Odorless wood furniture paints: overview, types, features

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Odorless wood furniture paints: overview, types, features
Odorless wood furniture paints: overview, types, features

Do you know when it is necessary to use unscented furniture paint? When interior work is supposed to be related to painting old cabinets, chairs, a table, updating a boring room interior and changing the style, or you just want to decorate an old chest of drawers or a set. You can’t do without wood paint in such a situation, and if the work is carried out in a house or apartment, you will have to buy a special version of odorless furniture paint, which has a quick drying time and does not cause inconvenience to residents of the house.

Furniture paint

Variety of odorless colors

As has already been proven, only those paints that are based on organic solvents have a pungent smell, while water emulsions practically do not leave an unpleasant sillage behind them. It is on the second option that you should focus on those who are going to paint furniture or other interior elements indoors.

Water emulsions are produced on the basis of binding components, among the most common:

  • acrylic;
  • polyvinyl acetate;
  • polymer blend;
  • latex;
  • polysiloxane and others
What paint for furniture

Positive characteristics of coatings

Water-based coatings are very popular due to their merits. Benefits include:

  • no harsh, toxic smell;
  • environmentally friendly composition of furniture paint made from natural ingredients;
  • possibility of using the coating regardless of the nature of the surface;
  • affordable price range;
  • wide color gamut;
  • fast drying.

Some color flaws

Along with the positive features, there are also some negative aspects:

  • The durability of the coating compared to paints that are made on the basis of organic solvents.
  • Low resistance to moisture. Although sometimes a disadvantage is transformed into an advantage, because an unsuccessfully painted surface can be easily washed off and redone the work, achieving the desired effect.
What paint to paint the furniture

If you are looking for furniture paint for a dry room, then this is the best option, since water-based coating in a normal microclimate shows itself as well as possible. The experts managed to achieve progress in the field of coatings production, opening up to the world a new type of coatings that do not suffer from excess water and moisture. These types of paints will be discussed a little later. On which option to stop and how to determine which paint for interior and furniture is better, let's talkmore details.

Subtleties of coating selection

Especially acute is the issue with the choice of coating for wood in the case when you want to restore or restore furniture. Many have heard of special types of paint, but most people do not even know what name paintwork is sold under. It is important to understand the specific features of the choice of furniture paints, a characteristic feature of which is the absence of a residual prolonged smell.

Painted furniture

What to look for when choosing

When buying paint for wood furniture, pay attention to a number of factors, including:

  • Operational features of some pieces of furniture and the conditions in which they are located. For the bathroom, only moisture-resistant paint is used, while the coating for the kitchen set should not absorb odors and calmly respond to temperature changes.
  • No unpleasant smell, which allows the use of water-based paint for children's furniture.
  • The type of wood has a direct effect on the absorbency of the paint coating. So, furniture made from solid needles will need to be coated with several layers of paint, while furniture made of beech, birch, maple, on the contrary, is painted only once with special processing.
  • Recoatability and requirements for multi-coatings.
  • Methods and technologies of preliminary preparation for coating furniture with odorless paint.
  • Compatibility options for the new coating and the old onecoloring composition, which furniture was processed before.

Interior paint groups

Modern coatings suitable for painting furniture are divided into categories:

  • transparent, including protective glaze;
  • transparent lacquer dye;
  • impregnating compounds;
  • opaque enamel coatings;
  • dispersion formulations.
Paint for children's furniture

Important! So how to decide. which paint for furniture is better, it is difficult, then when choosing one or another coloring agent, first of all, pay attention to the operating conditions and the condition of the wooden surface. For an even, durable and shiny finish, use an enamel paint that fully meets these requirements.

Transparent varnish is applied if there is a need to correct the structure of the tree, and in order to emphasize the pattern of the tree species, a colored varnish or stain is suitable - an impregnating composition used for pre-treatment.

Benefits of acrylic paints for furniture

This type of coverage is the most popular and has the following characteristics:

  • dries quickly;
  • does not contain an unpleasant odor;
  • hypoallergenic;
  • fire resistant;
  • safe for the he alth and life of the body;
  • used on all types of surfaces, including wood.

Experts additionally talk about the high adhesion of acrylic-based paints to solid wood surfaces or materials on itbasis, including:

  • chipboard;
  • OSB;
  • MDF;
  • plywood.

This is quite a significant advantage, especially if the master decided to do without a primer coat.

Odorless furniture paint

Possibility of tinting paint

In its original form, the acrylic coating is white. But it can easily be given any desired tone or shade. To do this, you need to purchase a pigment, the so-called color scheme of the desired color. Finding such a thing is easy by examining the range of paints for wood furniture in any specialized store. A special composition tints the paint to the desired color when the material is uniformly mixed in a jar or bucket.

It is interesting that acrylic paints contain special additives in their composition that prevent the appearance of fungus and mold. This feature allows you to extend the life of wood up to 10 years. The range of coatings is complemented by a special category of materials with dirt and water-repellent additives, which reduce the need for cleaning wooden objects to a minimum.

Latex-based water-based paint

As proven by experts, the best result when painting a wooden surface is achieved when using oil paints. But such a coating is characterized by a sharp pronounced odor, therefore it is unlikely to be suitable for people suffering from asthma, allergies or painting furniture in the apartment.

A worthy replacement for oil coatings is latex-based water-based paint. It easily penetrates deep into the wood structure,forming a waterproof film on its surface. This means that the coating is easy to clean without damaging the furniture, and dirt is simply removed with a damp cloth.

Can't decide what color to paint your furniture? Consider an important advantage of latex paint - the ability of the top coat to "breathe", which means that when working with latex-based water-based paint, you do not have to worry about the formation of ugly bubbles.

Wood furniture paint

Among the shortcomings, the possibility of formation of a network of cracks under the influence of low temperatures is noted. Therefore, latex paint is not suitable for those pieces of furniture that are in frequently ventilated or unheated rooms.

The paint is characterized by the following features:

  • resistance to abrasion, negative effects of water and moisture;
  • water vapor permeability;
  • high elasticity, with the help of this paint they cover cracks up to 2 mm wide;
  • resistance to damage by microorganisms;
  • no cracking or blisters;
  • UV resistance - even after a year, the paint will not lose its hue or turn yellow;
  • ability to repel dust and dirt particles.

The only drawback of silicone paint is the high cost of the material, but due to its durability, the coating is worth the money spent.

Chalky furniture paints

This type of coating is specially designed for painting furniture. This paint got its name notdue to the component composition, but due to the fact that after staining it forms a matte, velvety coating on the surface, resembling chalk under the fingers.

Chalk paints for furniture are characterized by the following advantages:

  • no surface pretreatment required;
  • lay well on any material: wood, metal, concrete, brick, stone, plastic, ceramics, etc.;
  • form a durable layer;
  • dry completely in 1-2 hours;
  • non-toxic;
  • safe for human he alth and the environment;
  • can be applied in a variety of staining techniques.
Chalk paints for furniture

In addition to chalk paints for furniture, there are other coatings that form a separate group. Among them are materials based on milk casein. In application technique and qualities, they are similar to the previous type of coating and are made from natural materials. Great for people prone to allergic reactions, asthma, pregnant women. Both chalk and casein paints allow you to achieve a multi-layered texture and create gradients, shabby-style decor, an aged surface effect and much more on the surface of furniture painted with paint.

Now, when planning repairs, you will be armed. Knowing which types of paints are better to choose for a specific type of work will help you quickly decide on paintwork materials and choose a tool for the repair budget. Follow the recommendations above and pay attention to the characteristics of any product you buy. This will help you choose better material.and make the interior of a house or apartment better by slightly updating it.

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