Association "A lot of furniture": reviews are different, the choice is yours

Association "A lot of furniture": reviews are different, the choice is yours
Association "A lot of furniture": reviews are different, the choice is yours

"A lot of furniture" is an association of several factories producing furniture ("King of sofas", Evrosofa, Lux home interiors, Modool, Trend, Infinity, Reform) and mechanisms (Steelman), as well as a chain of furniture stores. "We are happy with the choice! We are pleased with the prices!" is their motto. But what about the choice and prices for the products of "Mnogo Mebel"? We will analyze customer reviews in this article.


a lot of furniture reviews

If I were the head of the company, I would not be pleased at all with such a rating given by customers: 2, 1 points out of 5 possible. Apparently, the association of factories "Mnogo Mebel" did not show itself very well. Consumer reviews are mostly negative, although there are also positive ones.

What you liked

The advantages of the company, buyers consider a large selection of beautiful furniture at quite affordable prices. Indeed, there is something to see in the salons of "A lot of furniture". Customer reviews say that it was in this furniture store that they foundsofa or wall of suitable size and design. People like the polite and qualified staff in the salons "Many Furniture". The consumer is offered many models of large corner sofas (32 m) and standard (20.9 m), beds, walls, tables and cabinets. To the credit of the "Many Furniture" manufacturers, the catalog was compiled very competently, everything is immediately clear: what size the furniture is chosen, what materials are used in its production and how much it costs. That is, "A lot of furniture" does not change its motto.

lots of furniture prices

Although it also happens: a low price is only for an exhibition sample in the salon, and if the buyer wants to have furniture with other upholstery materials and characteristics, the figure increases significantly. In addition, this amount does not include the cost of delivery and assembly. All this is paid by the buyer. It follows from this that the prices indicated on the price tags in the salons of "Many Furniture" do not quite correspond to reality.

Now for the cons…

In furniture stores, there are signs on the samples, saying that the goods purchased from the "Mnogo furniture" store will be delivered within 2 days. Reviews of indignant buyers directly scream that the terms prescribed in the contracts (from 14 to 30 days) are constantly violated. The poor work of logisticians is not the only disadvantage of this furniture chain. There are complaints about unqualified sellers. Most of all, buyers make claims to the quality of products "A lot of furniture". Reviews say that quiteexpensive sofas become unusable after 2-3 months of operation. There are also products with obvious defects on sale: products crookedly upholstered with finishing material and poorly sewn zippers, shelves for cabinets that do not match the size. Often the furniture ordered from the catalog in fact turns out to be a completely different color than the one shown in the picture. What the manufacturer calls "eco-leather" turns out to be cheap leatherette with a terrible smell and creases on its surface.

a lot of furniture catalog

Of course, people's reviews are very subjective, and much depends on the staff of furniture stores. At this point, someone is lucky: in one store an excellent team of specialists has been selected, and in another there is a problem with personnel. Everything is relative. To make the right choice, you need to explore the options yourself.

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