Light ceiling: features, benefits and types of lighting

Light ceiling: features, benefits and types of lighting
Light ceiling: features, benefits and types of lighting

Light ceilings are now incredibly popular, they decorate not only apartments and private houses, but also shops, hotels, clubs, cafes. They look very impressive, allow you to create a truly unique design in the room. The light lines on the stretch ceiling are like full-fledged paintings that glow in the dark. With the help of diodes, you can change the color and brightness of the lighting.

light ceiling

Features & Benefits

Light stretch ceiling can fully replace electric lamps, as well as create a source of calm background light. Experimenting with color, delimit zones in studio apartments or large living rooms. With the help of a special multi-colored diode tape, you can organize a cozy party place in an ordinary apartment.

There are several ways to create a light ceiling. Many of them require the skill of professionals, and some types of lighting can be equipped independently. For example, installing an LEDtape or duralight can be performed by any owner.

There are several options for creating light suspended ceilings, it is worth considering the main ones.

Internal lighting

This backlight is mounted inside the box. It looks like the ceiling is illuminated from within. To make the lighting in the apartment look uniform, it is necessary to place the backlight at a distance of at least 20 cm from the base of the ceiling.

Internal lighting

Side lighting

This option is suitable for multi-level ceilings. The backlight is mounted at the transition points from one level to another, which creates beautiful lighting effects. Professionals recommend installing an RGB tape. It comes with a remote control, with which it is convenient to change the color and brightness of the backlight. Such lighting looks very impressive, but this tape is not suitable for all ceilings. It is better to use it for matte surfaces, in which case the lighting design is even and does not irritate the eyes. On glossy ceilings, this tape creates a double reflection, which looks unpleasant.

Multi-level light ceiling

LED backlight

The most common option when creating a light ceiling. This material allows you to create a truly unique and spectacular design of the room. A variety of shades makes it possible to use light bulbs of different colors and create original light lines on the ceiling. A distinctive feature of this backlight is that it is invisible during the day, and at night you canenjoy the unique play of light.

Light Emitting Diodes

Small bulbs that are mounted in the ceiling and work autonomously. Diodes consume little electricity, but the lighting from them will not be bright. They give off a soft light that is mainly used as background lighting.

Light emitting diodes are also used to focus on some objects or to make zoning in a studio apartment. The advantage of diodes is that they do not heat up and do not generate a lot of thermal energy. The surface of the ceiling from them will not heat up. This property will be useful for ceilings where PVC film is used, which quickly deteriorates from high temperatures.

Light emitting diodes


This light tape comes in solid and colored. In some design projects, it is more convenient than diodes. Small bulbs are fixed on the tape at a small distance from each other. The closer they are, the brighter the light. Duralight can be mounted before installing the ceiling.

Fiber optics

One of the options for a light ceiling is to equip it with fiber optics. With it, you can imitate the starry sky, water surface and other design experiments that are so loved by dreamers and connoisseurs of beauty.

Such a spectacular and beautiful ceiling is completely safe. Although fiber optic cable is powered by the mains, it only emits light, and electricity does not pass through it. Accordingly, there will be no short circuit, and the ceiling will not light up.

To the benefitsfiber has a long service life. Those who choose this lighting option can forget about repairs for many years.

Light ceiling fiber optic

Flex Tape Mounting Tips

Before you choose a light ceiling, you need to decide which one will suit the stylistic design of the apartment. If you can’t do it yourself, you can contact a designer who will select the type of lighting that is most suitable for the interior and emphasizes all its advantages.

Complex installation or intricate designs can only be installed by qualified electricians. But any diligent owner who adheres to some rules can fix the LED strip on the finished ceiling.

After purchase, the LED strip cannot be rolled into a tight ball, bent, otherwise the finished lighting will be uneven. Sometimes, during the installation of the tape, it needs to be cut into several segments. Here you need to be extremely careful and accurate. If the conductive wires are damaged, the tape will be irreparably damaged.

You also need to carefully connect the pieces of tape. They are fixed with each other with the help of special devices that can be purchased at any hardware store.

Carefully you need to fix the tape on a metal surface. The metal must be completely insulated so that the static charge does not damage the tape. Working with electrical appliances always requires great care. If you have doubts about your skills, it is better to entrust the installation of the tapeprofessionals.

Light lines on a stretch ceiling can be a great addition to a modern interior. With the help of the play of light, you can create a cozy and stylish design for relaxing in the family circle or arrange a room for pleasant meetings in a friendly company.

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