Sofa "Baron" (accordion) - an excellent economy class offer

Sofa "Baron" (accordion) - an excellent economy class offer
Sofa "Baron" (accordion) - an excellent economy class offer

Sofas, popularly called "baby", are especially popular among our population. Since two family members can fully accommodate on such a sofa, while at night it completely replaces a standard double bed, and during the day it occupies a very small area of ​​​​the room, such furniture designs are simply in great demand with us. After all, how many people live in Khrushchevs and other microscopic apartments, barely fitting all their utensils in them.

sofa baron accordion

The sofa "Baron" (accordion) is of particular interest to buyers, so named in connection with the special design of the layout - "accordion", into which a soft mattress is folded. Thanks to this focus, the surface of the double seat, when opened, becomes absolutely smooth, without creases, humps and voids.

The Baron, the metal-framed accordion sofa, is the most sought after, as the metal construction is a definite guarantee of quality. In the event of a creak or breakdowns, the “handy” owner can disassemble the sofa into parts, lubricate and reassemble. It's somehow safer than doomedbroken wooden piece.

baron sofa accordion on a metal frame

Sofa Benefits

As already noted, the undoubted advantages are the metal frame and the "accordion" design. Thanks to these two components, the Baron sofa (accordion) can serve as a bed for a married couple for many years, while it can be mercilessly exploited day after day, assembling and disassembling twice a day.

What is no less important and valuable is the presence of a removable cover. This is a plus for hygiene. The cover can be washed, and the sofa will shine with new clean colors, in terms of hygiene, this is certainly very important. Thus, the sofa can be used in the children's room, buying it for your baby or older child. Then you will not be afraid of spilled juice or melted chocolate.

sofa accordion baron reviews


What is especially pleasing: the design of the sofa is based on orthopedic armor. This means that the sleeping place will not fall under the weight of the body and disturb the harmony of sleep and rest. This is another significant plus. The design doesn't quite match a full orthopedic sofa as it's an economical low budget piece of furniture, but the base with an orthopedic "hint" already inspires some confidence.

sofa accordion baron reviews


The cost of the sofa is really low - from 20 thousand rubles and plus or minus 2000 rubles, depending on the features.

Customers who want to order a linen closet will have to fork outfor added value. At the same time, the wardrobe in this model is absolutely not roomy, since the total width of the sofa is only 83 centimeters.

The important information is that analogues of such furniture cost an order of magnitude more expensive, many even 3 times. It is inappropriate for customers with limited financial resources to buy such a small sofa at the price of a large and wide one.

Baron sofa (accordion) is a bargain, many buyers like cozy family design, soft, streamlined, harmonious. Colors are also most often universal for most average interiors.

sofa accordion baron reviews

As a rule, the sofa "Baron" (accordion) is made of cotton fabric, and the armrests are often covered with leatherette. This adds to the practicality of the furniture, because it is the armrests that get dirty most of all on the hands of their owners and their guests.

Baron Accordion Sofa: customer reviews

Some customers complain that after a month the purchase starts to creak. Stores promise a guarantee of 18 months, but they take it for repairs and can keep it for up to 45 days, which greatly upsets customers, because in the event of a breakdown, they will be left without such an important piece of furniture for a whole month and a half. Therefore, you should look for stores with more convenient warranty service offers.

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