment with light textiles. On the floor, you can spread a small square or round rug. Also, this form allows you to perform zoning by dividing the space into several functional departments.

Triangular loggia

When creating the interior of an apartment and a loggia, you should choose a harmonious design for all rooms. An irregularly shaped balcony will stand out against the background of the standard room geometry. This will make the loggia a favorite place for the whole family to relax.

A feature of non-standard semicircular or triangular balconies is the opening of unusual viewing angles. Therefore, it is recommended to install panoramic windows here if the street view allows it. Depending on the dimensions of the room, they make decisions about the choice of finishes and furniture.

If the triangular loggia is small, it is better to choose such a design style as minimalism. It is not necessary to create a lot of details for such an interior. On a spacious triangular loggia in its narrow zone, you can make a flower garden. You can also order non-standard furniture here. In this case, you can freely experiment with the choice of design elements.

Loggia combined withroom

The design of the loggia, which is combined with another room, has a number of features. The choice of stylistic design is influenced by the type of room with which the balcony borders. For example, the interior of a kitchen with a loggia involves the creation of a dining room here. The wall between these rooms can be partially removed. Instead of a window sill, a bar counter is set up. A dining table and chairs are placed on the loggia.

If the loggia borders on the living room, you need to create its interior as a continuation of the room. It will look interesting and original. Both rooms from such a neighborhood will look better.

For the loggia bordering the bedroom, you can offer a different approach to design. On the balcony you can put a dressing table or a dressing table. You can also place a wardrobe here (if space allows). You can also make a dressing room out of the loggia.

Between the main room and the loggia, you can not completely demolish the partition. The window sill remains. You can put an aquarium on it, make a rack with shelves for books, etc.

Creating a workspace

Interior room with loggia can be combined. However, much more often the balcony is used to create the missing room in the apartment. For example, it could be an office. This is one of the best decisions. To create a work area, you do not need a lot of free space. Therefore, you can equip such a room even on a small loggia.

The interior of the loggia 6 meters

To create an office on the balcony, you will needinstall a computer desk, chair here. Shelves are mounted on the walls. Here you can store all the things you need for work. The design of the space should be designed in appropriate colors. Set to work blue, brown, beige, yellow tint. To make the room more comfortable, you can provide a seating area here.

Lighting for the office should be of high quality. It is worth buying office-type lamps. It sets you up for work. If you plan to create an additional corner for relaxation, zoning is also performed using light. It is better not to use voluminous chandeliers. It is recommended to mount spotlights on the ceiling, use diode tapes.

Building a workshop

The interior design of the loggia can be made in the form of a workshop. Here, the owners of the house can engage in their favorite hobby. At the same time, the workshop can be equipped in a variety of styles. There are many creative activities. There may be a carpentry workshop, a room for drawing, sewing, creating crafts and souvenirs, etc.

Regardless of the type of hobby on the loggia, you will need to put a table and a chair. There should also be lockers for storing the necessary tools and materials. Much attention should be paid to high-quality lighting. It is also worth equipping a corner for relaxation. Here you can put a soft sofa or ottoman, make a countertop instead of a window sill.

A workshop is the same office where the owner of an apartment can be creative, his favorite hobby.

Winter garden on the loggia

Loggia interiorcan be arranged in the form of a winter garden. Here you will also need to create a place to relax. So the owners of the house can be in silence, enjoying the flowering of their favorite plants. This is a wonderful place to relax and unwind.

Here you need to harmoniously arrange a lot of flowerpots with flowers. To do this, you can create multi-level shelves. It is important to create quality lighting so that green spaces feel good. It should also be warm enough here.

You can create a small greenhouse on the loggia. Here the owners will be able to grow seedlings, vegetables and fruits. You also need to consider a place to rest. You can put a small sofa or a few soft ottomans. It is recommended to decorate the interior in light colors.

Children's room on the loggia

If the dimensions of the apartment do not allow you to equip a full-fledged children's room, you can create it on the balcony. The interior of the loggia should be carefully considered, because the child should be as comfortable as possible here. Even in a fairly small room, you can arrange all the necessary attributes of a children's room harmoniously.

The loggia should be insulated. Here you will need to install the necessary furniture. It is better to use transforming models. So, in the evening, the bed can be disassembled, and in the afternoon - folded. This creates a comfortable seating area or table. You can equip here a warm floor. You also need to install a table that will have enough shelves to store school supplies and toys.

If a child has his own room, you can create a small gym for him on the loggia. Applyingfantasy, parents can create a cozy corner for their baby.

Having considered how to properly create the interior of the loggia, you can equip an extra room here. It will be beautiful and as functional as possible.

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