How to make a tandoor with your own hands

How to make a tandoor with your own hands
How to make a tandoor with your own hands

The first tandoor was made closed. It is easy to do it yourself. To do this, you need to dig a hole up to 50 cm, lay it out with dried clay bricks 13-15 cm wide, dig a hole for air below - and that's it.

do-it-yourself tandoor

Nowadays, vertical tandoor up to 1.5 m high is more common. To make a "ground" tandoor with your own hands, it will take about half a month.

First of all, find the clay. The durability of the future furnace will depend on its properties. Light yellow kaolin clay is most suitable. It is durable and can withstand high temperatures.

Materials needed: water, clay, ram, sheep or camel hair (to bind and keep warm), sand.

How to make a tandoor with your own hands - the first way

how to make a tandoor with your own hands

Roll out the clay mass, cut into short strips 20 cm wide, roll them into narrow tubeswith a radius of 4-6 cm. We lay them out in a circle, tier by tier (according to the brickwork scheme), clamp and pinch. The height should be 45-55 cm, diameter 50-60 cm, wall thickness - up to 5 cm, with a thickening to the bottom up to 10 cm. In the lower part we leave a window 15 by 10 cm for cleaning the stove and air circulation. We select a wooden or metal cover. The tandoor is ready!

How to make a tandoor with your own hands. The second way

It is more complex and requires experience. Standard size: height 1-1.5 m, diameter up to 1 m. The structure resembles a nesting doll. These are three structures nested one inside the other to provide good traction.

Step by step guide:

1. Mix clay with water, roll out. Mix well. You can stomp your feet. For the strength of the composition, be sure to add wool.

2. We start work the next day. From the mixture we create a tandoor on the foundation, in the form of a cylinder or cone. The wall thickness is 5-7 cm. From the inside we press the ball, from the outside we press it with a wooden spatula. In the same way, we make two more frames larger in size.

3. Raise, lay firewood, kindle. While they are burning, we bring the shape to perfection.

4. Let the clay dry.

5. We put on the first base the second blank, a little more. The resulting gaps are filled with sand, rammed and sealed. After 2 hours, we put the third. We make rims by connecting all three bases together.

6. We bake the tandoor in the sun for 7 to 15 days, depending on weather conditions. It is important! Without drying, the tandoor will breakat the first burning of firewood.

7. We wipe the tandoor from the inside with cottonseed oil. During the day we heat, constantly raising the temperature. After such firing, the clay will not remain on the dough.

Now you know how to make a tandoor with your own hands. Feel free to get to work. And your tandoor, made with your own hands, will delight you with delicious, fragrant dishes.

how to make a tandoor

Let's bake cakes. We put on gloves for safety. We fall asleep logs in the tandoor. We are waiting for the hearth to heat up and warm up to 400 degrees. Then we rake the coals into the center of the furnace. Wet the inside of the cake with saline. With the help of a round pillow, carefully but quickly stick it. Spray occasionally with water to create steam. Take out when the cakes are browned. Bon appetit!

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