Storage design: original design ideas and choosing the right style

Storage design: original design ideas and choosing the right style
Storage design: original design ideas and choosing the right style

Even a small closet can hold a lot of stuff if you plan it right. To do this, you need to use all the space, leaving no free space. In this case, the design of the pantry may be different. The design features of this room are described in the article.


When designing a small closet in an apartment, it is important to consider that different styles can be used:

  1. Eco. This style is characterized by natural colors, ecological materials. Forms should be no frills. Eco has a lot of lighting fixtures. Houseplants are required.
  2. Country. This is a style that creates a homely atmosphere, comfort, family harmony, which can be similar to life in the countryside. The decoration uses natural raw materials and ecological materials.
  3. Boho. This style involves saturation with your ideas, accessories. It is important that everything is convenient for the owners themselves.
  4. Grunge. The style is suitable for large areas. The condition is the simplicity of the design of the walls and floor. There is no need for excesses. Grunge uses natural tones and textures.Brickwork is often used.
  5. Provence. Style brings both comfort and sophistication to the details. The walls are usually covered with paint. Imitation of antiquity is an important part of Provence. Black and white colors predominate.
  6. Classic. An abundance of furniture is allowed, while everything should be placed comfortably. Colors should include the addition of gold. It is important to have expensive textiles.
  7. Modern. The base is wood. The style includes everything natural. Stained-glass windows are considered an obligatory part of Art Nouveau. They set the flow of lighting.
  8. Hi-tech. Style is based on convenience, efficiency. There is almost no decor in the design. Mirrors and a lot of lighting devices will allow you to expand the space.

According to the photo, the design of the pantry in the "Khrushchev" of any style is attractive. This small room should be equipped not only beautifully, but also conveniently.

pantry design

Don't turn your pantry into an untidy part of your apartment. Any room should belong to a certain design. Doors are considered the primary element, their outer part should be combined with the general style of housing. And the interior design may vary.

The interior can match the design of the entire home. With a loft interior, shelves, drawers, organizers should be concise. There is another option - the pantry is drawn up separately from the entire room. Custom design will also make this room original.


One small closet will keep the apartment in order. If it is missing, then it shouldorganize. During the construction of panel houses ("Khrushchev"), such premises were included in the projects. Some were assigned about 3 square meters to the pantry. square meters.

The room, located between the hallway and the hall, included a door on both sides. This layout can be rebuilt by combining 2 rooms into one. The entrance must be made from a convenient side, using sliding doors in the form of a wardrobe. All the storage rooms provided by the builders will be modernized before the walls are dismantled and the configuration is replaced.

pantry in the apartment design

Another option for storage areas could be a dead end corridor. It needs to be laid with drywall. It is desirable to equip the door the same as the rest of the rooms. The niche option is quite simple, you need to install sliding doors and arrange the space between the racks and shelves.

Sometimes a small, unimportant room is given over to storage areas. This option will help to realize different ideas. For example, it can be combined with a workplace or a different-themed change house. In such a room, in addition to the racks, a simulator is installed.

In a very small apartment, a mezzanine can be a pantry, organized above the door. It is not so convenient to use it, but it does its job. Sometimes a part of the room serves as a pantry. If it is narrow and long, you can fence off the dead end. The footage depends on the room. With a large drywall room, a corner is fenced off. This structure is made in the form of a triangle or a rectangular box. Oval looks originalwall.

If the apartment has space for a closet, you need to deepen or expand it. Storage can be done right in the closet. Sometimes a balcony or loggia is chosen for the pantry. And with the help of a suitable storage room design in the apartment, this part of the room will also be cozy.


The design of the pantry should be chosen depending on the overall style of the room. These premises differ in purpose. Do not store everything in this place. Usually the pantry is made out under:

  1. Dressing room. In this case, the design of the pantry in the apartment should be stylish. Even a small space can be a great storage space. All-weather clothes for the whole family are placed in it, having allocated shelves and hangers for each person. Below are boxes for shoes. Even in such a dressing room you can leave bed linen, towels, pillows, blankets and an ironing board. This room will unload the interior of the bedroom and the hall from bulky wardrobes.
  2. Placement of children's things. If the nursery is large, it may have a pantry. It can be made in the form of an open storage system or a large built-in wardrobe. A small room near the nursery would also be a great option.
  3. Pantry in the kitchen. Many kitchens have a large number of things. In addition to dishes, the placement of cereals, canned food, vegetables, spices, empty cans and other things is required. There may be more technology. The pantry can be built into a niche or made into an open structure.
  4. Laundry. In the "Khrushchev" in the bathroom, a washing machine can be installed. To find a place, you need to unitea room with a bathroom or buy a smaller bathroom and deploy it to another wall.
  5. Workshop. A suitable pantry design will allow you to equip a place for storing work tools there. There you need to place racks, shelves and drawers, as well as a desktop. For women, you can install a sewing machine, shelves for threads and fabrics.
  6. Office. If there is no place to work indoors, then the pantry is perfect for this.


From the photo, the design of the closet of any style looks attractive. To avoid being stored there, suitable lighting and ventilation is required. Lack of ventilation and high humidity gradually destroy the contents. In this room, a positive microclimate will be created for the occurrence of fungus and colonies of bacteria that will spoil the walls and furniture, things.

pantry design photo

The simplest ventilation option is considered to be ventilation through a window. If not, then an exhaust duct is required. Air is supplied through valves on the wall, and removed through an exhaust hood in one room. It is possible to install a bypass valve to eliminate air masses on the opposite wall from incoming flows. To install them, there must be a wall that borders the street.


The lighting of the central chandelier is ineffective: the shadow does not allow the full use of the storage system. In this case, you need zoning of small areas. It is better to place LED strips on the lower parts of the shelves and the wall. Fixtures should be placed so that the boxesand the shelves were in the lighting area.

small closet design

If the pantry serves as a laundry, workshop, office, then overhead lighting is a must. Only a bright light will allow you to turn on the washing machine, sort the laundry. LED solution can also be central lighting.


According to the photo, the design of a pantry in an apartment of any kind is original. In order for a small pantry to hold a lot of things, you should decide what will be there, and then draw up a list of storage systems and a plan. It is advisable to draw a drawing of drawers, racks, hooks and shelves. It is important to note the ventilation and lighting systems.

During the creation of the project, you need a layout, a description of materials, fillers for storing things. You must specify the entrance, ceiling and walls. This work will allow you to calculate the financial part before the improvement of the room.


To create a stylish design for a dressing room or any other room, repairs are required. Before finishing, the organization of the ventilation system and the laying of electrical wiring, the connection of the socket, switch, surface treatment with antifungal and antibacterial agents are carried out. Walls, floor, ceiling need alignment, otherwise the storage system will be skewed.

storage room in the apartment design small

It is desirable to finish the walls and ceiling with plaster or plasterboard. Wallpaper, painting, panels can be used as a decorative finish. The floor is leveled with a cement or self-leveling screed. For finishingchoose linoleum, laminate and other materials. But keep in mind that the coating is performed after the screed has dried. If the floor is even, the screed can be omitted.

Storage systems

The design of a small pantry involves the placement of shelves and drawers. Fix them after drying finishing materials. All fillers are purchased in special stores: from network boxes and rods for hangers to racks. But keep in mind that the arrangement requires the use of every millimeter.

Better not to use shelving, it's hard to match them to the walls. Shelves look organically, which are fixed with corners and shelf holders. When fixing long structures, chrome-plated pipes are used. Shelves are made of laminated chipboard. Construction stores perform computer modeling and order its precise sawing.

Storage structures can be U-shaped, when the shelves go from the entrance to the entrance in a circle or L-shaped. Chests of drawers, tables, mirrors are sometimes installed in pantries. The storage room is decorated with drawers, clothes rail, pantograph, hooks, fabric pockets.


Closing the entrance to the room can be done in different ways, the most affordable is the option with a screen. If the room is located in the corridor, from where the doors lead to different rooms, then it should have the same canvas. Sliding structures, folding, swinging are often used, it is only important that there is no violation of the general style of the room.

pantry in Khrushchev design

Decoration of the pantry design in"Khrushchev" or in a modern apartment requires a serious approach. With the help of this room, it will be possible to organize the storage of various things and maintain order in the house.

Design Tips

The pantry is usually small, but you should not pile up everything unnecessary there. Properly organized space looks more aesthetically pleasing. For storage, you need to use the same containers, jars or boxes. Even cardboard is painted in one color or covered with wallpaper so that there is a stylish storage system and the space is ordered.

pantry in Khrushchev design photo

In the pantry, you can use the entire area - from floor to ceiling. The upper shelves allow you to increase the capacity of the pantry up to 30%. It is advisable not to use it in suspended ceiling products, since the pantry is used throughout the volume, and even 15% under the ceiling will not be superfluous. It is better to bring the backlight to the central part.


Thoughtful design of the pantry allows you to create a functional space that will be roomy. You just need to update the room once so that there is less trash in the house. As a result, housing will become much more comfortable.

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