How to equip small rooms? Ideas for renovation in a small room

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How to equip small rooms? Ideas for renovation in a small room
How to equip small rooms? Ideas for renovation in a small room

Small rooms are in almost every home. They are always associated with tightness, discomfort, lack of free space. If this is one of many rooms, then this is not so bad (although it can be used effectively), but what about the owners, for example, of one-room apartments, for whom one room serves as a bedroom, living room and dining room? In this case, a properly created interior will help. There are plenty of ideas on how to equip small rooms, you just need to dream up a little and transform into a designer at least for a while.

how to furnish small rooms

Color design of the room

Dark tones visually reduce space, light tones increase. It is from this rule that one should build on when choosing a color scheme. Professionals recommend owners of small rooms to give up too bright colors in large quantities. Not only will it look too rough, but it will also visually reduce the size of the room. A long stay in a colorful room can cause a headache. It is best to opt for light colors, such as beige, white, light green, gray, light blue.

Wallpaper recommendedchoose with a small pattern, a large ornament looks more appropriate in huge halls than in a small room. You can play on the contrast of the ceiling, walls and floor. The latter should be much darker, but the main thing here is not to overdo it. The design of small rooms implies respect for monochrome. If possible, furniture of the same color should be selected, a slight variation in shades is allowed. This will visually enlarge the space.

ideas for small rooms

Choosing curtains for the room

Curtains also play a big role in small spaces. Ideas for small rooms involve the acquisition of light, flowing curtains in light shades that would not burden the space and would not attract undue attention to themselves. Curtains should be combined with the walls, they can even be made in the same color scheme. Fabrics should be airy, you can give preference to gas tulle. To visually enlarge the windows, you should hang curtains around the edges. Curtains should be long, short options should not even be considered.

How to use free space correctly?

Before equipping small rooms, you should determine what should be in them, for what purposes they are designed. A small room does not tolerate disorder, scattered things immediately create a feeling of tightness, discomfort, so every dress, every cup, figurine, book, etc. should know its place. All free space should be used to the maximum. For example, why buy a chest of drawers, bookcase anda wardrobe, a shelf, if all this can be replaced by a functional wall? So the place will be saved, and the room will become much neater and more spacious.

small room renovation

Ideas for small rooms involve the purchase of multifunctional furniture. Many designers recommend purchasing a bed for one-room apartments that transforms into a wall, but not everyone can afford such a purchase. But even people with an average income can afford to buy a sofa bed, on which two people can sleep at night, and during the day it looks neat and ready to receive guests. In addition, inside you can fold bed linen, pillows. Thus, not only free space is saved, but also money. Instead of a large table, it is advisable to purchase a folding coffee table or one that is attached to the wall and lowered if necessary.

Visual enlargement of the room

Repair in a small room involves the installation of large mirrors, reflective surfaces. Such accessories visually expand the room, make it brighter due to the reflection of light. Therefore, professionals recommend installing mirrors in front of windows. When buying a wardrobe, you should give preference to models with glass doors. Chairs with transparent legs, a glass top, furniture made of transparent plastic will help create the illusion of lightness.

small room design

Zoning the premises

Many are interested in how to equip a small apartment to achieve itmultifunctionality. Only proper zoning will help here. For example, one room can be conditionally divided into a sleeping and working place, the space can even be limited by screens or curtains. In this case, the use of different colors, light sources is allowed - the illusion of two different rooms should be created. Furniture should be arranged in such a way that it does not interfere with anyone. The freer the floor, the more spacious the room seems.

Lightening rules

Before you equip small rooms, you should worry about lighting, artificial or natural. A bright room visually seems much more spacious than a dark one. If there is a large window, then it should not be covered with curtains, on the contrary, it should attract attention. Artificial lighting should be used if the room is not located on the sunny side. Chandelier is best to choose a transparent, small size.

For small rooms, you should buy dwarf furniture. Bulky armchairs are discarded immediately; Now manufacturers produce many comfortable chairs in small sizes. You can purchase a corner sofa: it is larger in size, but it takes up much less space compared to a regular one.

How to furnish a small bathroom?

how to decorate a small bathroom

Setting up a small room is much more difficult than a huge one, because everything must be placed and at the same time leave free space. For a small bathroom, it is worth buying shallow cabinets, pencil cases, because morebulky designs take up a lot of space. The urinal and bidet will have to be abandoned. You also need to choose between a shower and a bath. The first option is more practical and compact. If you want to occasionally pamper yourself, soaking in the foam, then you can purchase a corner bathroom with a curtain.

A small shower room with an alcove can fit a washing machine or a closet with sliding doors. Be sure to hang a large mirror, as it will visually expand the space. In solving the question "how to equip small rooms", the color scheme also plays an important role. It is recommended to choose light shades: optically they increase the room.

small shower room

Renovation rules in the living room

When equipping a living room, you should remember four basic rules: order, minimum furniture, compactness in everything, light colors. When starting repairs in a small room, you need to understand that the room should be functional, but not overloaded. Of course, a lot of things accumulate in the house, and there comes a time when there is nowhere to put them. You can buy cabinets, walls, chests of drawers and put everything in there, but even here there is a problem, because too much furniture will reduce such valuable space.

Bulky sofas, armchairs, tables should be replaced with chairs without armrests with low backs, an ottoman, a folding coffee table. The color should be neutral, not attracting much attention. Bright colors, large patterns optically overload the room, so saturated or dark shades are betterrefuse. A small-sized living room is perfect for a three-color palette, it must have light colors.

how to furnish a small apartment

How to make an office functional and cozy?

Every person should have a room in which he can hide from his family and go about his personal business. Sometimes you need quite a bit of space for an office, but still it should be functional and cozy. Before you equip small rooms, you need to decide on their purpose. If the office is used only on weekends, and even then, to read an interesting book or check e-mail, look through the latest newspaper, then a small table, a couple of comfortable chairs and a bookcase are quite enough.

This room can also make room for a home library by filling the wall with floor-to-ceiling shelving. In addition, the lower shelves can be used to store other things. If the office is used to receive business partners, then you need to take care of compact and comfortable chairs, if space allows, then you can buy a small sofa, a table for drinks.

Following simple rules, you can even turn a small room into a functional, bright and spacious living room, bedroom, bathroom or office.

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