Screw splitter: new wood splitter

Screw splitter: new wood splitter
Screw splitter: new wood splitter

From time immemorial, an ax has been considered a traditional tool for chopping firewood. This is such a versatile tool that they even wrote fairy tales about it (remember “Porridge from an Ax”?) And riddles. So, despite all the legend, it is quite difficult for a modern person who has lost the habit of physical labor to use it. In the very first days, calluses appear on the hands, there are pains in the lumbar region and other unpleasant "surprises". But there must be a way out of this situation, right? And he is! Instead of an ordinary ax, you can purchase a special screw cleaver. Its special design and small electric motor allow you to chop a large amount of firewood in the shortest possible time. Moreover, using this device, you practically do not apply force to cut stumps. Thus, absolutely everyone, even a pensioner, can use it on the farm. What is this miracle device and how does it work? Let's find out soon.

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Outwardly, the screw splitter-wood splitter looks very specific. It differs in shape and design from traditional woodworking mechanisms. In the center of such an apparatus is placed a cone with a large thread. An electric motor operates on its back side, which provides rotational movements of the screw. In general, the device is quite primitive. However, it is also easy to use. All you have to do to split the stump into several pieces is to bring it to the tip of the screw and wait a few seconds until it reaches the maximum permissible fiber breaking point (each tree has its own value). After that, the tree will successfully split into several parts. That's it, you just have to collect the poles that came out of the huge stump and bring the next one to the propeller.

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It should be noted that the screw cleaver has a very narrow blade. Its width is 3-4 times less than the height of the entire blade. Thanks to this design, the metal smoothly enters the tree and the screw quickly breaks its fibers along, which allows you to get compact logs at the exit.


The main scope of this device is felling and logging sites. Also, a screw cleaver is used in industrial workshops for harvesting firewood, which will then burn in the barbecue or heat the home.


The diameter of the screw used to cut wood fibers is about 80 millimeters, while the length of the screw itselfdevice is about 250 millimeters. Electric motors for household needs are two-phase, powered by a 220V network, with a power of 3-4 kW. Thanks to these technical characteristics, this device easily splits stumps measuring 50 x 50 centimeters.

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Screw cleaver: price

It should be noted the good affordability of this device, because compared to wood-cutting machines, such a device will cost several tens of times cheaper - from 3 to 6 thousand rubles. At the same time, the cost of industrial modifications designed for the mass production of logs does not reach 13 thousand rubles.

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