LED apartment lighting - features, benefits and recommendations

LED apartment lighting - features, benefits and recommendations
LED apartment lighting - features, benefits and recommendations

LED lamps today have almost completely replaced traditional incandescent lamps. This is due to their high performance, as well as the presence of a lot of advantages. What features does the LED lighting of the apartment have, recommendations for its arrangement - all this will be discussed further.

Features of LED lighting

Considering what kind of lighting for an apartment will be economical and functional, you should pay attention to diode lamps. This type of electrical appliances appeared on the market relatively recently. However, he managed to gain popularity all over the world. It should be said that the operation of diode lamps takes place practically without heating. This significantly reduces the amount of electricity they consume. Conventional incandescent and halogen varieties have a high level of heat loss.

Apartment lighting scheme

Today, several types of diode illuminators are used. They are used for indoor and outdoor lighting. Suchlamps allow you to organize high-quality lighting at industrial facilities and in residential premises. You can choose not only the appropriate type of lighting fixture power, but also the color of the glow.

The LED lamp is a device with a rather complex device. It has a certain set of characteristics. It is important to choose the right dispersion angle, strength and temperature of the glow. The difference between the presented electrical appliances is the type of base.

There are different options for lighting in the apartment using diode lamps. It can be one powerful lamp or several spotlights. Also a common option is the use of a diode tape. In this case, electrical appliances can be not only functional, but also create a certain decorative effect, divide the space of the room into zones.


LED electrical appliances have a lot of positive qualities. They replaced not only incandescent lamps, but also other types of illuminators. They cost a little more than other similar products. However, this does not reduce the demand for them. Diode lamps quickly pay for themselves in the course of their work.

Lighting in the studio apartment

It is worth noting that high-quality diode-type lighting devices have a long service life. They work effectively for 50-100 thousand hours (depending on the manufacturer and type of lamp). The absence of mercury vapor or other harmful substances in the flask makes such devices safe, environmentally friendly.

MainThe advantage of LED lamps is their low power consumption. This significantly reduces utility bills. So, to provide the same amount of light that a 75 W incandescent lamp gives, you need a diode device with a power of only 15 W. At the same time, the wire for lighting in the apartment can be purchased cheaper than for creating conventional lighting.

The presented type of products is compact in size. They are resistant to vibration, are not afraid of moisture and can work even at low temperatures. The luminous flux is characterized by high efficiency. When using diode lamps, ribbons, you can create different design options, transforming the interior.

Types of lighting

There are different ideas for lighting in the apartment. At the same time, it is important to calculate the number and power of lamps used in a particular lighting. It is also important to choose the right location. There are three main types of lighting. When planning future repairs, this must be taken into account.

Apartment lighting

There is accent, general and functional local lighting. They differ in purpose and features of creation. Accent lighting is used for decorative purposes. It allows you to create a certain mood in the room, emphasize the dignity of the interior. Most often, spotlights or a diode tape of different shades are used for this. This type of lighting requires the right combination with interior design elements. Such electrical appliances do not consume much energy.

Local lighting should bebright enough to illuminate the work area. This, for example, can be a countertop in the kitchen or a desk in the room. This type of lighting can be used when creating room zoning. It plays not only a decorative, but also a functional role. Therefore, certain requirements are put forward for him.

General LED lighting in the apartment should be bright enough. This is most often the central upper chandelier or a system of spotlights. Their power should be sufficient to efficiently illuminate the entire room. There are clear standards and requirements for this group of devices.


There are certain lighting standards in the apartment. They must be taken into account when creating an arrangement scheme and choosing lamps. This takes into account the type of room. Each lamp emits a light flux of a certain brightness. It is measured in units such as lux. This characteristic must be indicated on the packaging of the lamp. To create high-quality general lighting in the room, this indicator must be taken into account.

Lighting ideas in the apartment

Standards are presented in SNiP for 1 m² of floor space. Pre this rooms are grouped according to purpose. Office premises and a living room require the highest level of lighting. Here it is necessary to create lighting with a brightness of 380-490 lux / m². For a gym, this figure is 400 lux/m².

Slightly less luminous flux is required for the office, study room. Here you need to provide lighting of 300 lux / m². For itemcatering, bedrooms need to create a luminous flux of 200 lux / m². Lighting the corridor in the apartment, as well as the landing requires a brightness of only 100 lux / m².

These figures were not set by chance. The specified level of illumination allows you to provide comfort for human vision in a particular room. The values ​​shown are for rooms with standard ceiling heights. It is up to 3 m. There are rooms with higher ceiling heights. In this case, the specified lighting brightness value should be increased by 1.5 times.

Calculation example

When choosing lamps for lighting apartments, you need to perform the correct calculation. This will allow you to purchase the optimal number of lighting fixtures. Relevant information is provided in the technical documentation of each diode device. The calculation is carried out in accordance with the norms of SNiP.

Apartment lighting lamps

First you need to measure the area of ​​the room. For example, it is 14 m². Next, the lighting standard for this type of room is determined. For example, lamps are chosen for the bedroom. In this case, it is necessary to ensure the brightness of the glow of 200 lux / m². The calculation will be as follows:

14200=2800 lumens.

This value corresponds to the total need of the room in the number of light rays. Next, the number of lamps is calculated. For example, diode illuminators with a brightness of 400 lumens are on sale. Their number is calculated as follows:

2800: 400=7 pieces.

It should be noted that a conventional 11 W diode type lamp has a brightness of about 750lumen. By making a simple calculation, it will be possible to determine the number of lighting fixtures. Also, after that, you can draw up a diagram of the location of lighting fixtures in the room.

What to look for when choosing?

When creating ceiling lighting in an apartment, you need to consider what issues you need to pay attention to when choosing lighting fixtures in the first place. First of all, you need to give preference to well-known manufacturers. They provide a warranty on their products. These lamps have a long service life. Philips, Nichia, Osram, etc. brands supply quality products to the market.

LED lighting in the apartment

It is also worth clarifying whether these lamps are designed for operation with unstable electricity voltage in the network. If not, you will need to install a current stabilizer. Another important issue is the cost of lamps. Don't buy cheap devices. The design of such lamps does not allow them to be made much cheaper. If the cost of the lamp is not high, it is a poor quality product.

Each diode lamp has a radiator in its design. This part serves to remove heat during lamp operation. If a cheap radiator is installed in it, which is not able to cope with the task assigned to it, the cost of the lighting fixture can be reduced. However, due to overheating, the lamp will not work for even a month. Therefore, the issue of quality should be a priority. Otherwise, it is not advisable to purchase such a device.

After considerationthe above characteristics, you need to pay attention to the power of the lamp. Acquire the required number of lighting fixtures. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the temperature of their glow.

Warm and cold light

When creating LED lighting in an apartment, you need to choose the right shade of glow. It can be warm or cold for white light bulbs. In the first case, a yellow tint is added to the color. Such lamps resemble ordinary incandescent light. The second option has cold shades in its spectrum. There is also a neutral lighting type.

Wire for lighting in the apartment

The temperature (hue) of the light flux is measured in kelvins. This indicator must be indicated on the packaging. You need to pay attention to it when choosing. The higher the light temperature, the colder the shade will be.

Thus, the traditional incandescent lamp light ranges from 2500 to 3000 K. Therefore, if this value is indicated on the package of the diode device, it will be easy to imagine the color of the lamp rays. This shade is rarely chosen for home lighting today. Only for certain interior styles, this shade of lamps will suit better than others.

For the eyes, the neutral temperature of the light flux is comfortable. This is especially noticeable in the evening. This shade corresponds to the natural daylight of the sun. Therefore, being in a room with lighting of a neutral shade will be comfortable.

Lamps with a cold glow shade have onthe package has the inscription 5000-6500 K. they are well suited for an office space or study. However, for a living space, this light is not very comfortable.

There are many LED devices on sale with a glow temperature of 5500-6500 K. However, such products are best installed in office premises. In residential areas, they are uncomfortable. Therefore, it is best to create apartment lighting using lamps with a neutral glow temperature.

Colored illumination

Today, LED strips are used to create both full and accent lighting. They come in different colors. On sale are both plain (white, red, blue, green, yellow, etc.) tapes, as well as multi-colored varieties (with RGB diodes). With the help of such diode lighting devices, you can create both functional lighting and zoning using lighting in a studio apartment.

An LED strip is a printed circuit board on which diodes are applied at a certain interval. It can have a different degree of protection, which determines its scope. There are diode tapes for warm clean rooms, damp, dusty rooms, and also for the street.

The backlight looks original with the help of a diode tape, which is mounted under a translucent stretch ceiling. From it you can make different patterns. The tape can be cut in the places intended for this purpose. If it needs to be increased, special connectors are used. This allows you to implement any design solutions in the interior.

Interior design withribbons

When developing an apartment lighting scheme, it is recommended to use diode tapes as additional lighting. Monochromatic varieties are chosen in accordance with the existing interior. Its color should be in harmony with the surrounding space. In this case, white diode tapes are universal.

One of the best options would be to install a multi-color lighting fixture of this type, which has RGB diodes on its board. They allow you to create any shade of glow. Using a special remote control, you can control the brightness and hue of such an interior element, creating a certain mood.

With the help of a diode tape, you can make a ceiling light. For this, special baguettes are purchased. A tape is laid in them so that it is not visible, but the light flux is reflected from the ceiling. This is a beautiful decorative effect. It looks especially aesthetically pleasing when decorating multi-level ceilings.

Also, with the help of a mono diode tape, emphasize certain elements of the interior, for example, curtains, furniture fronts. In the kitchen, with the help of this type of electrical appliances, high-quality illumination of the working area is created.

Other design options

Diode lighting of the apartment is recommended to be created using different types of lamps. This allows you to create unusual images by zoning the space. So, in the center of the room, you can install a chandelier with a lot of light bulbs on the ceiling. At the same time, you can separately highlight the recreation area (sofa and coffee table) by installing several LED spotlights above them. Add tointerior design can be LED lighting around the perimeter of the ceiling.

If the room is small, it is better to avoid large lighting fixtures. In this case, it is better to install several spot diode lamps. Their shape, size and type of framing can be chosen according to the existing interior. You can also carry out zoning using a diode tape.

There are interior design options in which the main lighting is made using a diode tape. Add a few floor lamps or sconces as small accents in the working, dining area. All elements of the interior should be in harmony, complementing each other.

Having considered how to create apartment lighting using diode-type lighting fixtures, you can choose the right lamps and develop an original, effective installation scheme.

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