Impala variety - potatoes "excellent"

Impala variety - potatoes "excellent"
Impala variety - potatoes "excellent"

Cultivar for table use Impala is a potato characterized as very early. It has gained great popularity due to the fact that it always provides a consistently good harvest. In addition, its tubers have a pleasant taste and do not darken as a result of heat treatment.

impala potatoes

Consumer qualities and characteristics of tubers

High-yielding variety Impala is a potato that, under the right conditions, can be grown twice a season. This is mainly possible in warm southern regions, where the earth is warmed early by the rays of the spring sun.

In 1995, the Impala potato variety was included in the State Register of Breeding Achievements.

The bush of this plant stands upright, reaches a height of about 70 cm and is formed from four to five stems. The flowers are white. Tubers reach maturity in two and a half months from the date of germination. Under one bush, on average, up to 10 tubers are formed. But there are situations when they collect up to two dozen. Thanks to this, potatoes yield a yield of 50 tons per hectare. The number of tubers suitable forsale is more than 90%. Moreover, their weight is in the range from 90 to 150 g. The tubers are well stored and do not germinate for a long time in the heat.

Oval elongated tubers are what a farmer has when he plants the Impala variety. Potatoes are painted in a light yellow hue. Tubers are highly resistant to mechanical damage. This is the Impala (potato) variety. The description can be completed with information about the smoothness of the peel and the shallow occurrence of the eyes.

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What diseases and pests is it resistant to?

This information may be useful for those who plan to grow this variety. And not only for sale, but also for yourself. Impala is a potato resistant to cancer and nematode pathogens. It is practically not affected by viral diseases and scab. It also has low sensitivity to late blight pathogens of tubers. However, this disease will certainly not bypass its leaves. They have a high sensitivity to late blight. Moreover, the number of tubers will increase only until the moment when characteristic spots appear on the leaves.

It is necessary to carry out preventive measures in time to avoid possible infection or destruction by pests.

impala potato variety

Some tips for growing potatoes

  • For an earlier harvest, potatoes need to be germinated. In addition, this will significantly increase the number of tubers under the plant bush.
  • When planting such potatoes, it is important to monitorso that the sprouts do not break off. Otherwise, the development of the plant will slow down, and this will lead to a decrease in yield.
  • However, planting can be carried out with tubers that have not been preheated, that is, directly from the cellar.
  • In any case, you need to plant potatoes only in already warmed soil. Otherwise, the first shoots may not be long.
  • Nitrogen fertilizer is recommended during planting.
  • The distance between adjacent tubers is best done equal to 30-35 cm.

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