Intex pool filters: clean water, safe swimming

Intex pool filters: clean water, safe swimming
Intex pool filters: clean water, safe swimming
intex pool filters

Water can contain useful and harmful additives, and, as a rule, there are much less useful than harmful. The only impurity that must be preserved is the gases dissolved in the water. Thanks to them, the life-giving moisture has a pleasant refreshing taste. For comparison, in distilled water, which has no taste and smell, such gases are absent. Harmful impurities include the so-called suspended solids that do not dissolve in water (for example, clay), and dissolved s alts. In addition, tap water can be contaminated with pathogens - microbes, bacteria, viruses. Therefore, in order not to harm he alth, water must be purified. It is worth noting that not only drinking water should be clean, but also that which is poured into the pools.

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If you got a pool and decided to equip a place for swimming in the summer,you need to purchase pool filters. Intex is a brand that manufactures large inflatable water tanks that are installed near houses or cottages.

As already mentioned, bacteria and viruses are the main danger for those who like to splash in water, because all microbes multiply rapidly in warm, stagnant water. Therefore, it is imperative to take care of the safety of your own family. This is especially true for babies - they will probably be in the water longer and more often. There is a way out - special filters for pools. Intex does not recommend installing water tanks unless you intend to clean them periodically.

The main equipment for cleaning is the pump and the device itself, designed for this (filter). They are connected to the water tank with a hose. It is worth noting that Intex pool filters can be of two types: with sand loading and with cartridges. The former work on the principle of passing water through a layer of sand, and the purified liquid is again sent to a container of water.

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Cartridge filters for Intex pools work as follows: liquid is passed through a special porous material. In process of pollution the filler of cleaners is changed, and the process is repeated again. It should be noted that it is the Intex trademark that is currently very popular. Pools of this manufacturer can most often be seen in the yards of private houses and cottages. This is explained bythat the mentioned company is engaged in the production of not only pools, but also various accessories. Therefore, the buyer, when he comes to the company store, can immediately purchase the pool itself, and the filter, and the pump, and other devices. Agree, this is very convenient for consumers.

A big plus is the possibility of purchasing not separate accessories (pump or filter), but a two-in-one kit. We are talking about a filter pump, which can be equipped with any - frame or inflatable - Intex pools, as well as other tanks with water that needs to be cleaned. Such units require minimal maintenance, and sand can be changed only once every few years. The pump is connected to the water tank with two corrugated hoses. Its capacity is 6000 liters per hour - this is enough even if there are a large number of people in the pool.

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