Which varnish for wood is better to choose?

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Which varnish for wood is better to choose?
Which varnish for wood is better to choose?

Wood is an excellent material that has an attractive appearance, original shades and texture. It can be called really the best building material. However, with its significant strength, builders in most countries have been using a special coating for many years that can significantly improve the characteristics of wood - wood varnish. The choice of this composition depends on what requirements are imposed on it.

Varnish for wood

Types of varnish depending on the purpose

For glazing wooden surfaces, it is customary to use water-borne varnishes, as well as compounds that are produced on the basis of organic solvents. They are the most hygienic. In addition to coating compositions, there are those that are designed for protection. Wood varnish, consisting of alkyd resins, oils of vegetable origin, modified fatty acids, and also having a special tall composition with the addition of a desiccant, is aimed at coating oil paints, furniture and light-colored wood. A protective coating on any type of wood can be created by using nitro-varnishes. They are made fromcolloxylin, cellulose, alcohol, complex ketone and ether solvents. Such varnish for wood is characterized by increased resistance to gasoline, mineral oils, but it is unstable to ultraviolet and alkalis. It should be noted that such compositions have limited water resistance, therefore they are not recommended for coating wood located in wet areas.

Waterproof varnish for wood

Polishing of wooden products and coatings is carried out using varnish - a special varnish, which consists of 10-20% of a substance that forms a film, and 80-90% of alcohol. Thanks to the polish, a transparent, shiny, hard coating is formed on the surface, which dries in an hour, and also emphasizes the texture of the wood. Impregnation of wooden surfaces is carried out using bakelite varnishes. The use of such compositions involves the application of a coating in several layers, each of which must dry for 2-4 hours, and finally everything must dry for 120 hours. Oil-resin varnish for wood is designed for surface treatment of chipboard.

The best varnish for wood

Oil formulations can have different ratios of oil and resin, so they are divided into fatty, semi-fat and lean. They are usually used for flooring. Waterproof varnish for wood has a special structure, preventing moisture from penetrating inside, which helps protect the surface from negative factors. The choice of a particular type of composition depends on its purpose. For internal work, safe compositions should be selected, andfor outdoor - especially resistant. To choose the best wood varnish, you need to consider these and other factors.

At the moment, this type of product is presented on the construction market in a fairly wide range, so the choice should be made with the help of experienced professionals.

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