Standard sizes of a toilet bowl with a tank. The most compact toilet with a cistern

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Standard sizes of a toilet bowl with a tank. The most compact toilet with a cistern
Standard sizes of a toilet bowl with a tank. The most compact toilet with a cistern

Before purchasing a plumbing kit, you should consider whether the standard sizes of the toilet with a tank are suitable in your case, or should you pay attention to not quite standard or reduced modifications? The final dimensions mainly depend on the type of room and the configuration of the device itself. For example, floor and suspension systems have different types of structures, therefore, they have different sizes of the main elements. It is recommended that you first design the toilet and the placement of other fixtures in the bathroom. Experts do not advise choosing plumbing after drawing up a room plan.

toilet dimensions

How to choose dimensions?

First you need to determine the standards for the height of the toilet from the floor, as well as its length and width. To do this, perform the appropriate measurements and determine the following technical characteristics:

  • the length and width of the room: the optimal distance is 30 millimeters from the bowl to the walls or other plumbing fixtures, as well as at least 600 mm from the front wall;
  • dimensions and configuration of the sewer outlet (vertical, horizontal or oblique type of pipe laying responsible for draining);
  • dimensions of sewage elements from the pipe to the wall, which affect the distance of plumbing from the wall;
  • distance to water connection.

If you install a floor-standing toilet with installation, you should additionally take into account the overall dimensions of the mounted structure and the presence of a false wall with trim. The distance from the floor is taken so that the legs do not hang down, but stand without tension on the surface. As a rule, the height is calculated based on the tallest member of the family.

What to consider when measuring?

In order to install a toilet with a tank of standard sizes or other analogues, you need to consider a number of factors.

  1. If the sewer is laid in the classic version (near the walls), it is recommended to purchase models with an oblique configuration pipe. Their installation is not difficult, regardless of the placement of the outlet.
  2. Based on the dimensions of the outlet sewer pipe, select the cuff-connector.
  3. Arrangement of a bidet or hygienic shower.
  4. The length of the flexible hose between the water supply and the cistern, which must not sag, to avoid water stagnation.

When arranging a bathroom, one should take into account not only the size of the room itself, but also the height with the width of the sewer outlet. The distance from the wall to the bowl directly depends on the nozzle. It is believed that the lower configuration of the last element is the most laborious.when re-installing, as it requires breaking the floor and finish.

Standard sizes of a toilet bowl with a tank

Features when choosing tanks

If a flush water tank is not included in the design of the monolithic kit (usually standard sizes of a toilet bowl with a tank are used), it may be necessary to purchase it separately. To do this, you need to know the features of various types of containers. Attention is paid to such moments:

  • capacity of the tank, which should be sufficient for normal operation;
  • drain type (horizontal, oblique or vertical);
  • drainer material (ceramic or plastic);
  • key or button to release the water, it is recommended to purchase a paired version that allows you to adjust the amount of drained liquid.

Differences in installation method

Standard dimensions of a toilet bowl with a cistern in plan also depend on how the fixture is installed. The following options are distinguished:

  1. Monolithic structure made as a single block. It has a long service life, but has a high price, as such models are often design projects.
  2. Compact versions where the tank is mounted on a special shelf behind the bowl. This option is small, but requires careful sealing with special gaskets and silicone. Otherwise, fluid leakage will occur after a few years.
  3. Suspended and built-in modifications withdisguised communications. This option is popular because of the beautiful appearance and reliability. The installation of such a device is more difficult, it requires the arrangement of an installation in the form of a frame that serves to fasten the working elements of plumbing.
  4. The most common versions are floor type. They are suitable for most bathrooms, easy to install and maintain. Between themselves, the modifications differ in the configuration of the tank and the design.

In addition, the plumbing in question is classified according to overall parameters. Stores usually sell models with standard sizes of a toilet bowl with a cistern. Child or larger versions are usually made to order.

The principle of operation of the toilet with a tank

Corner models

The minimum dimensions of the toilet bowl with a tank determine the popularity of angular variations. They are optimally suited for small spaces, visually increasing the space. At the same time, it is possible to mask some communications, and the structure is mounted in a corner due to the triangular shape of the water tank.

There are two types of these models: monoblock and compact version. In the first case, there is a tank and a bowl. The second option is mounted separately, the configuration itself is of a hanging type, the tank is located in a frame installation or behind a false wall.

The pluses include:

  • possibility to implement any design solutions, thanks to a wide range of models;
  • saving usable space with the placement of all necessaryaccessories;
  • most versions are equipped with automation to prevent emergencies, in case of leakage, water enters the overflow pipe.

Among the minuses are some difficulties during installation, the walls must be reliable and durable, since the mass of plumbing is quite large. In the calculations, it is necessary to take into account the width of the corner, the standard dimensions of such modifications are 350-380/380-420/730-800 mm (width/height/depth). In addition, such devices do not always fit into the overall interior.

Hanging options

Standard dimensions of the toilet bowl with a tank of this variety are 340-370/360-400/470-700 mm (width/height from the floor/length). The peculiarity of such structures is that only the bowl is visible to the user, the rest of the elements are hidden in a special niche or behind a false wall. This configuration improves the aesthetics of the room, making it visually more spacious.

The disguised parts of the kit are fixed on a durable metal frame that can withstand a weight of up to 400 kg. Some variations have enhanced parameters (up to 800 kg). The advantages of hanging options include facilitating the cleaning of the bathroom, silent operation when draining, the possibility of masking communications. At the design stage, the dimensions of the installation in terms of width and height should be taken into account separately.

Wall hung toilet with cistern

Standard modifications

If the type of toilet bowl or its reinforcement is not important, most people choose the standard options. Similar models are suitable for ordinary bathrooms, usersaverage build, height and weight.

The advantages include reasonable price and no need to equip a special niche for installation. Between themselves, the versions differ in the type of fixation of the shelf (solid or separate). Dimensions: 320-610/340-360/310-370mm (D/H/W).

Experts recommend choosing a suitable model before designing a toilet, taking into account the individual characteristics of all those living in a house or apartment. Then think over the location of plumbing in the bathroom. In addition, it is advisable to clarify the dimensions with the seller, since not all products sold comply with domestic GOST standards.

Dimensions of compact toilet bowl with cistern

In small bathrooms, this model, which does not require a lot of free space, will be the best option. Among the design features is the fixation of the tank and the bowl with their transformation into a single set. Installation of such a device is much easier, since it does not require fastening the element to the floor and wall, followed by combining with flexible tubes.

In accordance with the current legislation, all overall dimensions of plumbing fixtures are regulated by the relevant GOSTs, and therefore, the parameters of the Russian and foreign markets differ from each other. The dimensions of the most compact toilets with a cistern depend on the design, which can be with a built-in or separate shelf.

Dimensions (in brackets - for models with a separate shelf): width / height / depth - 370 (400) / 610 (460) / 340 (360) mm.

Installation of a toilet bowl with a cistern


The monolithic versions differ from other designs in that the cistern and the toilet bowl are a single unit, without connecting connecting elements. Among the main advantages are a high rate of reliability and a long operating period. This is due to the absence of connecting mechanisms subject to corrosion or other deformations. The main disadvantage is the high price of the product, which is explained by the nuances of production. In addition, if internal parts fail, you will have to change all the fittings, a single change of elements is not provided.

Dimensions of a toilet bowl with a cistern on top:

  • in width - 350-380 mm;
  • in height - 380-780 mm;
  • length - 680-710 mm.

Specialists advise buying a spare set of internal stuffing with a candy bar, because in 10-12 years a similar replacement option will not be easy to get.

Embedded Versions

Such options have similar characteristics with hinged structures, all elements, except for the bowl, are hidden behind a wall partition. The difference is that this class also includes floor standing toilets with installation.

Standard dimensions of this category: 350-380/380-425/480-570 mm (width/height/depth). At the design stage, it is necessary to take into account the dimensions of the model itself, the depth of the wall. Alternatively, the structure can be mounted in a special niche, masking communications behind the sheet finish.

The disadvantages include the need to attach the system to a main wall or niche, as well ascomplexity of repair work. Experts recommend not to make the masking panel absolutely deaf. It is really possible to install these modifications with your own hands, however, if leaks or other malfunctions occur, you will need to completely dismantle the system and reinstall it.

Children's accessories

Toilets for children are the most creative among analogues. Often the bowls are made in an unusual design, having a non-standard configuration. They differ from adult plumbing in their reduced size, they can be mounted in the smallest rooms.


  • depth - 440-600mm;
  • standard height of the toilet from the floor - 260-340 mm;
  • width - 290-350 mm.

Such devices are selected in such a way as to ensure the most comfortable operation by the child. In order for the model to be relevant for several years, its dimensions are taken a little with a “margin”.

Exclusively Large Varieties

Sometimes it is not possible to mount an installation that can withstand a large mass. For example, if installation on a main wall is not provided and there are no other alternatives. In this case, if there are large people in the family, it is recommended to purchase a toilet bowl with increased dimensions or increased strength. It is not so easy to find such modifications on sale; they are usually made by specialized firms on an individual order. To do this, selected sizes are provided so that the design becomes the most suitable option.

Most often, such plumbing with a toilet andcistern with side connection has the following size range:

  • in depth - up to 820 mm;
  • height with tank - up to 680 mm;
  • in width - up to 460 mm.
Dimensions of a compact toilet bowl with a tank

Jacob Delafon toilet

One of the world's most famous manufacturers of sanitary ware is Jacob Delafon. The products of this company meet all international quality standards, have an original attractive design. The brand is constantly expanding its product line, giving the consumer the opportunity to choose the best options.

The most popular product of the specified brand:

  • floor compact toilets;
  • mounted modifications of plumbing with hidden installation;
  • bidets and urinals.

The manufacturer offers both ready-made kits and accessories with components, as well as mixers of various types. The firm positions the patented technology to create a unique porcelain that has ensured brand recognition worldwide.

This material gives the elements of plumbing an ideal surface smoothness, strength, resistance to stable external influences. Reduced porosity helps to avoid dirt build-up, giving fixtures a glossy finish.

Jacob Delafon toilets are equipped with a cistern with a mechanical drain design, operated by pressing a built-in button. Two programs are provided for descent of liquid: economic and normal mode (3 and 6 l). The equipment is completed with the following items:

  • steel frame installation;
  • a plastic tank installed in the wall with a concealed method;
  • two-position drain key;
  • a porcelain bowl fixed to the frame with special pins.

Ready-made plumbing kits from the manufacturer include a soundproof gasket that allows you to level the noise when filling the tank with water. Fasteners are also included. At the first stage of installation, the frame is mounted on the wall, after which the toilet bowl itself is fixed. When installing, it is necessary to take into account the height of the structure, since an overestimated or underestimated position will make the device inconvenient to use.

User reviews

Among the reviews of the owners of plumbing "Jacob Delafon" positive feedback prevails. Users note a wide range that allows you to choose an option for any customer request. Most designs have a unique "cascade" or "whirlpool" type drain system. Among other advantages - high quality, reliability and practicality. The price of kits is more expensive than individual elements, but the set includes everything you need, which does not require further selection by type and size. Most consumers unequivocally recommend the French plumbing "Jacob Delafon".

Dimensions and installation of a toilet bowl with a tank


Which toilet bowls are by type of drain, configuration, dimensions and placement method, discussed above. Among the devices offered on the market, it will not be difficult to choose the right one.model for each specific case. Standard floor modifications are the most common, as they do not require special maintenance, are reliable and easy to install. Also, you can easily find exclusive models for "big" people, children, purchase unique designer built-in variations or monoblocks.

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