RC "Spring": comfortable housing in the suburbs

RC "Spring": comfortable housing in the suburbs
RC "Spring": comfortable housing in the suburbs

Residential complex "Spring" in Aprelevka - a construction project from the company "OPIN". European-style housing is being implemented at affordable prices. On the vast territory of the complex will be everything you need for living. New settlers will have the opportunity to settle in an ecologically clean area, which is located just 27 kilometers from Moscow. This is a very advantageous offer in today's real estate market.

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Housing stock

LC "Spring" will combine 16 brick-monolithic houses of different heights. The height of new buildings ranges from 6-12 floors. The architecture of the buildings was developed taking into account the latest global trends. The designers presented to the buyers one-room, two-room and three-room apartments with standard and European layouts, as well as small comfortable studios. The area of ​​residential premises varies from 27 to 101 square meters.


Housing for sale on a turnkey basis and with a rough finish in the residential complex "Spring" (Aprelevka). The feedback that you can choose one of the options offered is excellent. Some prefer to decide on the design of a new apartment on their own, others rely on tastebuilder and are going to save on repairs. For a fee, the construction company undertakes to install plumbing, conduct electricity, install interior doors, etc. For details, contact the sales department of the company by phone.

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Own infrastructure

LC "Spring" meets the highest demands of customers. The project provides for the construction of two kindergartens, a secondary school and a sports and recreation complex. In 2015, the first kindergarten for 120 pupils was already put into operation. It has: a private pool, spacious playgrounds, places for work and relaxation. The school is currently under construction. The first phase of the residential complex was successfully completed in 2014. Happy newcomers have already settled in apartments and are very satisfied with their housing.

Interior landscaping

LCD "Spring" (Aprelevka) is a comfortable area for living and recreation. The developer seeks to improve the quality of life of its customers. Therefore, the improvement of the adjacent territory is carried out according to a specially developed unique project. The yards will include walking alleys, green squares, sports grounds, jogging and cycling paths, and play areas. For owners of personal vehicles, a multi-level parking will be built. The residential complex will have its own shopping center. The concept of "yard without cars" is being consistently implemented. This means that parents can safely send their children towalk.

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Transport accessibility

LCD "Spring" is located just 27 kilometers from Moscow. Good transport links are provided by the high-speed Kyiv highway. Fifteen minutes away from the complex are two new metro stations - Rumyantsevo and Salaryevo. This will allow new settlers to quickly get to any corner of the capital without traffic jams and annoying misunderstandings. In addition, the OPIN company launched a bus that runs to the Aprelevka railway platform. Electric trains run from the station to the Kievsky railway station.

Developed infrastructure

Inhabitants of the residential complex "Spring" will be surrounded by objects of trade, social and consumer orientation. Feedback on the location of the new residential complex is positive. This is due to the fact that it is located in a city with an established infrastructure. Near the new buildings there are public catering establishments, educational institutions, shops, a service center, a post office, bank branches, a furniture store, gas stations, etc. If desired, new settlers can quickly get to Moscow and visit the capital's cafes, shops and consumer services.


There are many ways to buy an apartment in the residential complex "Spring". The developer offers to issue a mortgage at Sberbank at 11.4 percent per annum. Young professionals can take advantage of social mortgage lending from AHML and purchase real estate with funds from the state budget under the Housing program. In addition, you can arrange a gratuitous installment plan through VTB24Leasing. It includes a 35% down payment, an individual payment schedule and the possibility of early repayment.

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About developer

OPIN was founded in 2002. It is the largest developer in Moscow and the Moscow region. He is engaged in the construction and sale of real estate of various formats. The company has 200,000 square meters of commercial premises, cottage settlements located on land plots of 500 hectares. The developer specializes in the construction of housing in the "comfort" and "premium" formats. People leave good reviews about his work. They note that the developer fulfills its obligations in a timely manner, creates high-quality and comfortable housing and sells it at affordable prices.

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