Viburnum vulgaris Roseum: description, useful properties

Viburnum vulgaris Roseum: description, useful properties
Viburnum vulgaris Roseum: description, useful properties

Since ancient times, the fruits of a plant such as viburnum have been used for medicinal purposes. That is why this shrub has become widespread, new varieties of it have appeared. Read about one of them, called the common viburnum Roseum, in the article.


Kalina Roseum is a variety of the group of plants of the same name. This shrub also has medicinal properties.

Kalina vulgaris Roseum looks very beautiful. Its lush crown is adjacent to delicate flowers that appear during the flowering period. It begins in May or June, at which time the shrub has light pink, almost white flowers. Toward the end of summer, or even at the beginning of September, they turn bright red, because the berries begin to ripen. The flowers are so lush that it is not always possible to see the fruits of the plant behind them.

Viburnum ordinary Roseum description

Kalina vulgaris Roseum, which is described in this article, is growing rapidly. Its height is usually three or four meters. Development takes fromfive to ten years old. The plant lives for about 80 years. The spreading crown, similar to an umbrella, is formed by dark green leaves that turn purple in autumn.


Kalina loves moist soil, rich in humus and fertile. For its cultivation, loams are also suitable, thoroughly moistened before planting a shrub. It is necessary to water the plant during dry periods, as well as regularly apply mineral fertilizers. It is very useful to loosen the soil shallowly and mulch the area near the trunk.

In order for viburnum to please people with its fruits and flowers for a long time, and also to grow quickly and productively, it is necessary to regularly carry out sanitary and rejuvenating pruning. It is necessary to monitor the condition of the plant and remove its diseased parts, such as branches, in time.

Viburnum vulgaris Roseum planting and care

Aphids are very fond of plants such as viburnum Roseum. Planting and caring for it take quite a long time, so I don’t want to cross out all the efforts simply because a harmful insect has settled on the bush. To protect the plant from aphids, you need to use special insecticides that serve as a prophylaxis against various pests. The fungus also needs to be prevented, so there are drugs that do an excellent job with this task. These include, for example, Topaz and HOM.


Kalina vulgaris Roseum is a plant that can be found almost everywhere. The main condition for its growth is constantly moist soil. Exactlytherefore, it is often used for decorative purposes to beautify embankments, gardens and parks, as well as other natural areas in bustling cities.

Viburnum vulgaris Roseum

This shrub is widely used as a summer decoration. Its spreading crown, snow-white flowers, scarlet fruits - all this is highly appreciated by people who have ever seen this plant.

Kalina fills the second tier in the same ecosystem with deciduous and coniferous trees. It is often planted as a hedge. It will be dense and free-growing.

Medicinal use

The fruits of viburnum have a number of medicinal properties. Therefore, this plant is widely used in folk medicine. It has gained its distribution due to the fact that it contains organic acids, sugars, vitamins (in particular C), as well as pectin. Together, all these compounds have a beneficial effect on the human body.

What does this plant treat? Since ancient times, the common viburnum Roseum, the photo of which is presented in this article, has been used for the prevention and treatment of hypertension. It is used for such ailments as atherosclerosis, spasm of the coronary vessels. Even increased nervous excitability can be corrected with viburnum.

Viburnum vulgaris Roseum photo

The fruits of this plant increase the frequency of heart contractions, increase the excretion of sweat and urine. Colds, sclerosis, respiratory tract infections and stomach diseases - all this can be cured with the help of the fruits of thisbushes.

Kalina vulgaris Roseum is used both externally and internally. So, this plant is used to treat skin diseases such as eczema and carbunculosis.

The fruits of viburnum are widely used for gynecological purposes. So, they serve as an excellent sedative for menopause. Uterine bleeding, menstrual disorders, the threat of abortion - all this is treated with both decoctions from the bark and infusions from the fruits of the bush.

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