Awnings and awnings for terraces and verandas - overview, types, features and reviews

Awnings and awnings for terraces and verandas - overview, types, features and reviews
Awnings and awnings for terraces and verandas - overview, types, features and reviews

Resting on the terrace and veranda means comfort, and for this there should be everything you need. Awnings and awnings can provide this. For the terrace and veranda, these structures are also a stylish decoration. There are many types of these structures. According to reviews, awnings and awnings for terraces will allow you to relax there even in hot weather. The features, types and choice of designs are described in the article.


Terrace is an open fenced extension to the main building, which is considered a recreation area. The awning for her is a canopy, which has different versions. This design serves as protection from the rays of the sun and provides a cozy microclimate. It cannot protect the terrace or veranda from thunderstorms, snow, wind.

terrace canopy

In addition to the sun protection function, the awning is considered a stylish detail of the architectural design. Its feature is the possibility of disassembly whenneed. Terrace awnings and awnings are easy to use and maintain.


A canopy is only conventionally called an awning. Usually it does not cover the entire terrace compared to the last one. With it, it will be possible to regulate the volume of the closed area. A canopy covers a specific part. The shape of the awning is rigid and fixed, although the main material is fabric. Depending on the model, the angle of inclination and opening can be adjusted.

awnings and awnings for terraces

It is not necessary to dismantle to adjust the opening. The design has an automated system of necessary functions. Compared to a canopy, the awning does not have an additional mounting frame. Fastening is carried out by an extension.


Awnings and awnings for terraces have the following advantages:

  1. Designs are easy to install. Many can do it themselves.
  2. The awning textiles are breathable and protect against heat. Thanks to these properties, it will be comfortable to be on the terrace even in hot summer. However, most designs are simple and practical.
  3. Awnings are made from textiles with antiseptic impregnation, so the material will be protected from fungus and mold.
  4. Many retractable structures are automated. The systems have special sensors, which ensures closure. Due to polyurethane impregnation, textiles do not deteriorate when stretched. Thanks to Teflon impregnation, dirt will not linger on the canvas. Folded design is compact.
  5. Awnings and awningsfor terraces have many colors, which will give it a unique look. If the design closes the windows from the rays of the sun, then this creates a coolness in the house.
  6. Awnings and awnings make the space special and the rest comfortable. Therefore, they are usually chosen to match the furniture. The extension to the house will look well-groomed.

As evidenced by the reviews, these designs are not only decoration, but also a great thing to protect from the sun. The annex will be a cozy place to relax.

canopy terrace to the house


Awnings and awnings for the terrace are made of different materials. Any durable fabric is used for the canvas. The main types include:

  1. Acrylic. This material has excellent quality characteristics. This canopy does not allow the formation of sun glare. It is waterproof, durable, and available in various widths, colors.
  2. Polyester. It is an artificial material with a water-repellent impregnation. Sun-resistant and durable for durability.
  3. Polyvinyl chloride. The material is in demand due to its high resistance to temperature extremes. Therefore, it can be used in the cold period: the PVC canopy withstands snow and mechanical stress. This material is considered a specialized textile for outdoor curtains.
awnings and awnings for terraces price

There are polycarbonate deck awnings that are considered strong and durable. The material is notdamaged by many external factors.

Product options

Awnings for the terrace are of the following types:

  1. Open. This category includes systems that are light in configuration. These devices are considered the most popular among buyers. Products require a niche in the wall for proper installation. If it is absent, a visor is used, in which it will be possible to hide the transformation system from adverse weather. These models are presented in the form of a classic canvas without seams and side faces.
  2. Cassette (semi-cassette). These structures have a hidden mechanism that is responsible for movement. These systems are convenient in that they do not jam during operation. According to reviews, such designs are in demand among buyers because of their durability and high quality.

Types of cassette products

Cassette designs come in several forms.

  1. Retractable. These structures are often used in public places, for example, in summer cafes. They cover most of the terrace and can be removed if needed.
  2. Dome. They are shaped like an umbrella. Products look beautiful, close from the sun, easy to fold.
  3. Showcase. Today they are even used to decorate open balconies and loggias. Their feature is the ability to replace textiles if necessary.
do-it-yourself wooden terrace with a canopy

Other species

There are also awnings and awnings over the terrace:

  1. Horizontal. This product is placed parallel to the ground orsloped like a roof slope. Marquise size varies. Recently, large ones with a variety of shapes have been in demand.
  2. Vertical. Such structures are outwardly similar to a stretched canvas-curtain, which serves as protection from sunlight, wind and rain. Their advantage is the ability to adjust the closure, so you can vary the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe structure.

According to reviews, a canopy for a veranda and a terrace of a horizontal and vertical type serve as an excellent decoration. However, the color and design features of the product may vary.


Product control can be manual, automated and remote. It depends on the type of construction. In lever-roll varieties, there is a special bracket with which textiles can be rolled up. Closing and opening of the canvas by rotation.

The dome mechanism includes several arcs that are connected at the base. Waterproof textiles are attached to them. The shape of the dome can be similar to a circle, oval, rectangle. The opening is made with a cord that connects all the details of the structure.

Marquisolettas are presented as a cross between the first 2 species. They are horizontal, but rounded downwards. Typically, these awning systems are used to decorate the windows of cafes and shops. Sliding products are presented in a horizontal form, which form a canvas. They open in several sections.

polycarbonate patio canopy


Terrace canopy to home needs maintenance,to extend its service life. There are several recommendations for the operation of structures.

  1. Experts recommend dismantling the structure or packing it in a special case.
  2. At least 1-2 times a year maintenance of the structure is required. This includes relubrication of retractable products, as well as adjustment of parts.
  3. Do not allow additional load on the structure: do not hang objects on the awning. In case of strong wind gusts, hail, icicle formation, the awning must be rolled up to protect the system from failure.
  4. If dismantling is required, it is preferable to invite the master. There are many powerful springs in the design, which, if assembled incorrectly, can lead to injury.
  5. Do not use liquid or powder detergents designed for dishes, floors, windows. There are special compounds for this.
  6. To clean, use a sponge, soft cloth or soft brush. If you need to remove large dust particles, you can vacuum it.
  7. To restore UV protection, which can be washed off with every wet cleaning, you need to purchase a special product and spray it.
  8. Dry cleaning will help eliminate dust.

According to reviews, the project of a house with a canopy and a terrace is incredibly successful. In this case, the awning must be indicated in the documentation for which the construction is planned. The presence of this detail will make the territory neat.

How to choose?

The choice depends on the preferences of the buyer, purpose of use, budget.It should be borne in mind that the film will be cheaper. In each case, the country of origin is important. The price of an awning and a canopy for an acrylic terrace with parameters of 1.5 m is 1000-1200 rubles per 1 meter. Polyester from a Korean company costs 300-350 rubles, from an American company - 900-1000 rubles.

If you want to close not only the top, but also the side, you should buy a folding elbow model made of acrylic textiles. This fabric perfectly retains UV rays, but allows air to pass through. In appearance, the products are stylish, there are many colors, thanks to which it will be possible to decorate the terrace.

If you want to hide the territory from prying eyes, you can purchase an awning with a falling slope of the shoulder. It is better to purchase models in a cassette or a special protective cover. These designs can also be bought for gazebos. When buying, you should choose products with Teflon impregnation: the canopy does not stretch, it cannot be washed during operation.

At the time of purchase, make sure that there is a mark "ultraviolet filter". This indicates that the awning has anti-reflective properties. Additional bearings will be required if the large elbow option is selected.

canopy veranda terrace


How to build a wooden terrace with a canopy with your own hands? In most cases, installation requires it to be screwed to the wall. Installation requires a drawing. If the model is ready, it must be screwed to the wall with metal corners. If the structure is created independently, the actions will be slightly different.

Procedure in progressas follows:

  1. The main markup is created on the drawing, the dimensions of the height of the model placement are indicated, taking into account the upper and lower points, the width of the awning fabric, the parameters of its extension.
  2. According to measurements, you need to buy textiles, as well as fixation and frame material - aluminum pipes.
  3. Assembly is carried out according to the scheme. It is necessary to lay out the material, assemble the frame.
  4. Usually the frame includes aluminum pipes and 2 metal corners, screws and bolts are used.
  5. Holes are made on the wall, and then the brackets are fixed.
  6. The transformation mechanism is fixed to the wall.
  7. Material is pulled last.

According to reviews, assembly according to the rules takes no longer than 6 hours. If you do not want to use a metal frame, you can choose a wooden one. But the second option requires constant processing with a special tool, as the material deteriorates from external factors. A quality and properly installed design can last a long time.

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